Why is the wife afraid of sex three?

Why is the wife afraid of sex three?.

Why is the wife afraid of sex three?

Everyone understands that threesome is a highlight that can decorate the usual sexual life of a couple. But the unusual process and fears can never lead from reflection to a pleasant action.

The article has the most frequent reasons that the wife can refuse to categorically try the third in your bed.

This article is for men. Study, understand your woman, take off her fears – and then it will be easier for you to make a wife for sex in Troy.

Dependence on such sex may arise

Many women are afraid that this experience will become so bright that a man will not want the most ordinary sex later. Everything will be spinning around the dating site and the search for more and more partners.

Explain to her that sex is separate, the rest of life is separate. That this is not an alternative replacement of your woman, but simply a way to diversify, the same as occasionally to use sex with a vibrator, anal cork, blowjob. The sensations are different, but they do not replace sex completely.

The attitude of a man will change

Women more subtly feel intimacy in relationships. They worry that husband can more like sex with another girl. Or that the husband will be worse to relate when another man is playing her. Either treason will appear in the family, t.To. The border will be broken.

Explain that you invite not a candidate for a new couple, but just a partner for pleasant sex. And what to choose you together. And invite you to bed only who she likes it too. And that her sexual interests are an occasion to diversify your relationship.

Distrust of a man and his motives

A woman may think that you are simply looking for a legal way to change, not diversify your life.

Explain that you and your woman are good. Another girl is invited to bed for new sensations, primarily for your girlfriend to try female bi-lasks, which are much more pleasant than male hands.

If you invite the guy to bed, then this is not because of homosexual inclinations, but for the sake of affection for two men, for the sake of a pleasant double penetration.

Resentment and misunderstanding

If your girlfriend is very jealous of the owner, after sex with another girl, she can be very offended. Instead of pleasure you will get brain removal for many years.

For such girls, the option of sexual experiment is only sex MWM. With another guy, she will not have a reason to be offended, t.To. She will be 2 times more attention.

Venereal diseases and pregnancy

This is a reasonable fear. An invited girl can get pregnant from you. Your wife can get pregnant from an invited man. It is possible to get STD or dysbiosis and whether the thrush, t.To. Cum and vaginal fluid contain an individual microflora.

Therefore, carefully choose partners and never (never!!!) Do not have sex with strangers without condoms.

Self -doubt and constraint

Your girlfriend may be shy about the shortcomings of her body. And categorically refuse sex three.

You must convince her that small flaws are unimportant, that you love her in any case and in any form.

In addition, you must choose a partner who will appeal to both of you, and he will like you. The key to good threesome is when your new partner is pleasant to you as a friend, pretty both externally and internally, which you will not be shy.

So, a woman can give up a sexual adventure for three, sweat is shy, is afraid and does not trust.

Be patient and attentive to her needs, listen. Calm down, remove all fears – and enjoy new sexual experience.

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