Top 30 Film Films about sex

Film films about sex: from erotica to porn.

Top 30 Film Films about sex

In these Film films about sex contain very realistic bed scenes. They are not shown in order to tease the audience. The reasons for the demonstration of frank intimate scenes are always different. We present to your attention films that have not just received the “18+” mark.

Deep sip (1972)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Deep sip” – the first official Erotic movie about sex, Released. The main character Linda has a problem: she cannot receive satisfaction in bed. She turns to a specialist to find out why this is happening. It turns out that the clit of Linda is deep in the throat. She can receive satisfaction only when he makes a blowjob.

Linda is accepted for mastering the technique of oral sex, which in the film is called a “deep sip”, and hones the skill on different men, until the most suitable with the desired size of a member.

Last tango in Paris (1972)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

Paris. The end of the 60s. A man passes under the bridge. Recently his wife passed away, and he blames himself for himself. The girl overtakes him and hides. Neither he nor she paid attention to each other. And this story begins that does not leave indifferent a single viewer. It will continue with desperate attempts to find the remnants of life due to crazy fatal passion.

“Last tango in Paris”-Italian-French Erotic movie about sex, After which in the court of the Italian city of Bologna, the case was opened on its directors, the main actors and producer for the distribution of pornography. Then they removed the accusations from them. Only the director and screenwriter Bernardo Bertolucci was subjected to punishment. In Italy, he was deprived of civil rights.

As he himself admitted, the plan of this film arose from his sexual fantasy – to meet a seductive stranger on the street and have sex with her without obligations without even learning her name.

Lard, or 120 days of sodoma (1975)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Lard, or 120 days of sodom” – not for the faint of heart. This is not some kind vulgar movie for watching a girl. This is a film adaptation of the novel by the Marquis de Sad. It is considered the most outstanding anti -fascist film in history. He was removed by the director Pierre Paolo Pazolini. Some time after the completion of the filming, he was brutally killed.

Events occur in 1944-1945 of the XX century. In northern Italy, the idea of the fascist Republic of Salo is widespread. A group of perverts, led by the prince, mocks and tortures teenagers. The boys and girls were specially selected to delight the desires of the perverted elite, who feels that her rule will be finished soon, so it does not miss the opportunity to enjoy the full position.

Empire of feelings (1976)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Empire of feelings” – Japanese Film Film about sex. In 1976, he produced a splash at the Cannes Festival. There he was called the first great erotic film.

This picture tells about the prosperous owner in love with the maid. They play sexy games that are becoming more threatening for life. In 1990, the film was a limited rental in the USSR. The demonstration of the picture was accompanied by protests due to the obscene nature of the picture.

9 1/2 weeks (1985)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

John lures Elizabeth into his love networks, and she refuses her life principles. Love for him captures all her feelings. John is unpredictable. Once Elizabeth can’t stand it and runs away from him. She enters the night club and sees a couple of sex under the spotlights in front of strangers. At that moment, Elizabeth understands that she and John crossed the line ..

The MGM film company considered that 14 hours of captured materials with actress Kim Beisinger, who played the main character, can cause psychological injuries to the audience. She did not allow them to include them in the final version of the film. No one has ever seen them anywhere. They are not even in the version of the film that is released on DVD and has more frank scenes than rolling.

Lolita (1997)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

The film “Lolita” was shot based on the novel of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov. According to the plot, an educated, witty and popularly popular among women is a teacher of French literature Humbert comes to a small American city. He cannot forget the first love. When he meets a 12-year-old Lolita, hopes to find a paradise in which he once was again.

In Australia, this film first did not want to release due to fears that cases of pedophilia would increase sharply. And only in 1999 it was released with a rigid price price r.

Violating prohibitions (1999)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

Karl Borin is a young girl who meets Mateo. The young man is jealous, loves her very much and hopes that he is the only and unique. But Karl is a girl of free glances. She is not alien to the relationship on the side. She is constantly in search of new sensations and wants to try something new.

Karl wants to learn English, so he moves to London. There, her erotic adventures begin. To find housing, she turns to the real estate agency, where she meets his owner and spends the night with her. She is not embarrassed by such a connection. And this is just a small episode in its free, complete erotic adventures of life. But, despite all this, Borin loves only Mateo and waits for him to come to her in London.

American pie (1999)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“American Pie” – A vulgar movie-comedy About high school students Jim, Kevin, Finche and the Oz. At the party, they find out that none of them had sexual experience yet. They decide that they should lose their virginity as quickly as possible. Soon there will be graduation at school, and they have a little time left to realize the plan. Just how to do it if they do not know how to communicate with girls?

In 1999, this A vulgar movie-comedy He became very successful. World box office funds amounted to $ 235 million, although the film was shot with a budget of only 11 million. American Pie became the progenitor of Hollywood youth comedies and several sequels.

