Video sex sex

Video sex sex.

Video sex sex

Sex in the video, of course, is difficult to compare with the present when you and your partner are nearby, but for many now this is the only type of sex that is permissible. Video sex is a great chance to learn about each other’s fantasies, release your inner voyeurist/exhibitionist and understand what excites you. You can be in a dominant position or obey your partner’s whims, arrange striptease and use any sex toys, there are many opportunities – there would be a desire. You can improvise, but at the same time a bad angle of view can be chosen, which is able to spoil the whole impression of virtual sex. That is why it is better to prepare and choose the right angle in which you yourself like, and the partner – and even more so. To get even more tips, read on.

1. If you are embarrassed to undress in front of the camera, start with the bathroom. So nudity will be more organic, and part of the body will be hidden under water or foam. Put a laptop or phone (depending on what you are going to use as a means of communication) near the bathroom so that you are in the frame, but not some specific part of your body. Do not forget to charge the device battery and remove it from charging before you bring it to the bathroom to avoid shock. Lying on the back in the bathroom, you can start masturbate with your hand or a waterproof toy.

2. Alternately ask each other to do anything – for example, take off part of the clothes, draw a palm on the inside of the thighs, use toys. This is your chance to add trust in relationships and get closer even more. You may not let each other experience an orgasm until one of you is ready for it. With such games, it will be better if the camera is directed at you, and not at a certain part of your body. You can kneel in front of the laptop or lie sideways to it. If you want to pay attention to your intimate part and do not experience constraint, you can lie with your feet to the laptop and masturbate, bending them at your knees, but then it will be much better if you put your pillow under your head so that your face also falls into the frame.

3. Remember that a partner can only look at you, but not touch. You can give him pleasure by arranging a slow sensual strip and stroking your body gently.

4. An amazingly sexual turn is to show only the face during masturbation. When you touch intimate zones, talk about it, and let your fantasies cope with everything else yourself. Observation of the partner’s face while he enjoyed her orgasm can be surprisingly intimate. This does not require special preparation – just take a convenient position.

5. You can use Kiiroo masturbators so that your mutual masturbation will reach a new level, or other toys, which are possible at a long distance using an application. Just sit on the bed with phones in your hands and control each other toys alternately or at the same time. Do not forget to deal with the technical issue in advance, so as not to linger at the most crucial moment.

6. If you do not want the face to get into the frame, you can avoid this. Sit so that the laptop shows your torso and zone below, and masturbate in front of each other. You can still hear the moans of each other and look at your partner, the only thing you will not see his face.

7. Plan a meeting in advance, put on sexual underwear, talk a little before proceeding to an intimate part. Try to undress at the same time, take your time. You can put the laptop on your knees or stand in front of it on all fours, using the intimate area in the frame.

Video sex sex

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