Where you can have sex in the most unusual extreme places

Where you can have sex in the most unusual extreme places.

Where you can have sex in the most unusual extreme places

Hello, dear friends! Our topic today will allow everyone to go beyond the boundaries of their imagination and go in search of unusual places where you could have sex. No one will argue, no matter how comfortable and beautiful there was a favorite bedroom, and to be given love to the same bed from year to year boring and uninteresting.

The surrounding environment plays a huge role for impressions and emotions during intercourse, especially for women. Sex in a new extreme place is able to bring a zest into an intimate relationship and help to experience an incredible orgasm to both partners. Next, let’s talk about where you can diversify sexual life.

Where you can have sex in the most unusual extreme places

Have sex in an unusual place – means to get out of the bored comfort zone. Any unfamiliar circumstances make our body intensively secrete adrenaline, and such excitement, in turn, will help to feel unity with a partner during intercourse. Having expanded intimate horizons, the couple acquires more chances to get closer and learn about each other’s secret desires. However, most often, complexes, stereotypes, fear of condemnation interfere with new experience. Getting rid of them, the most unusual places for sex will become small islands of paradise pleasure.

Sex on the beach: what to take into account for intimacy on the seashore

There is probably no more common curiosity for the embodiment of carnal passion than the beach. Many people in love had sex on the seashore. After all, there are definitely no romance notes in this. It is worth noting that such an environment cannot but impress. Romantic is a dream of any young lady, regardless of age, social status, etc. Many people think that more beautiful and picturesque places than the beach at the sunset of the day or at dawn, do not find.

In order for sex on the sea coast to bring only positive emotions without unpleasant surprises, you should take care of such moments in advance:

  1. Take a bedspread and wet wipes with you. Remember, sand is a nursery of bacteria, garbage and other anti -hygienic elements, so it is advisable to take care of the litter, towel, clean water.
  2. At night it can be cold. Having decided to stay on the beach in the evening, in order to have sex, you should take into account the temperature differences adjusted to the arriving air masses from the sea.
  3. Take a bottle of light dessert wine with you and something for dessert. A pleasant pastime, warm conversations between two loving people is a great basis for a more piquant continuation.

Elevator and roof of the house – unusual places for sex

In the list of unusual places it is impossible not to mention the elevator cabin. Excitement goes off to the limit, when the partners obsessed with each other remain in close walls. The very thought that the door can open on any floor and then awkwardness cannot be avoided. Even those who categorically declare that they will never have sex in the elevator should try.

There is no need to worry about the lack of time: an emergency stop button will always come to the rescue of passionate lovers, which will allow you to finish what has begun. Do not forget about the possible availability of cameras-if you find it, just cover them with something dark (jacket, sweater, bag, etc.D.)

Where you can have sex in the most unusual extreme places

Sex on the roof of a high -rise building – no less intriguing script for love games. There is romance, accessibility, and a huge desert space in which only two remains. Above – clear sky, below – trees and foliage. On a hot summer day, when coolness walks at the top of the “skyscrapers” in sleeping areas, here you can hide from the stuffy bustle, problems and anxieties. So that sex on the roof does not disappoint with your monotony, take care of the additional litter – it will help to experiment with the choice of the most successful posture.

Have unforgettable sex in the entrance or at a tourist facility

There is another place where many couples make love in attempts to update relationships and recall youth. Do not understand what we are talking about? About the only place available to teenagers – entrance. Sex in ceremonial is no less extreme than, for example, intimacy in an exemplary store, or on the attraction. The probability of being caught by neighbors is similar here. Meanwhile, having sex, seeing your beloved home, every young man dreams. So why then his desires cannot be embodied?

However, there are not so many advantages for sex in the entrance:

  1. Poor lighting is perhaps a plus, especially for embarrassed young people.
  2. Behind a couple they can peep into the eye – this, of course, is the negative side of the coin.
  3. Antisanitarian conditions – do not forget, sex in the entrance where animals cope, homeless people and drug addicts bore a huge risk of bacterial infection.
  4. Suitable only for summer pastime. In winter, having sex in the entrance is impossible due to the unhealthiness of this part of the room.

Where you can have sex in the most unusual extreme places

You know what else will help to play out the imagination and tune in to an exciting?? Travel and immersion in a historical past. Among the unusual places where you can have sex, a separate place is occupied by tourist attractions. Listing all points of the globe, when visiting which is breathtaking, is problematic. Any of them will help to experience incomparable emotions with anything.

The most popular world attractions among tourists who prefer to be given to love joys in places:

  • Eiffel Tower;
  • The great Wall of China;
  • Empire State Building;
  • Opera Theater in Sydney.

A journey, turning into an amazing sexual adventure, will remain in memory for a long time. Such a vacation will become truly memorable – can you forget sex in the greatest attractions of the world. Remember, there is no need to be afraid to make innovations in the relationship, one should be afraid of monotony and monotony – these are the killers of passion and love. Is it possible without them fantastic sex? The answer is obvious.

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