Sounds during sex and embarrassing situations, laugh or cry

Sounds during sex and embarrassing situations, laugh or cry.

Sounds during sex and embarrassing situations, laugh or cry

You can’t get anywhere from the imperfection of the human body. Most likely, you heard hundreds of stories that Sounds during sex or embarrassed situations put partners at a dead end: either cry with shame, or laugh together. Women who are so fond of acting as a beautiful nymph who walks to the bed of love from the thigh and beautifully bending their backs are more experienced, and then the bam is sharply “bam” – during sex, the sounds of the air from the vagina spoiled the whole picture! The things with incidents with anal penetration are even worse.

Today we will tell you about the most frequent and funny situations taking place with people during intercourse. You will find out why the vagina makes sounds, and how to respond to a piece of uninterated tomato on a partner’s member after anal sex. We are not shy, we frankly discuss awkward moments and learn to leave the shy circumstances with a proudly raised head!

Sounds during sex and embarrassing situations, laugh or cry

TOP-15 funny embarrasses during sex

Each of us has our own idea of ideal proximity, but sometimes something goes wrong. In general, do not believe the proverb that princesses do not fart and poop only with gold butterflies. Gas, so with what whistle! And the princes are not far behind them.

Sounds from the vagina during sex

The most common incident is a bzhazing vagina. Girls feel incredible embarrassment when it happens to them. Shame pierces to crocodile sobs, and, it seems that the guys must disgust them after such melodic tunes of the vagina. Why is the female body “speaks” in the process of intercourse?

Everything is simple: the air is driven to you, and it comes out from there. Typically, “injection of air masses” occurs for several reasons:

  • the pose in which the muscles of the vagina are less tense (in the first place, beloved by all “cancer);
  • weak muscles, and they can weaken after childbirth, or are such from nature;
  • a thin member of a partner who does not occupy the entire breadth of female charms;
  • too long have sex in which natural excitement subsides and the muscles relax.

The sound made by the vagina is similar to the output of the gases from the anus or squelch, so many girls are embarrassed. And no matter how much they are ashamed, it is almost impossible to control the voice acting. The vagina can “pry” both during sex and immediately after it.

Is it possible to somehow fight this problem? You can fight with the help of Kegel or Wumbilding exercises, pumping and strengthening the inner muscles. Try to squeeze the muscles of the anus and vagina 10-15 times a day, drawing them into itself and holding them in a similar state for 10-20 seconds. Question: is it necessary to do it? Believe me, men are calm about the exit of air from the vagina, this even excites. Men are not idiots and not fools. They are familiar with female physiology, and on their life path they met a “squelching” crotch more than once or twice!

If you are very embarrassed by the sounds of the vagina during sex, try changing the pose. Laugh it off or explain that this is not what he thought. A man does not care about your sounds – the process and sensation are important to him.

Sounds during anal sex

But the sounds during the anal are no longer so harmless, because it is not driven air, and the processes of your digestion make themselves felt. A healthy person farts up to 15 times during the day. Both men and women are engaged in emitting odorous gases. In principle, the guy is to blame. I wanted anal sex? Well, get it, buddy. This is not a jar with a tutella! Kakahi is canned in the ass, and even with a sudden invasion of this area, which is intended “to the exit”, an unforeseen exhaust may happen.

Do not be embarrassed if they are farted during an anal act – this often happens, especially for those who are not trained to receive “sausages”. A man is an adult? Take the situation even easier and do not tear your hair in a panic. Most likely, he is ready for such surprises. If you gasped with the smell, of course, it will be embarrassed, but you can apologize and say what happened by chance. He also farts, perhaps even lying with you, only at night, in a dream, when no one hears!

Unpleasant odors

Unpleasant odors during sex can come from unwashed body. We hope that you and your partner are adequate people, and wash in normal mode. Therefore, we will not give a lecture on how to wash properly before and after the act.

The stink can appear with anal sex. Oh, these lovers of poking in the ass! They are ready for everything for the sake of non -standard sensations! Yes, dear ones, there are feces in the pope – they smell not flowers or alpine meadow herbs. Even the enema does not always save, because the digestion process is continuous.

It is quite real that after the guy gets a member, both shit smell will hit both with both of them in the nose. Agree, ashamed and unpleasant. But we repeat again: you make Katyakhov in the female priest, be ready for smells and sounds. Girls, you have nothing to be shy. If you climb into the guts to your chosen one, there will be the same.

The smell of vaginal intercourse suggests that a woman should visit a gynecologist, because with a normal state of health and observation of hygiene he is not.

Member got dirty after anal

You noticed that the bulk of the jambs occurs with anal penetration? Shit or undigested skin from tomato on a member – the ordinary situation of lovers to drive backwards. The enema in most cases prevents the fuss in manure, but if this happens, Poker Face will not work. Men, by the way, react quite calmly to such incidents, but the ladies are lost.

What will we advise you? Do not let you take a ram and drive you pegs to the very tomatoes, if we are talking about anal sex. From habit can be covered. Sometimes a high -erection occurs after an act of love in the ass. Dirty sheets … well, you know that TIDE is washing everything! Do not worry, even some 20-30 years ago, we all poop in diapers-joke on this topic with a man, and it will become easier for you.

Before letting a member in the ass, practice with anal traffic jam or rubber phallus to understand how your body will react to a similar entry through a “back door”. At the same time, expand the dimensions and experience pain less when meeting a penis in the anus live.

