Sex Years for February 23

Sex Years for February 23.

Sex Years for February 23
How interesting to congratulate your beloved man on the main men’s holiday in the year? This question worries many women. It is possible that he did not serve, but is still your defender, so I want to congratulate him so as to truly surprise him. We have found several ideas that will help you spend this day unusually and will be remembered for a long time both to him and you.

At a new angle

Surely you have 2-3 (or more) favorite poses in which you always have sex. We do not argue that they are the most convenient and tested by time, but a holiday is a great occasion for experiments. Find out in advance what new position he would like to try, or find an interesting option yourself (the Internet and porn films to help you).

Afraid that you will be inconvenient in an unusual position? He will come to the rescue Sex punch. You will not slide and get tired with her, she has a suitable angle of inclination for intensive stimulation and you can comfortably accept almost any pose.

For a WAU effect perfect Sex cachelies. A special mounting system allows you to try over 30 unusual poses. At the same time, the swing helps to reduce the load for both partners, all movements are made much easier, and the pleasure will be as bright as possible!

Play with sex toys

If you used to use sex devices alone, it is an amazing opportunity to increase your partner game level! Show the man your favorite toy and tell how to with its help you can bring you to orgasm. And then give the gadget and yourself in his hands, then he will be “commanded by the parade”. Let the partner decide how to make you well.

Advice. For the first acquaintance, you should not use sex toys similar to a real phallus, a man can be very jealous of such accessories. Choose Mini-vibrators: They are small, and outwardly more like a tube of lipstick or a bottle of spirits.

Or offer to go to adult shopping. To do this, it is not necessary to leave the house, or you can look into Online catalog and find things with which it will be interesting to experiment together!

Spy during interrogation

Invite your partner to play a role -playing game on a military theme. He is a real colonel, and you are a prisoner spy (or vice versa). For a passionate interrogation, you will need certain BDSM Axuars: handcuffs, special adhesive tape or rope. Well, then it all depends on your imagination.
Advice. Do not forget to discuss the boundaries of the permissible and choose a safe word in advance.

Mutual pleasure

Masturbate everyone, although they don’t talk about it. And almost always this is done alone. Try to do mutual masturbation on this day. You will not only better learn sexual preferences of each other, but also increase the level of trust in pairs, expand your sexual boundaries.

Get a whole sexy show for each other. There are different options:

  • do it in turn or at the same time;
  • play in the “secret observer”;
  • use only hands or sex toys (even more interesting if they are on remote control);
  • in complete darkness and t. D.

My light, mirror

Have you tried to have sex at least once in front of the mirror? We are sure that the man will be in full delight from such a proposal! Find a way how to realize this (you may even have to move to another room or bathroom, which will also give your “pepper” process) and get down to business. Do not forget to make compliments, admire each other and receive a unique pleasure from the lesson.

In the dark

Turn off the light in the room or putting on a blindfold is a simple way to raise sex to a new level. If you do not see what is happening around you, all other sensations – hearing, touch, smell, taste become much more intense. Not seeing what the partner is doing, every touch to the body will be a surprise, and intimacy will become incredibly pleasant and sensual.

Play a small scene, for example, that you are “madly” afraid of darkness, and let the man, like a real hero, support and comfort you with the help of a simple, but very effective way – sex.

Hot massage

How about the games you are a hotter? For example, with hot wax, where you drip them on a partner’s body. For this you will need Special massage candle. It has a lower melting point than usual, and turns into luxurious oil, ideal for hot, passionate massage.

How to do it: Light a candle and wait 10-15 minutes. During this time, you can undress and tease each other a little kiss. Then blow out the flame and carefully drop the wax on the body of a man. Distribute it on the skin, starting from the neck, back, and then moving to the most sensual places. Use not only your delicate hands, but also other parts of the body – chest or buttocks. How to finish massage is to decide.

Who is faster

For this game you will need a timer and clothes, a lot of clothes. First, each of you puts on as many things as possible. Then you start the timer, for example, for 1 minute or 45 seconds. And during this time you have to have time to take off everything that is on you. The loser fulfills the winner’s desire.

Creative evening

Even if you do not know how to draw at all, invite a man to do creativity. Instead of the canvas there will be his body, and the colors will replace the chocolate or Special fragrant powder. Draw patterns or write confessions in love, and then kiss the places where the powder was applied. Do not forget to change places.

find me

Play hide and seek for adults, adding several piquant rules to the search process. For example, the player found should take off something from his clothes. Or do some sexual task: for the first time let it be a kiss, on the second-an erotic dance, in the third-massage or oral affection, and at the end the search will end with passionate sex.

Erotic poker

Men are very exciting, so invite your loved one to play the cards for undressing. It does not matter if it will be an ordinary deck or with erotic pictures, the main thing is the process itself. By the way, you can play not only cards, but also in any other games, for example, Erotic phantles Or a sex loter. Each of you writes your most cherished sexual desires or fantasies on pieces of paper, and then fold their bag. Pull out in turn and perform the written. Be prepared to fulfill a mystery desire, even if very frank.

You can try something new in sex at any time, not only for the holidays. Intimate intimacy can become brighter and more interesting if you add a little imagination and desire to make each other nice to it.

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