Why do men love hard sex

Why do men love hard sex?.

Why do men love hard sexBy nature, a man always seeks to show his superiority. Whether it is work, friendly gatherings, team games or any other events. Where the crowd of people, a man always seeks to stand out and show his importance, especially if a woman is present nearby.

The desire to prevail over a woman in bed – not an exception. It often pours into stiffness and rudeness. Possessing more power than a woman, a man seeks to subjugate his chosen one, to do as he needs and show his supremacy.

What to do to a woman in this case? Endure? Or maybe try to remake your man?

The male at the genetic and biological level has a need to win and be recognized. For a man, the desire to subordinate and master a woman as natural as to eat food or to sleep. So males behave in the animal world. And the human species, although it has long been evolved, but received its own basis from the world of animals.

Hence the inexplicable desire to dominate. First, this is expressed in the appointment of time and choosing a place to date when the relationship is born. After – in an effort to pay bills, call a taxi or spend home. And then the desire to be the main manifests itself in the family and, of course, in bed.

Moral subordination of a woman for a man is not enough – still physical submission is necessary. We are not talking about those unhealthy and sick people who cause conscious pain to all living things – Including women. We are talking about the male desire to dominate bed, being next to his chosen one. A man represents himself as a wild male who does not need feelings and love. The presence of offensive testosterone, together with emotions and passion, make the actions of a man in bed insensitive and rather rude.

And what about a woman? So all his life he feels in the role of a victim, afraid to leave? Absolutely not.

According to the results of various surveys conducted among the weak half of humanity, Every second woman likes rude sex. And every third – dreams of being raped – naturally in the form of a game.

It turns out that the desire to obey, the desire to feel the power of male hands in women is laid down in the subconscious. And oddly enough, but this «weirdness» Also given to nature.

A wise woman is able to turn a lot to her benefit. Try to play along with your man, ask to make yourself even harder, more loaded. Let him know that you are completely in his subordination, in his power.

  • Why do men love hard sexVarious intimate products can enhance the effect of dominance. After all, it is difficult to find out the hidden desires of his male until he himself will show them.
  • Erotic costumes – A great way to transfer sexual actions to an environment that clearly implies male superiority. For example, a costume of a student or secretary will give a man to feel the leading roles. The teacher or director of the company, by definition, has power over his students or subordinates.
  • Dreaming about double penetration? Give your beloved a special nozzle for a member or men’s panties with a strapon, and let him feel power over you to a double degree. And at this time you realize your imagination with clouding in the eyes from bright orgasms.
  • Spirits with aphrodisiacs, acting on the subconscious, are capable of a man to make a lustful and wild male. Its natural nature will break out and make it feel the ruler and winner in bed.

And if the thought of sex with subordination does not give you great pleasure, ask your partner to be a little more tender at the beginning, so that you have the opportunity to tune in and get excited, and then, inaudibly, add elements of a tough game. Most likely, and you will get unearthly pleasure from this, the main thing is to discuss the rules of the game in advance.

Sex – The oldest instinct laid down by nature. It is impossible to fight with him, it is difficult for him to resist. Remove your complexes from your head. Look at your man with a different look. Give him the opportunity to feel the main thing in all areas of life, especially in bed. Intimate perfumes, toys and costumes in the online store will help your chosen one feel the winner!

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