Bad guy (2001)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Bad guy” – the most best Korean movie about sex. This is the story of a young bandit who wanted to meet a girl passing by, but received a rebuff. After the refusal, he decides to take revenge on the stranger: he makes her abducted and made by a sexual slave.

Now she has to trade her body, and he spys through the hole in the wall for how others master it. After some time, he falls in love with her ..

Lucia and Sex (2001)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

Lucia works as a waiter in a restaurant. Her life is measured. But everything changes when she finds out that her lover, with whom she lived for 6 years, disappears. She collects things and leaves for a quiet island in the Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful nature, the bright sun, the boundless ocean – all this affects Lucia, and it begins to remember her past, spent with her lover.

Secretary (2001)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

The secretary Lee Hollovay is a shy girl, but despite this, prone to masochism. In work, she makes many mistakes. The boss is dissatisfied with her and is accepted for her “upbringing”. Gradually, their relationship develops in the BDSM session.

The director filmed the sexual fantasy of the dominance of the boss over the secretary. Many believe that the film “50 shades of gray” loses in many ways “secretary”.

Pianist (2001)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

The professor of the Vienna Conservatory Erica Kochut has a tendency to sadomasochism. He sleeps in the same bed with an old mother, loves to walk at sex shops, and under her bed she lies sadomasochist things. She has a relationship with a student Walter, he learns about her oddities.

The director showed the first part of the film through Erica’s eyes. For her, what is happening is the norm. But when they begin to demonstrate history from the outside, it becomes clear how cruel the perverted experiments of the main character are and how dangerous they are for her loved ones.

And your mother too (2001)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

Mexico. Two teenage friends without moral principles are in search of adventure. At the festival, they get acquainted with Louise. She is older than them, survived the breakup, and now her heart is broken. Friends invite her to go to the non -existent Beach “Heavenly Strive” – to where dreams are fulfilled. The girl agrees to the offer. On the trip, all the heroes come closer, and Louise becomes a sexy mentor of teenagers.

In this film, an intimate connection is an element through which the director shows the growing up of adolescents. For Louise, this is an opportunity to enjoy life and get new impressions.

Ken Park (2002)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Ken Park” – one of the most vulgar films. These are four stories united by one topic – a problem in relations between parents and children. The ancestors teach offspring how to live without noticing their mistakes, sins and vices. Meanwhile, adolescents in the breaks between sex slowly go crazy from the pressure of their parents.

Irreversibility (2002)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

The hero of Vincent Kassel is spinning among the underground gay clubs. He is looking for a man whom he has never seen to kill him. The stranger raped, and then killed his girlfriend in the transition.

From watching the film “Irreversibility”, the audience left for the first 30 minutes. According to director Gaspar Noe, it was to such a reaction that he was counting on. This film is included in the list of prohibited for distribution in Belarus.

The feature of “irreversibility” – in 13 episodes that are mounted in the reverse chronological order. This film became scandalously known due to the anal rape of the heroine of Monica Bellucci and the murder of the visitor in a gay club committed with particular cruelty: he was inflicted on more than 20 strokes by a fire extinguisher on the head.

Dreamers (2003)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Dreamers” are on the list The best films about sex. The film received the most hard rolling rating in America-NC-17. Its action takes place in Paris in 1968, when the air smelled of a revolution.

Matthew meets teenagers who love cinema very much. Together they watch classic and modern films. There, Matthew meets Isabelle and Theo, who tell him that at birth they were fused twins. They invite him to move to their apartment. Gradually, Matthew becomes clear that Isabelle and Theo are very close – so much that it is on the verge of incest. While riots on the streets are intensified, all three put sexual and psychological experiments.

9 songs (2004)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“9 songs” – a feature film about sex, the premiere of which at the Cannes festival was accompanied by a loud scandal. Many counted him with pornography. This is the first British film in which sexual content is pronounced.

There are nine video clips in this film. These are nine scenes of stormy but short -term relationships between concerts that the main characters go to. They understand that the romance will end soon, so you can not think about anything, but just have sex.

Shortbus club (2006)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Shortbus” is the name of the night club in New York, which reveals its doors to liberated people of all ages who want to discuss politics, music, art, play “in a bottle” and have violent sex. Gay James and Sophie Sophie-the main characters in this The most frank erotic film.

Profit California (2007-2014)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

Among Erotic films about sex There is a series “Profit California”. The main role of the famous writer Hank Mudie is played by David Spirit. The man is in crisis. He broke up with his beloved woman, changes his partner every day and has been trying to create a new novel for a long time, but he never wrote a line. All his life can be described in three words: marijuana, sex and alcohol. Despite this, he still hopes that he will find his family again and overcome the creative crisis.

Room in Rome (2009)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

Russian girl Natasha is resting in Rome and preparing to get married soon. On the night before departure to Russia, she meets the sultry Spaniard Alba, who invites her to her hotel room. Natasha agrees and, together with a new friend, begins to explore her sexuality. Girls tell each other secret secrets, and by morning they understand that feelings appeared between them.

