Where can you have sex? – 15 unusual places for sex

15 unusual places for sex.

Working in the bedroom is elementary simply. You want sex – go to the bedroom. It is comfortable, romantic, and the door on the castle … But ultimately, “comfortable” sex in the bedroom on the bed becomes boring, especially if this is the only type of sex that you have ever practiced. As well as new sex poses, new unusual places for sex can help you diversify sex. It is as exciting as the search for new sites for dates in early youth. On this occasion, we have prepared for you 15 unusual places where you can have sex. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to cause pleasant memories or just refresh your sexual relationship, in any case, you should at least once experience some (or all) of those wonderful places described in this article.

However, be careful … Sex in public places in most countries is prohibited. For such misconduct, you can be punished at best in the form of an administrative fine, and even get a deadline at the worst. The shape and size of the punishment depends on the country and the circumstances in which you were “caught”. So my advice to you: make sure that there is no one nearby (in order to avoid being noticed!), if sex in public places is your “chip”.

1. In the car

Men like cars. Some even call their “cars” female names, which eloquently indicates how strong their connection with the car is. You understand what I’m getting at? Combine his “mistress” (yourself and his car), having sex in the car. Just do not park for this in the center of the city at rush hour – this is not even sexy, for this the night park is best suited, where few people will notice you.

Do not put on underwear and change jeans to the dress. It is very fun to watch the ill -wing attempts to take off in the closed space of the car, tight -fitting clothes or a large number of its items. For more convenience, sit in the back seat, so as not to accidentally hook the sound signal and not attract excess attention of random passers -by.

2. Number in the motel

How do you like the idea of role -playing games in a motel? It is very simple. What do you think, who has sex in motels? If you think that these are those who make money on this or those who do not want to be caught adultery, then you are absolutely right. Playing a role -playing game called “Date” is just sex with a pretty girl in a good place for this place. And how to change his appearance, putting on a wig and pretending to be a “stranger”, “flirt” with a “unfamiliar” man somewhere in a roadside motel?)

3. In the park or on the beach

Parks and beaches are the most common sex places. There is even a drink named after beach sex. Naturally, sex on the beach should be carefully planned. You do not want to know what sensations from sex when sand suddenly falls on its cock or in its vagina? Stock up with litter, wine and candles for romance, as the “event” will take place at night, and, of course, choose a suitable place on the seashore.

 4. At the cinema

The idea to have sex in the cinema is not new. Choose a session that, usually few people come to, for example, during the day, or go to a foreign film without dubbing, which guarantees low attendance. If you want to keep your partner in constant sexual dependence on you, exciting words for men will definitely come in handy.

Hint: a French or Spanish film with a traditional “sexual” accent is best suited. Do not put on underwear and change jeans to a skirt. Wait for the start of the film and slip your hand between your partner’s hips. When you are ready, sit in his hands … The main thing is to observe the silence!

5. Dressing room

This place is closely related to what many women love – with shopping. Select a store in which the fitting room has no service staff. “Dear, take a look at how I look”. As soon as your partner comes in, you will have the opportunity to use the fitting room as a place for sex directly opposite the mirrors.

6. Pantry

If your pantry has enough space for two, it can be used not only for storing things. She can become a place of your sexual fun. Wait for your partner to leave the house, cut off the footprints of paper and put them from the front door to your pantry room. Returning home, he will definitely follow the footsteps. In the end, the path will lead him to you ..

7. Love in the elevator

One of the greatest rock groups in history (Aerosmith) has a composition about sex in the elevator … well … rock stars always know that we are not available. So the elevator, of course, should be tried as a sex. Most likely, this song came out even before video cameras began to be installed in the elevators, so you should look for old buildings in which the elevators are not equipped with such devices, and having found such, you can start a long journey up – down – down … I hope, you understand what I mean.

8. Laundry

You will stop hating the wash after the washing machine opens in a new light. As usual, drop your dirty linen down and take your man with you. Oh, so you are also dirty clothes on you! I think that she also needs to be “dropped”. The top of the washing machine, especially when it works for the squeeze, adds a touch of stimulation to your act, taking a place for “wash” a place for “fucking”!).

9. On the couch

The sofa – “good old sofa”, friend and friend of adolescents – may turn out to be super sexy, when nothing was at hand besides him. Plus you can use sofa pillows, for example, by laying them under the girl’s ass. This will lift your basin, making the penetration of a mission in a missionary position even deeper. Read about this in more detail in the article Missionary Pose – 3 advanced techniques.

10. In front of the window

Sex in front of the window is fraught with some mystery, because when you look out of the window, no one knows what is happening inside. Stand in front of the window and put your hands on the windowsill. Thus, you will become a “racer”, putting the ass back. This is a wonderful pose for sex.

eleven. In the kitchen

Let’s look at the truth: many men do not see anything erotic in gender stereotypes, even if they absolutely disagree with them. Seeing you in the kitchen for cooking food in erotic linen, your partner will certainly want sex. In the kitchen you can find so many hard and smooth surfaces to sit down or lie down. Put a pan on a slow fire and put up your appetite!

12. In the shower

Shower is a very popular place for Sax. What could be more erotic than two naked, soaped bodies?! This air conditioner is not only for your hair, it can be successfully used when masturbating a member of your partner. To get acquainted with the advice on the “otlet” masturbation of the penis, watch a video about the massage of the penis. If your soul has a bench, a girl can put one leg on her. If not, you can have sex standing. If you have a bath, it can lean and put your hands on its edge, giving her partner the opportunity to enter the back.

13. In the office

To combine the pleasant with the necessary, try to have sex in your office or office of your partner. But you can do this only after a working day, if you do not want you or your partner to be fired!)

14. In the limousine

Close the window between the driver and passengers, which is usually in all limousines. Their tinted glasses allow you to penetrate the heart of any big city without risk to be seen outside.

15. In airplane

Yes, sex on an airplane may already be a hackneyed topic-who else wants to have sex at an altitude of 9-12 km above the ground? However, many people still consider the aircraft a great place for sex.

When you make a “highlight” to your everyday sex games, this gives your relationship a mysterious and adventure character. In addition to various types of sex, there is a choice of various places where you can have sex, which will provide you with “hot” memories for many years.

Making love in unusual places for sex is a great way to revive your sex life. But here, as in everything, you need to have a sense of proportion so that this does not become a kind of competition or even a common occurrence. Use original places for sex only when it is appropriate. Search for new places for sex should begin only when you decided to try something else.

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