Sex with a doll | Goods for men

Sex with a doll.

Sex with a doll | Goods for men
Inflative sex doll is a convenient and practical option for those who do not have enough resources to satisfy their sexual needs. They are used both for its intended purpose, and as funny gifts, interior decorations, they arrange swims or take pictures with them at parties. By the way, even Hitler was completely un against the sex dolls. Interesting? Read on!

Who can come in handy for sex doll?

  • People who do not have a sexual partner, but who want sex. A living lover will perfectly replace the exciting doll. The solution is suitable for both men and women.
  • People who have a sexual appetite much more than their partners. There are cases when wives themselves provided their husbands with inflatable sex dolls. If you don’t want to change your loved one, you have to get out somehow!
  • People with fetish on inflatable sex dolls.

History of sex dolls

One rather funny myth is connected with the creation of this type of adult toys. He relates us during the Second World War. This is where you do not expect the appearance of sex dolls! The idea was to help the soldiers sexually, as well as reduce the stress received during hostilities. In Japan in the thirties, the same idea was embodied for sailors in submarines, doomed to wander in long voyages in a men’s team. In Nazi Germany, according to myth, sex dolls were created with slightly different reasons: avoiding sex with women not an Aryan race and ladies from brothels. In a thousand nine hundred and forty -first year, Hitler personally compiled a “portrait” of an inflatable woman with certain requirements: pleasant appearance and white skin, blonde, always with blue eyes, height of one hundred and seventy -six centimeters, with large lips and breasts. But the world never saw a single inflatable Aryan.

However, one thing remains: in the thousand nine hundred and fifty, it was in Germany that the first inflatable sex dolls entered the sale. They were made of vinyl or rubber and their appearance, gently to say, was not very. The resemblance to the woman was distant. Just for those who are already very, very long without sex;) The quality also left much to be desired, after just a few times such a doll could easily burst. In the appendage, some of them were made with vinyl chloride, and it is harmful to health.

Fortunately, progress does not stand still! And further, learning from their own mistakes, manufacturers began to make sex dolls from other materials, more and more developing their skills and increasing the similarity of inflatable beauties with real women. The aspen waist, the size of the chest for individual taste, many variations of poses – it is very difficult to resist this. Silent and affordable modern inflatable sex dolls are able to fulfill any of your desires!

How to choose a sex doll?

To select the “very” among a wide variety of sex dolls, you need to decide on your desires and needs. Think about what girls you like: the color of the eyes and hair, what forms excite you. Make a portrait of the one with whom I would definitely want to spend more than one passionate night. Be sure to mark your favorite poses in sex. The position of the arms and legs (as well as their presence or absence) will affect its mobility, and you should think about this in advance.

Types of inflatable sex dolls

Sex dolls can vary in several signs:

  • The pose in which the doll was created.
  • Appearance. Both skin color and eye color can differ. You can easily choose a beauty to your liking.
  • The presence and variety of inserts. It can be a doll with high -quality inserted masturbators in the form of a vagina or ass, or with a removable phallimitator.
  • The presence or absence of vibration.

Sex with a doll | Goods for men
Pose. The most common postures for the manufacture of a doll are a girl with wide legs – like that DOC Johnson Vicky Vette, or in a dog’s pose, for example, Daisy from Orion. This position of the body was not chosen by chance, it is in this form that you can have sex with dolls, trying a large number of different poses. Of course, you can easily find something else, but there is a chance that such a doll has less mobility. NMC Valentine Doll in a sitting position or Pipedream Extreme Kneeling Nikki, standing on his knees.

Diversity. In the assortment of inflatable sex dolls, you can easily find attractive Asians, sultry mulattos and hot black women. Adult toys manufacturers took care of satisfying any of your whims. Go on an erotic trip to the east with Chinese Sex Girl, feel wild sex with SEVEN CREATIONS MS Black Love Doll or spend a sultry sleepless night with California Exotic Novelties My Baby Got Back! Each of them has a realistic face with puffy lips, large expressive eyes and ajar mouth, ready to please you. Brands make sure that the models resemble a real woman as much as possible, all the details are worked out up to elastic papers and soft hair. So do not worry, sex will be full -fledged and saturated bright sensations!Male sex dolls. For girls, there are also their inflatable sex dolls. Elastic and pumped up young sexy man, now this is a reality! Let an attractive brunette Doc Johnson Personalites Gorgeous Gavin Or smiling Topco Sales Man of the Year dispel your evening, and if you have long dreamed of a large black cock, then they will come to the rescue Black Jack IS Back or Doc Johnson Black. In general, there will be no time to miss.