Shame (2011)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

The drama “Shame” is included in the top of vulgar films. Frank scenes immediately made her popular around the world. The picture tells about 30-year-old Brandon, who cannot control his sexual desires. He is an erotomania. Visits nightclubs, strip bar and sits on sex dating sites. In front of the spell of this seducer, no woman who comes across his way can stand. He does not know how to live and does not want to live. But everything changes when his sister comes to Brandon.

Old good orgy (2011)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

This A vulgar movie-comedy About 30-year-old Erica. His father decided to sell a family country house. In it, Eric held theme parties for many years. Now the hero will have to become older, but only after he and his friends will roll the last farewell party – he will arrange a crazy orgy ..

Friendship Sex (2011)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

This vulgar comedic A vulgar movie fits For viewing with a girl. The main role is played by Justin Timberlake, who is very popular among representatives of the weak half.

This is a story about a girl who is afraid of a serious relationship. She does not want to burden herself with obligations, so she prefers easy novels. When she meets the editor of a popular magazine, everything changes. He is tired of women who want to have sex with him. It seems that these two have found each other. They agree on sex on friendship. Where will it lead them?

Nymphomaniac (2013)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

This is the last frank film directed by Lars von Trier. Its duration is 5 hours! The film has a record number of erotic scenes. But the audience still does not consider this pornographic. They are sure that this tragicomedy has a lyrical story about a woman who loved only for many years in her body.

In that erotic film about sex The story of life from birth to the 50th anniversary of Nymphomaniac Joe is told. Once in her lane, beaten and located almost in an unconscious state, Seligman finds. He helps Joe to get home, examines her wounds and does not understand how she has come to this. A woman tells him the story of her life.

Passion Don Juan (2013)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

This Feature Film – Not only About sex. He is about the philosophy of John’s life: his attitude to material things, women and … porn. He believes that it is much more pleasant to watch sex than to do it. John does not want to bind himself with obligations. But once he meets Barbara, with whom he has a relationship.

The main roles in this film were played by Joseph Gordon -Levitt and Scarlett Johansson. Joseph not only plays in this film. He is here and the director and screenwriter. He wrote the role of Barbara specifically for Scarlett.

The version of the film Don Juan, shown at the Sandance Film Festival, received the NC-17 rating (people under 18 are prohibited). To remove this restriction, Gordon-Levitt removed from the final version of the picture the moments on which John watches porn.

Love (2015)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Love” – a picture from TOP of vulgar films, the script of which fit on seven pages. Director Gaspar Noe admitted that he did not tell the actors what to do during erotic scenes. He simply showed them how and where it was better to settle relative to the camera, and then they themselves understood that they were required.

According to the plot, an American named Murphy is a student of the Parisian film school. For two years he meets with a Frenchwoman electria. To diversify an intimate life, they invite Omi to visit, their pretty neighbor.

Secrets of sex and love (2016)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

In that Film films about sex – The story of five pairs that discover unknown sexual faces. They are afraid of unknown pleasures, but uncontrolled desires take the upper hand. The boundaries are erased. The taboo is destroyed. Now nothing can keep the heroes from sexual experiments.

Maid (2016)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

The actions of the film unfolded in the 1930s in Korea, which at that time was in the power of Japan. Poor girl Suk-hee receives an offer from a fraudster to get a servant for a rich Japanese Hideko. He wants to fall in love with her, leave with her to Japan, marry her, and then declare her crazy, hand her in a madhouse and get her property.

Suk-hee receives an invitation. First, everything goes according to plan: it is arranged by the servant to Hideko. But suddenly the scammer’s plan fails. Suk-ki falls in love with the mistress.

This erotic thriller was shot by one of the most famous Korean directors Pak Chkhan -Uka. The plot is unpredictable. It is built on passion and love: sincere feelings of the bitch Hu are opposed to the insidious plan of her accomplice.

Casters (2019)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

This series tells of the passions, betrayals and intrigues of the Moscow elite and girls who want to find rich sponsors. Here is a provincial art critic Dasha dreams of a beautiful life. She wants to conquer Moscow and thinks that she can easily be done to do it. But people like her are full in the capital, and the rich men who want to take a beautiful girl to keep, a little. But everything changes one unpleasant case.

Deeper! (2020)

Top 30 Film Films about sex

“Deeper!” – the Russian vulgar comedy about the director of the main theater of the country, the master of psychological depths of the novel Petrovich. He is demanding on the development of roles. Demands that the actors rehearsely rehearse and get used to the images. But after he does not have time to prepare the release of a new performance, he is fired.

A friend of the novel offers him a part -time job in the porn industry. He agrees and forces the actors Leroux and Timur to play by his own rules. And ordinary porn turns into a passionate and emotional action. This is a breakthrough of the creative path of the novel.

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