Sex standing against the wall: features and advantages

Sex standing against the wall: features and advantages.

Sex standing against the wall is one of the simplest, in terms of implementation, methods of intercourse. Any other support can replace the wall, such as wood or car, pillar, cabinet. Everything that the receiving side can transfer the weight in a standing position. In such a situation, a man does not need any additional devices and efforts at all.

However, this pose has several features that must be taken into account. Sometimes sex standing against the wall does not just give pleasure, but also becomes real frost. Nothing turns out and sexual intercourse comes into a dead end. Why is this happening?

Sex standing against the wall: the influence of physiological features

If you take the most famous poses from the Kama Sutra, it will become clear that they are all very different from each other.

This is not due to the banal desire of diversity, but with the fact that the structure of the genitals and the physiological characteristics of the body of each person are individual.

It is important that the penetration is as comfortable as possible. Some poses for deep penetration allow you to level the small size of male dignity or simply ensure maximum immersion.

Others, on the contrary, do not allow a man to penetrate too aggressively, it is important if he has too thick a member or his length exceeds the permissible limits.

If the couple conceived sex standing against the wall or other support, it is important to take into account the growth, size of the penis and the location of the vagina.

It happens that because of a number of distinguishing features, including the girl’s ability to maneuver, the entrance to the vagina is located too far from a man, and the size of the penis does not allow to reach as the situation requires.

Then penetration will be difficult to do, friction aces are not effective enough. Or vice versa, the ideal combination of growth, anatomical characteristics and skills lead to the simplest entry, but too long the genitals for such a pose cause discomfort.

The main thing is that you need to learn about sex standing against the wall – it is not suitable for everyone and this is normal. It is worth trying, experimenting and evaluating the result.

If the puzzle develops as it should, then this position can become one of the most beloved, if not the most beloved.

Sex standing against the wall: for which he is loved so much?

The main reason is simplicity. No need to look for a comfortable bed, take care of the necessary level of comfort. All that is needed is support for her!

It can be absolutely any wall in the room, even in a room without furniture. It can be a forest, and what does not need to choose some kind of unique tree. Anyone is suitable.

During the trip, feelings flashed, but sex in the car seems uncomfortable for you? Feel free to move from the highway, look for a secluded place and put the girl to the car.

In the toilet resting on a sink or mirror, in the shower, wherever there is a vertical, tightly standing object.

Men Sex standing against the wall like a sense of power and freedom. He can hold his partner by his hips and even spank her at the same time.

Maybe by the waist, chest, hair, neck (this is already feeding) or not to keep at all! To do this, just rest your hands on the wall, which will allow you to make even more powerful shocks.

If you suddenly wanted to add a little tenderness, then the man always has the opportunity to whisper pleasant words in the ear, kiss the neck and upper back. If you want to click your lips in a passionate kiss, the girl is enough to turn her head slightly.

The representatives of the gentle sex themselves love sex standing against the wall for a feeling of humility. In this pose, a man has more power and this is not just intercourse, this is an act of capture.

He can be gentle and rude, can make frictions slowly and accurately, or can seriously accelerate.

Trust between partners should be at a high level. It is male dominance and his healthy egoism that enjoy lovers of this position.

Sex standing against the wall face to face

There is an even more interesting variation of this type of sex. It is enough to turn the partner face to himself and the situation changes dramatically.

Eye contact enhances the sensation of intimacy and stimulates even greater production of endorphins, kisses become as affordable as possible, and the stimulation of the clitoris is significantly increased.

Again, a lot depends on the physiological characteristics of partners. Penetration and frictions can be impossible or extremely uncomfortable. You should try, evaluate and draw a conclusion.

Methods of improving quality

If the girl planned intercourse in such a position, then she can greatly simplify the implementation of the venture. First you need to choose a skirt that is easily lifted and does not interfere in this state. For example, too hard, long or tight, can ruin everything.

Harming thought to refuse tights in favor of stockings. You will not have to shoot them, and at the same time there is no need to worry about whether they will be broken in the process.

The ideal solution will be special panties for sex that do not need to be removed. They have a hole in the most piquant place and allow you to proceed with love joys right in them.

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