Who is the sexwife? Girls who change their husbands openly

Who is the sexwife? Girls who change their husbands openly.

Sexwife – a girl who is in a relationship or is married, does not limit herself to one sexual partner, regularly or occasionally enters into an intimate connection with other men, or does not deny such an opportunity. Simply put, she does not hide the presence of sex on the side from her husband and openly reports about the unwillingness to keep loyalty.

All the representatives of the delicate sex related to the supporters of the sexwife can be divided into some categories. Some are simply not ready to devote all their life to one sexual partner, while they love, appreciate and respect their husband and do not seek other relationships.

Sometimes a girl shunes a serious relationship in principle and lives with a man for some benefit, because it is convenient. At the same time, he actively communicates with other representatives of the stronger sex. There are situations when a man himself asks his wife to change him. And it happens that sexwife is a variety of BDSM, when betrayal is humiliating in nature.

Sexwife in terms of psychology

Marital fidelity very often becomes a big problem in relationships. Firstly, a woman has always been an object of lust and many men want to get her to get her. So the nature of man is arranged, where the male strives to fertilize as many females as possible, and they, in turn, choose and surrender to the strongest.

Evolution has changed a lot and humanity has passed through several options for interaction. At first, the females were aimed at obtaining strong gene, and after intercourse they carried, gave birth and raised the child on their own.

Then the time has come for a collective marriage, where women and men lived in flocks. Sex happened to everyone inside the family, which could include a dozen men and the same number of women. Children were considered common and the concern for them was collectively, regardless of who eventually became a biological father.

When people invented weapons and learned to build safe dwellings, the need for collectivization has disappeared. One man could protect and provide his woman with a child.So we came to monogamy. But over time, problems appeared that have not yet been resolved.

The spouses came to the conclusion that if we decide to live together and are responsible for each other, then sexual relations on the side should be excluded, not to mention children who should be brought up and ensured by the native father.

Everything went awry when it turned out that not all people were ready for justice, and the instincts of our ancestors are still alive in our subconscious. Men do not always want to take care, educate, protect and provide their native children.

They still still seek to enter into intimacy with as many tender women as possible. So the demand for a woman will always be high.

Here we come to the conclusion that a large number of men want sex from a woman. The woman herself is also subject to ancient instincts and emotions. Which means not everyone can store loyalty.

Sex can be random, in order to gain benefit (for example, with the boss to increase), love can erupt (instinct of obtaining strong gene), and sometimes men want a specific lady so much that they are ready to manipulate and drive it into a hopeless position (harace).

Attention from other men, the own feelings and emotions of the woman, as well as her reluctance to limit herself to satisfy the needs, lead to jealousy from her husband. Conflicts, tyranny, clarification of relations and the inevitability of a divorce ultimately destroy relationships.

Women who understand that they cannot and do not want to have sex all their lives exclusively with their husband, and also do not exclude the situations in which they can enter into proximity for various reasons, sexwife are becoming sex. They initially inform their partner that they do not intend to store fidelity.

At the same time, they most often really love, appreciate and respect their husband, are ready to live with him until their death and they are completely satisfied. Psychologists note that from the point of view of honesty, this is the most correct relationship. And how does the fact of betrayal and this format as a whole relate to, everyone decides for himself.

Weiffshering as a variety sexwife

Weiffshering – the term denoting joint use of the wife. The situation in which the wife does not belong to her husband, but has lovers without hiding this. In general, this is a more advanced version of the collective marriage practiced by our ancestors. Only there the woman was simply common, but here she consists in a relationship with one, but many use her.

Most often this occurs during periods of crisis of relations. After a few years of marriage, intimate life becomes boring and monotonous, everything is bored, everything is well familiar, nothing new. It so happens that a man falls libido or the first signs of a decrease in potency appear.

. But sex is an important need and its dissatisfaction leads to disagreements, alienations, conflicts.

At this moment, many couples decide to resort to experiments and weathering one of them. A man can invite his wife to find a lover for two reasons. The first – his wife has long been unconditionally, does not cause a desire to care, achieve, give emotions. She seems to him unclaimed, unattractive, uninteresting, easy prey.

Then flirting with other men and obvious interest on their part can return past feelings. The wife in her husband’s eyes again becomes desirable, he returns to the conditions of competition, experiences fear of loss, while knowing that his wife loves him, will not go anywhere and belongs to him first.