Lush dolls. There are special dolls for fans of dolls for fans. Pipedream Extreme Big Beautiful Becky And The FAT SLAPPER PORKY PAULINA have not only attractive and voluminous forms, they are endowed with everything that will help you get the maximum pleasure! Chubby fingers, mouth -watering lips, fluffy eyelashes – just the standard of femininity and sexuality! A great option for fetishists, who in real life for some reason are deprived of this amazing pleasure. In addition, inflatable puffs, unlike real ones, are more easy to climb;)

Accessories. Other fetishas include role -playing games. Who does not want to have fun with a strict police officer, finding himself in hostage and giving his body to fulfill any desire, or with a nurse, in which a magnificent bust peers out from under a tight white robe? Some sex dolls for the sake of satisfying the buyer’s desires are immediately dressed in sexy suits. The guardian of the law, Teacher or doctor – Choose who you will have sex with today!

Many holders of inflatable dolls themselves love to buy clothes and accessories to their favorite. Rings, shoes, wigs and jewelry in a compartment with a beautiful outfit make passionate sex even closer to reality! Moreover, some love to travel and even arrange romantic dinners with them. And what, of them are wonderful listeners!

Anime sex dolls. Geeks and anime fans also do not have to be bored. In addition to standard weifers and figures, you can easily purchase an inflatable, without failing anime chan, who will have sex with you in real life. This type of Japanese art has spread so much around the world that adult toys manufacturers simply could not pass by. Yes, and they did not want to leave a rather large share of the population without sex;) pretty California Exotic Novelties Love Doll or Doc Johnson Kimmi, specially made in an anime style.

Masputators liners. In the pursuit of even more realistic sensations and imitation of real human skin, manufacturers began to use Mastens-Masputators from velvet medical silicone or unique and innovative cyberc. This is the very material of the latest generation, which is almost impossible to distinguish from real soft female skin! Toyfa Dolls X Passion just of these, but Hannah Harper from Pipedream It has not only anal and vaginal insert of cybercum, but also silicone breast and a very realistic head with soft and silky hair and a beautiful face. Inserts can easily be used separately from the doll as masturbators.Sex dolls with vibration. No type of sex toys has yet missed the development of the development of vibration in his history. Sex dolls vibration also did not bypass! Topco Sales Carmen Luvana – This is not only an inflatable copy of the hot porn stars with accurate blinds of ass and vagina, but also your ticket to the world of pleasure. The liners are equipped with vibropuli that transfers stimulation to each millimeter of the hole used. The vibrating element can also be used separately, for example, for acupressure of erogenous zones.Sex with a doll | Goods for men
Inflatable sex dolls – transvistals. For some it will be a pleasant surprise that there are inflatable sex dolls with attached large and elastic member! Pipedream Mia Isabella – Another copy of porn stars! Moreover, for convenience, the phalloimitator is made removable, for example, in Orion Lusting Trans, you can use it separately.

The operation of the dolls is not so complicated. It includes three main and important subsections:

  • Inflation. It is worth remembering that it is not worth inflating the doll to the end, this can limit the number of poses and sharply reduce the working capacity of the toy itself. If the doll is equipped with liners, then they should be installed before inflating. Tip: If you want to reduce friction between vinyl and the masturbator itself, which contributes to more realistic sex, wrap the insertion of a household film or treat the outer surface with talcum or children’s pouring. And to inflate, use the mechanical pump Seven Creates Air Pump, it will allow you to revive your beauty without much difficulty!
  • Repair. Noticing that the doll is blown away, do not rush to write it off the accounts! Your mistress can be easily fixed. Determine the breakthrough place, air will come out of it. If it is difficult to do, then you should check with water. Completely lower the air (or water) from the toy and cut the desired size patch from a piece of PVC or vinyl. Apply glue and click at the breakthrough site, and then give something heavy for twenty-four hours. After that, the doll will again be ready for passionate sex!
  • Storage. The best way of storage is the packaging of the doll in an inflated state in a non -woven bag. This will relieve constant pumping operations, which will serve the long use of the doll.

Sex doll is not always a toy for sex in the 21st century.
Play a friend for any holiday, which could be more funny? In the assortment you can find such narrow -fetched inflatable sex dolls like Pipedream Lovin Lamb in the form of a sheep or Pipedream Blow Up Barack with parody of Barack Obama. Most importantly, do not forget to give a real gift later.
And beautiful inflatable ladies can be dressed in everyday clothes and put with you in a car, take a party, a pool on a vacation at a suburban villa, or introduce your parents if they will pester you with the questions “And where are our grandchildren and where are our grandchildren?”

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