Tabu in sex. Opinions of real people | Psychology of relations

Tabu in sex. Opinions of real people.

Tabu in sex. Opinions of real people | Psychology of relations
Taboo or prohibitions in sex people have. Everyone has different. Some are associated with education, others with health status. Some taboos arise temporarily, others for life. So people in sex cannot realize exactly?

Harmonious sexual life is the key to long and trusting relations between partners. Sex not only helps people get closer spiritually, but is also a way to get rid of physical tension, improve their mood and avoid many diseases of the genitourinary system. However, there are situations in which the proximity is undesirable and the reasons for this is a lot: poor health, fatigue, lack of time for prelude, and you do not want quick sex.

Family relationships

Most often, the problem of prohibitions arises in people who are married. Work, household chores and troubles, children and adult relatives do not leave the opportunity to retire and indulge in love. How to refuse a partner in intimacy, so as not to offend and not hurt the pride of a loved one?

Men rarely refuse sex, motivating with fatigue or an abundance of current affairs and, as a rule, women react calmly if such behavior is not preserved for a long time.Naturally, this is impossible to do this, the wife is a close and dear person who can and should be trusted. Only a frank conversation, and not a refusal of rude form, will help to cope with the problem together and strengthen the relationship of the spouses.

Women who refuse her husband in bed joys also sometimes do not quite deliberately. Banal excuses, such as “headache, tooth, stomach, etc.»May lead to the fact that the spouse will begin to look for a more accommodating and healthy companion.Tabu in sex. Opinions of real people | Psychology of relations


Some girls refrain from intimacy with men and are waiting for their first and only to teach all the basics of sexual science.Girls should not be shy of the fact of virginity, and if there is no desire to make love, talk about it openly.

Oral affection

One way to diversify intimate life is oral sex. Some couples receive a brighter sensation from a blowjob or cunnilingus than from direct genital contact. But oral caresses not everyone likes.

Anal sex

In search of new sensations, some couples practice anal intercourse. Penetrating into the anus of women, men feel like a fan and almighty males, mastering all the holes of their beloved woman.Intimate intimacy is not just sex, it is the merger of two loving bodies and the kinship of souls. Refusal of intimacy is not a crime, most importantly, it is correct to present it. It is important to explain to a loved one that you refuse him not from him, as a sexual partner, namely from sexual intercourse or some specific caresses.

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