Sounds during sex and embarrassing situations, laugh or cry

The condom remained inside

In a fit of passion, you can not notice how the condom has broken or flew. He gets stuck in the vagina, or, even worse, there remains a small piece. What to do? Of course, get out! Either do it yourself in the bathroom by putting 1-2 fingers inside, or ask for a partner. You can continue sexual intercourse and “hook” it on the “hook”.

Some women in their forgetfulness or lead nature forget to pull out tampons. A tired piece of cotton wool is detected during sex. Yes, in this case we would also become ashamed.


It’s about the sounds that are produced by male hips, deliciously hollowing about women’s ass. Most often they are in the Doggi pose. And such melodies can come … Tadam! from a large -sized men’s testicles. Yes, there are copies with a large scrotum, which loudly beats during the relationship of some of your part of your body. These sounds are made by men, and they generally bother them at all, so we do not score our heads and enjoy the “cupcake”.

Spots on the sheet

Women are “flowing” when excited and powerful orgasm, and some do it very abundantly. Then there are spots on the bed, which is embarrassed by themselves. The spots can remain from the squirt, which we wrote about in another article. And the most funny situation when sheets get dirty from the fact that the girl let go of urine. How can it be, you ask. Easily!

  • She wanted to go to the toilet, but did not dare to tell her partner, so as not to interrupt the passion that came up suddenly.
  • She was too sweet, from which the muscles relaxed, her head turned off, control was irrevocably lost.
  • Both factors are compatible. Even a slight urge to urinate, composed with a bright orgasm, can lead to an involuntary exit of a yellow stream.

For all such cases, have a booth under the booty, which will then go to washing. If you are ashamed in front of a man for your yellow tricks, come up with that it is you so “wet” ended from overexcitation. The scam should pass, and very successfully, because he had just been given a medal for special merits to the country to pull out the people from the demographic pit.

Vomiting during blowjob

For those women who did not have time to overcome the gag reflex, which appears with deep minerals, such a surprise is quite real. It can take you out if the guy ended up in the mouth without warning. The taste of sperm is not pleasant for everyone. In short, men, be prepared to get a puddle of vomiting on a member instead of orgasm from oral caresses.

Pereonnoy blowjob

If you sharply lit up the crotch after Kuni or Blowjob, do not rush to blame the partner of betrayal. Better remember what you have eaten recently. Wasn’t your menu something sharp, for example, Chili pepper?

When you plan oral affection, do not eat sharp dishes or rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting in reality the most puffy kuni or blowjob in a Mexican.

Member stuck in the vagina

You really can’t call a fun situation where the penis stuck in the vagina during intercourse. As they say, the shell slammed shut! Such an incident occurs with a strong tone of the muscles of the vagina in conjunction with high emotional stress. A woman is not able to control such processes, spasm occurs involuntarily. By the way, a member can get stuck in a throat during a blowjob. Both partners experience pain and shock, but it will not be possible to free themselves sharply.

If you are in the position of blinded street dogs, don’t panic. Calm down, stroke the woman on the stomach, put a finger in the ass, she should strongly strain the press at the same time. I can’t get a member? Call an ambulance and call the brigade, otherwise you will be left without dignity, because the blood flow continues, the genitals are swelling. You have half an hour in stock.

The owners of a member of the mushroom are considered the most unlucky – with a thickening in the middle and a wide head.


You know why doctors are such pacifists-pofigists? They just have seen enough for their practice of such paintings that it’s even hard to imagine. For example, broken members, dislocated hands, torn ligaments and many other bodily harm obtained as a result of unsuccessful sexual experiments.

When acquainting with the Kamasutra, it may seem that all positions from there are performed without much difficulty, but often carelessness in the approach to the choice of sexual poses ends with injuries. The same can be said about the use of sex toys.

Sounds during sex and embarrassing situations, laugh or cry

Fall asleep

Both men and women sin with this! Someone falls asleep during a vaginal act, others give a snore for oral affection. Well, we all get tired, and sex more often occurs at night, when the forces leave someone sharply and finally. Unfortunately, a person does not charge from the battery. If you fell asleep during sex, apologize and dare with a partner on a cool situation.


Full of jokes are associated with the appearance of animals at the most crucial moment. Cats and dogs love to observe what is happening, and especially courageous do not mind thinking about copulating crotch. Most of them are attracted by dangling male causals. Remove your little animals so that the act of love does not interrupt due to the scratched scrotum.

Facial expression

In films during sex, heroes have very beautiful faces and passionate facial expressions, and in life everything is less prosaic. What grimaces we do not feed when we finish or enjoy the process! Someone mows with an eye, the other funny protrudes his lips, the third opens his mouth, as if sung. The set of grimaces is better not to see, so as not to interrupt the love act with a loud laugh.

Laughter and tears

By the way, some people like to laugh during sex. Among them, not everyone laughs at the ridiculous physiognomies of their halves. There are those who in this way expresses emotions. And the other category of sensitive citizens (women) can cry after a violent orgasm. We know the symptom of which is laughter for no reason. It cannot be compared with the sounds that are made by women during sex, but from that it does not become less embarrassed. And they cry like from pain. But what to do if a person shows his feelings! We do not pay attention.

Even if the evening was a success, this is not a guarantee that you do not have to face ill -wing moments during sex. It is almost impossible to insure yourself from this. Meanwhile, sex is not only an orgasm and pleasure, but also the trust of partners, mutual understanding in any unforeseen situation. Learn to accept the world easier, and the shortcomings of the human body – with humor!

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