Sex Roman: how to build relationships with sex without obligation

Sex Roman: how to build relationships with sex without obligation.

Sex Roman: how to build relationships with sex without obligation

If the next girl after two weeks of your acquaintance began to hint what a beautiful couple you are, you have to go crucial and in general you would have beautiful kids, but you only need sex from her – OK! Today we will tell you how to reduce her ardor and clearly show that your relationship – just a sex roman without obligations, and she should not count on something more.

Give first -class sex

The very first and most important – If you want to be perceived primarily as a sex machine, then you need to become it. As they say, David Beckham you may not be, but it is simply obliged to serve super-quality sex. For this, of course, you need to have some predisposition: decent liberation, practical skills, readiness for experiments, multiplied by natural love for the female body and the process itself. But the fact remains: the girl should immediately understand what an experienced gentleman you are.

By the way, it’s not for us to teach you, but strong sex with passionate preludes should not be diluted with romance and lyrics, so take it on the rule: 1. Do not take a lady at home or at her house – It is better to rent a hotel room and 2. never stay overnight – Dive out a maximum of an hour after sex.

Generally get everything to sex

Sex Roman: how to build relationships with sex without obligation

Jokes? With a vulgar and dirty tint. Compliments? Tell me how she excites you. First date? You know how it should end. Look at her as if you are stripping it, provoke touches, pull your hands and try to minimize the time between your first meeting and sex. The more she thinks that you are a lustful animal, the less space will remain for feelings and plans for a joint happy future.

Of course, many such an unprincipled approach will scare many, and they will run away, deciding that you are a preoccupied maniac, but later they will not compost your brain with your allusions. The remaining part will independently come to the conclusion that such sex facilities are unlikely to result in something serious, which means – Hurray, adventure! Well, it’s only in your hand.

Choose sharp places

Remember all these beautiful restaurants, search for points of contact, talk about her childhood and colleagues? Forget – You need a dark bar where loud music plays, the field of view covers the smoke from the hookah and you can kiss excitedly. She offers to go to a cute romantic melodrama? No – Choose the most terrible movie in the box office, which is barely gathering crawling, and boldly occupy the last row. However, you can not get to the session, because you can have sex not only in the toilet of the cinema, but also in a car or an elevator on the way to it.

In a word, you need places: 1. where you can behave as frivolously and more unbridled and 2. where you will not find out about your spiritual kinship, interests and attach to each other, or you can quickly go to business.

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