The second reason – a man cannot satisfy his spouse fully. She lacks a thrill, she wants something new or the man had a trite impotence. At the negotiating table, it turns out that the family, children, everything that is acquired by overwhelming labor, as well as emotional closeness and habit, are much stronger than problems in the intimate part of life.

The husband allows the spouses to make a short trip to the world of other men or find a lover to satisfy physiological needs on an ongoing basis. Weiffshering is only a way to preserve marriage, when the only reason for the split is the woman’s dissatisfaction in bed.

Khotvayf and Sex Wife: What is the difference?

First you should understand whether what is happening is a betrayal. Sexwif initially refuses to keep loyalty, does not exclude the presence of sexual relations on the side, and also does not hide the fact of such a connection. The man, in turn, accepts these rules, does not require reports, does not suit the clarification of relations, does not try to find out where and with whom his wife was, is not jealous.

If we consider treason as a betrayal and a unilateral refusal to keep loyalty with the simultaneous concealment of this fact, then sexwife is not a change person and in her relationship with her husband any conflicts on this basis are excluded. There is no lie, betrayal, humiliation, emotional violence and coercion. This is the key features.

But there are situations when a man urgently demands to change him, and the process itself carefully controls. Here we are talking about the form of psycho-emotional violence, as well as about the variety of Abuez. The wife in this case is perceived as Khotvayf. These are very important points.

Khotvayf is a wife who changes her husband at his request or demand. Flirting and sexual intercourse itself are controlled, sometimes by personal presence. Lovers are consistent with their spouse, and sometimes they choose them.

One of the reasons may be a low self -esteem of a man, followed by compensation for complexes. Fear of betrayal brings him to madness, making sure that his lover is allegiance, and doubts and suspicions do not allow the psyche to calm down. A situation of uncertainty is formed from which there is no way out.

Then the easiest way to get rid of internal stress is to come to some result. Make sure that the wife slept with another man, accept this and live on. This technique relieves the psyche of the tasks of clarifying, working out doubts and guesses.

Of course, in this situation, the husband considers it his duty to control the entire process from and to. The choice of a lover, place, time. Most often, he himself is present during intercourse, or requires a photo, video report.

Psychologists consider this situation dangerous for both the man himself and his wife. Any actions based on fear is a destructive path signaling behavioral deviations. They are caused by low self -esteem and it will be much more correct to contact a specialist for consultation.

A woman becomes a victim of Abuez, her feelings and emotions are suppressed, and actions are committed based on the desires of a partner, ignoring her own.As a result of such events, self -esteem of both can fall to critical levels. Normally everything that is done at his own free will does not harm others and does not turn into propaganda. Evaluate how much your case meets these requirements.

When a tyrant is a woman

Men often fall into another trap of their psyche. Self -esteem can be divided into objective and subjective. For example, in life, he is successful, attractive, provided. Self -realized and has the status of a good, decent person.

At the same time, inside, due to complexes and children’s psycho-emotional injuries, it feels some kind of inferiority, contempt for itself. Often accuses himself of everything, disappointed in his achievements, belittles his own significance and does not feel himself unconditionally loved.

The gap between objective and subjective self -esteem leads to uncertainty. The psyche does not receive unequivocal signals and self -awareness ranges from “I am cool” to “I am the insignificance”. In such a situation, a man often finds an exit through sex.

Subordination in bed and game humiliation help him experience emotions that give the psyche the necessary signals and that calms down. A person is satisfied.

Such relationships in sexology are called femdom. Here a woman can use sexual relations on the side as a tool for humiliation. There is better than you, I like sex with other men more, he has a dick more, he is more active, prettier. Look how other men use me, I do not belong to you, you are a cuckold.

Instead of the result

Is it possible to consider sexwife the norm? Of course yes. Is it possible to consider sexwife as a deviation? Of course yes. The paradox is that for a sexologist it is important to understand the motives and satisfaction of both partners. When the couple comes to sex on the side to compensate the complexes or to experience emotions that can calm the psyche, this is certainly a problem.

In this case, it is necessary to contact a psychologist-sexologist, because decisions are made relying on anything other than their own feelings and emotions. A person who forces his wife to betray, in order to stop tormented by jealousy, obviously encounters internal conflicts and his psyche literally burns with fire from uncertainty.

Another thing is when sexwife is the result of mutual agreement. Partners came to the conclusion that relations for them are most important for everything else and it will not be possible to limit themselves. .

Relations that contradict the norms of society in which a person lives should remain within the union. Everything that happens between two people and is not taken beyond the limits of their bedroom, while both like both and does not infringe on anyone’s rights, is the norm.

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