Who is the poll in sex

Who is the poll in sex.

Cuckold is a man that allows his girlfriend to his girlfriend, and sometimes actively assent her to the act of infidelity. Refers to fetishes in sexual life, is not a mental deviation and often has the nature of the role -playing game. With rare exceptions, it does not lead to the collapse of the marriage, but in some situations it can become a method of emotional violence. Let’s figure out who is the poll in sex.

According to one version, the word “puppet” came from the word “cuckoo”. The value of these birds is based on the value.

In cuckoo, it is considered ordinary if the female is mating with one male, and then the chicks arrives to grow to another. Such “free” behavior of the bird and served as an inspiration for new sexual practice.

Who is the poll in sex: definition

Many people believe that the poll is a “cuckold”, that is, the one who is cheated on. But such an interpretation is not entirely true.

In modern significance, this concept is located somewhere between polyamore relations (treason by agreement) and swinging.

Unlike a cuckold, Kukold knows who his wife or sexual partner is sleeping with. Often, the husband himself chooses lovers for the spouse, and can even be present during the sexual intercourse of his wife with another man.

The main difference between the puppet and the swinger is that the husband is not involved in the sexual contacts of his wife. The pleasure of him is given stories about treason, photo and video reports or direct observation (without the ability to satisfy yourself physically).

Who is the poll in sex and why it is for men

The main desire that is realized in this sexual practice is a desire for submission. Husband-doll cannot set conditions for his wife.

His main duty is to satisfy the sexual attraction of the spouse (even with the help of other men).

Often, the doll husband takes care of his partner (for example, prepares her breakfast or erases her clothes) precisely at the moment when his wife has sex with another.

Such impeccable acceptance of dominance from his wife can bring true pleasure to her husband.

At the same time, sex with her husband is not excluded. After the lover, the spouse may well sleep with his legal chosen one, but only on his conditions and only if he wants.

More often she allows her husband to make cunnilingus immediately after sexual intercourse with her lover.

Masochism – or the desire to be humiliated is another reason why husbands become puppets. Some people cannot experience an orgasm without a sense of humiliation.

And the wife’s sex with other men works great here. The husband knows that his wife at that moment is with another. He will be made by thoughts about her treason and representation of sexual intercourse.

Voyeurism is also a common reason why husbands choose this form of sexual behavior. In this case, the husband likes to “peep” after his wife.

Spouses may agree that the husband is allowed to be present during sex. Or the woman herself shoots a video of sexual intercourse, which then shows a man.

Why is the poll to the wife

On the part of a woman, this form of sexual behavior can mean husband’s dissatisfaction in bed.

It happens that a spouse cannot bring a woman to orgasm, and she does not want to go to treason. In this case, a compromise is achieved – sex with other men ceases to be a betrayal, since no one is deceiving anyone.

Sometimes a wife just likes it when she is watched. The husband himself becomes an observer, because she is sure in him and her gaze she will not be shy.

Often this type of sexual relations is tried by spouses who have been married for many years. Such games allow them to breathe passion into the cooled relationships.

The husband sees that his wife is attractive to others and begins to want her even more. And the woman herself raises self -esteem, knowing that other men look at her with lust and want to have sex with her.

Type of relationship of Kukold-Sexwife can bring pleasure to both partners. The main thing is honesty with each other. Otherwise it will be considered ordinary treason.

Forced abstinence of the puppet

In some formats of relations sexwife and puppete, the girl not only sleeps with other men and demonstrates the fact of treason to her husband, but also controls his ejaculation.

The wife can do everything, the husband cannot even end without permission. This is especially often practiced in pairs where treason occurs in front of her husband’s eyes, according to his will and agreement. At this moment, a belt of fidelity is put on a member of the pond, which does not allow erection and ejection.

Is it normal to be a doll?

From the point of view of psychology, the norm is an action or inaction, the result of which is personal satisfaction without harm to others. Simply put, everything that brings pleasure does not violate other people’s personal boundaries and law, can be attributed to the norm.

Thus, you need to figure out whether there are those who suffer among the participants. For example, a man can be a puppet as a result of dependence and emotional attachment to a partner. She openly declares that she intends to sleep with other men, and if he does not like something, he can collect things and leave this relationship.

Let’s say the betrayal of the spouses inflict mental wounds and put up with what is happening, he cannot leave, as he is very attached. This usually happens against a background of low self -esteem. Then the adultery of the companion will have to endure and he will pretend that this does not bother him in any way. Although in fact the opposite. This is not the norm.

The second example – the husband has a number of sexual fantasies that do not speak with the views of the second half. And that, in turn, is emotionally attached to him. Or financially. Many really have nowhere to go and relationships are a kind of security island. Plus a habit. Nowhere to go, and the husband insists that she slept with another man.

For the sake of maintaining relationships and due to the lack of alternatives, she agrees and relationships in the format of Kukokad-Sexweet format continues, although the woman obviously suffers in them. Naturally this is the norm either by the norm either.

And a completely different story when people unite common goals, plans, interests, child, life. They are comfortable and good with each other, the relationship is healthy and full -fledged from any point of view. But in bed, a man does not fully suit his wife, or she just does not want to have sex with one partner all her life.

She can like someone exclusively as the owner of a member, that is, a sexual partner, but not a satellite. And then what? Either end up relationships for a one -time intercourse, or deceive your loved one, keep a trip to the left in Taite. And we remember that lies, deception and betrayal do not bring to good.

In such a situation, you must honestly admit that monogamy is not your horse. Most men are owners and you have to stay friends. But there are those who clearly share sex and relationships. They allow a partner sometimes sleep with others if you really want. The family is priority, but he does not want to deprive his favorite pleasure in life.

Therefore, he simply allows her to have sex on the side, provided that she reports about it and does not hide anything. Amazing fact – such relationships are considered healthy and full -fledged. There is no betrayal and lies in them, while there is respect, trust, care. And in this case, the doll is absolutely normal.

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