Sex swing: what is it, what is it for and how to choose?

Sex swing: what is it, what is it for and how to choose?.

Sex swing is a device for a variety of intimate life that allows you to try up to 50 new poses and perform intercourse, thereby facilitating the load on the body of both partners. It is recommended for use by lovers with different growth, as well as persons with back diseases and excess weight.

The receiving party gets rid of the need to make any efforts and gets the opportunity to completely relax. No need to look for the points of the support, hold the body in any position and perform active actions.

At the same time, an active partner easily manages the situation, leads the process without applying physical strength to influence the satellite. By the way, both a man and a woman can be placed in sex swings. Both options allow you to experience completely new sensations.

Missionary pose standing

Most often, sex swings are bought by those who want to try a missionary pose in a standing position. The fact is that this position is one of the most popular, but it is impossible to fulfill it in full growth.

Having put the girl on the table or washing machine, a certain parody will be theoretically theoretically, nevertheless, the partner will be inconvenient, you will have to hold their body and adapt to a man who in this format loses the possibility of full penetration.

Lying on the table of the pelvis either hangs from him, which forces to keep the ass on VIS with the help of the muscles of the back, or is on the surface, but then the man hit the testicles on the countertop. Well, or he will have to keep the partner’s buttocks with his own hands, and this is very distracting from the process.

Sex swing solve the problem completely. The girl is at the desired height, she is completely relaxed, nothing interferes with a man, and friction occurs with complete amplitude. Holding her by the waist, easy to penetrate without unnecessary effort.

Various variations are also available. So the receiving partner can lie on the back, side or stomach. Even the launch of the dogs in an unusual variation becomes possible. A man behind, the girl is fixed, but at the same time is in a free flight, which allows you to penetrate as deep as possible.

Oral affection

For oral sex, you should choose sex swing with fasteners on the ceiling or with an arc. This is the frame on which the whole structure is attached, thus there is simply no restrictions in the form of a doorway. But there is an opportunity to place a passive partner in a hanging position on the back with wide legs.

The active partner is located in front of the knees and can perform oral-genital and oral-anal caresses. The difference from the usual option is that the receiving side does not need to raise the pelvis and provide access to the perineum.

During cunnilingus, a man is forced to lie down on his stomach or bend his back to reach the vagina. It is extremely inconvenient to stimulate the anus, the neck is constantly flowing. For this, they came up with sex swings. A man simply kneels in front of a girl, without making any extra efforts, gets the opportunity to caress the clitoris, labia and anus of a partner.

The same thing with a blowjob. Ordinary fellation occurs in two positions. First – a man stands, a girl in front of him on his knees. Second – the man lies, the girl is bent performs active head movements.

It is extremely difficult to stimulate testicles and perform rimming. Many people like anal fingering, but it is also difficult. A completely different thing when using sex swings. A man in free “swimming”, his genitals and anus at a convenient height, his legs are widely spread to the sides. Perform any caresses easy and simply.

Sex swing in bdsm

For a long time, sex swings were used only in BDSM, as a bondage method. Some models are equipped with additional mounts that allow you to completely fix the body and deprive a person to control their position.

The legs and arms are widely divorced to the sides, there is no support and the chances of getting out on your own. It is the feeling of helplessness that gives the role -playing game special emotions. The upper one fully controls the process and receives total power over the lower.

Additionally, you can use a bandage on the eyes, anal traffic jam, gag. The receiving party is not able to resist, and the partner has access to all types of sex. He can simply go around the structure from different sides and alternate oral, anal and vaginal sex.

For lovers of group intercourse, sex swings are also suitable. Nothing prevents one in front, the other behind, and then change places. A man may also be in the role of the lower, because no one forbids girls to use strapon.

How to choose sex swing in sex shop

There are not so many selection criteria. But they are all very important. First you should decide on weight, because the suspended, which are attached to the doorway, are usually not able to withstand more than 140 kilograms. It is necessary to take into account the laws of physics, since active movements will enhance the load.

Stationary will withstand up to 200 kilograms, and some models are even more. Think at the same time where you will post sex swings. If it is possible to fix it on the ceiling, then it is better to do so. The rest are suitable. There is a golden middle – frame sex swings, which are attached to the arc and installed on the floor. Naturally, all this is included.

Then think about the goals. For the practice of ordinary sex, the simplest designs will be made. For a variety, it will go so, but if you have planned something special, then you should approach the choice wisely. There are sex swings with additional devices, as well as the most stable.

In them, the receiving party is fixed as reliable as possible, and the active partner receives more opportunities. Such models cost more, but you will not regret.

Well, of course, it is worth remembering that the manufacturer must be reliable. A huge number of fakes sold on Chinese sites can result in not only disappointment, but also injuries.

In cheap sex swings, they usually use narrow belts and uncomfortable fixers for hands and legs. As a result, the intercourse is painful, and traces remain on the wrists. The belts themselves dig into the body and in some cases lead to cuts. If you decide to experiment and diversify an intimate life, then it is better to do it with high -quality sex toys.

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