Types of women who adore rude sex

Types of women who adore rude sex.

Men strive to show their superiority in all areas of life – including sexual. It is not uncommon when in intimate relationships the couple prevails cruelty and rudeness, the initiators of which are men. Why is this happening?

In the animal world

Frankly, there is no difference between a man and a male. We all (animals and people) strive to be stronger, smarter and more attractive to women (females), and, therefore, since the path to this is one (strength), we love rudeness.

If you like to walk along the park alleys, you probably noticed how the pigeon-makers behave during the wedding season. At first glance, a nondescript bird (male) suddenly begins to spin near the smaller one (female), pursues it, fades the neck, bends to the ground and dissolves the wings. He can also take a vertical rack, stretching out on his paws and spreading his tail with a fan, and he cooles loudly.

How a woman achieves a woman? Almost identical, the only difference is that the pigeon can not come up with more primitive and original, but a person, being on the highest step of evolution, can give a lady a ring, flowers or some cute trinket as a material confirmation of his feelings. Although
When a man, leaving the taxi, gives his woman a hand, the resemblance to the vertical rack of a dove, just amazing. Heard the expression: "to tear so that the feathers fly"? When the dove masters the pigeon, about the same. In the animal world, rudeness in sex is a completely ordinary phenomenon. But people are biologically related to the kingdom of animals…

Why men rude sex? />
Of course, we do not claim that men love rude sex only because they have this in biologically and genetically. Then why do we love rude? To answer this question, you first need to figure out why a man has sex in general. We discard the option of continuing the genus, since the realization that the heirs need to be left behind is much later published.

Firstly, a man has sex, because he wants it, and secondly, in order to show what a male he is. Of course, a bunch of other (smaller) reasons can be brought, but the main ones are these two. It is impossible not to recall the current stereotypes in society, so dominant above us. A man is strong, a woman is weak. In fact, this means that a man is a male, he must win a woman using all his strength and power.

Search, more precisely, even a woman’s prey is a true way to feel like a man. To consolidate his position of the male, after conquest, one should establish its dominance in a pair. Growth – it is also superiority – in many ways associated, if not with oppression, then by any suppression of a partner.

At the first stage, you can achieve this by paying bills in a restaurant, taxi trips, purchases of tickets to the theater or cinema.

After the second stage comes – making decisions only by a man, when his opinion is always the most true and important.

And only then – the third stage, the time of rude sex, which allows a man to finally gain a foothold in the role of a male and an absolute leader in a relationship.

Rough sex is extremely exciting, being sex in pure form, without impurities of feelings, pathetic gestures and sighs and absolutely extra attributes in the form of special lighting or bedding from

last collection. Emotions prevail over feelings, passion over love. The desire to master the partner in a rough form arises in his head, and the overwhelming level of testosterone has practically nothing to do with him. Just a man wants to transfer superiority over a woman from moral to the physical side.

A victim or hunter?

If a woman is well versed in male psychology, she, of course, will play along with her partner. She will show that she also wants rude sex, she will moan and beg him to be more tender (of course, played up) that she will start a man even more. In everyday life, he will surround his chosen one with love and care to show how she is dear to him.

But sex will remain rude – the male and the female cannot spend the clock on kisses, preferring to immediately proceed to the most genital act. It is unlikely that there will be a man who is rude by definition (although, of course, there are such that they love a goddess in a woman, not even allowing thoughts about possible rudeness). All to blame – male thinking. Man – a minister, a hunter, the head of the family. He wants and must constantly express the superiority of strength, and if his woman does not allow this, he will look for a way to realize on the side.

Of course, we are not at all saying that the man is the navel of the Earth, and he needs to be appealed by all possible methods. Against. If a woman will play along with a man, she herself will only benefit from this. According to a variety of surveys and research, most women love rude sex, and every third even dreams of being raped for a ponaroshka (t. e. a loved one, bringing an element of the game into the usual intercourse).

With a dream of a brutal female

Determine whether a woman is prone to such games is quite easy.

Firstly, these are women who love all the decisions for them are made by men, while satisfying any momentary desire, bringing everything on a saucer with a golden bucket. Rough sex is a kind of bonus for care. In addition, such women also want to solve everything in sex for them.

Secondly, these are women who prefer diversity in all areas of life, including sex. True, they not only love to make them a little painful, but they themselves do not mind repaying men "the same coin".

Thirdly, these are women who, due to life circumstances, are accustomed to the role of humiliated. You can call such women moral masochists who project ordinary cruelty to the intimate sphere of their life.

Fourthly, at first glance, inaccessible women. To win their location, men have to sweat pretty much, which undoubtedly brings great moral pleasure to their partners. Due to the features of their character, such women love active sex, and the line between the active and rude act of love is very thin.

In conclusion, we note that in the twentieth century rude sex (but not violence!it cannot be a taboo or something out of the ordinary. If people love each other, then everything that is done in bed by mutual agreement is natural and pleasant. Why limit yourself in pleasure?

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