Sex with a virgin: what you need to know

Sex with a virgin: what you need to know.

Contrary to popular belief, the conscious preservation of virginity “for a loved one” is not a relic of the past, but is quite common in our days. Girls attach very great importance to the first sex, so if you have to become the very knight who will show his chosen one of the charms of love pleasures, you should think about how to make this night a truly special.

Nervousness is one of the unpleasant sides of the first night. The girl is nervous simply because she is scared by the upcoming pain and the very unusual situation in which she ended up, and the man is afraid to seem not good enough in bed or cause a girlfriend’s pain. Since the partner does not have her own experience in intercourse, it is important that the first sex is remembered for her from the best side, and the discomfort is as little as possible.

Specialists-sexologists distinguish a number of rules that allow you to make the first night as pleasant as possible for an inexperienced girl:

  • The atmosphere plays a very significant role, especially for women who, by nature, are convinced romantics. You should choose a place in which no one can stop you for a long time,Sex with a virgin: what you need to know
    Prepare a clean, pleasantly smelling bedding, first do cleaning in the room. If possible, it is worth using additional romantic attributes – flavored candles, fresh flowers. Since inexperienced girls can greatly be shy of their naked body (in fact, the proper reaction of a man is very important for them – approving and admiring), it is better to leave bright lighting for later. The atmosphere of intimacy is perfectly emphasized by lamps with muffled light, several candles.
  • The mood of a woman on the eve of an important romantic date can even be depressed, mainly due to fear. The task of the partner is to discharge the situation, to put out affection for a later period, starting with an innocent conversation, jokes, dinner, light hugs. Girls without experience are also easily excited, especially if they do not feel aggressive pressure from the partner – as a love aperitif can be massaged by the girl’s feet, gently kiss her wrists.
  • The actions of a man should not be hasty: let the prelude to a longer long time. At first, the girl does not need to undress, it is enough to kiss and caress her through the clothes, observing the reactions of her body – it will turn out to see what exactly the partner likes, which caresses will turn her faster. Going to the caresses of the inside of the thigh, you can slowly begin to get rid of her and your clothes. At this moment, it is important not to tighten the prelude, since the penetration will be more pleasant at the peak of desire, while when the surge of passion subsides a little, fears and clamping will return again.

If there is complete confidence in the girl’s readiness for sex, you can try to start a sexual act with a partner’s oral caresses – this will allow you to get an additional lubricant and relax intimate muscles. Sometimes at this stage the girls experience an orgasm – this is good, but you do not need to count on such a turn of events: most likely, the first sex for a woman will be an unforgettable intimate process, but without an ecstatic ending.

  • The first penetration is usually painful, so a man should combine delicacy with assertiveness. Many guys believe that slow penetration will minimize pain, but this is not so – one strong impetus makes it possible to quickly get rid of the virgin rods, after which the pain will become more weak. It is recommended first to drive the head of the penis at the entrance to the vagina for some time, and then abruptly enter the genitals into the vagina to the maximum.

Sex with a virgin can and should be pleasant, but in such a situation you should not count on a hurry sexual intercourse. Subject to proper preparation, prelude and self -confidence of the partner of love, the night of love will be in the best way.

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