Sex Records of the World – the most unusual achievements

Records in the world of sex.

We assume that the topic of records in the world of sex will be very interested in almost every person, so we decided to touch it. Many people are complex regarding their sexual achievements, but still, specialists managed to record some records, many of which were entered in the Guinness Book.

Sex Records of the World – the most unusual achievements

Historical records of sex

Records recorded in the past often do not have actual confirmation, but it is they who will surely surprise you with their unpredictability and uniqueness.

The largest vagina

These data do not have accurate confirmation, but in some documents there is recorded information about a woman named Anna Swan. She lived at the end of the 19th century and was known for its great growth of 2.3 m. There is also information that she gave birth to a boy of 85 cm tall and weighing more than 10 kg. However, no matter how regrettable, the boy did not survive. But the Russian woman will enter the burning hut, and the horse will stop the horse … And she will be able to raise the weight of 14 kg with her vagina. This sexual record belongs to Tatyana Kozhevnikova. She owes such a tone of her vagina to long training of intimate muscles.

A large parent

This title was received by the ruler of Morocco, who lived in the XVII century, and everything at the expense of the family, which included 1014 children. In addition to fertility, the Sultan Ismail was famous for cruelty – according to the annals, he decapitated 400 enemy leaders and political rivals in the city of Fes at the beginning of his reign. Over the next 55 years, he ordered to destroy more than 30,000 people, not counting the enemies killed in battle. And truly the “mother of the heroine” can be called a woman Valentina Vasilievna, who gave birth to 69 children.  Of them there were 16 pairs of twins, 9 triplets, and once even 4 children were born at once. The record was recorded in the 18th century.

Sex Records of the World – the most unusual achievements

The longest orgasm

This sexual record of the world was again set by a woman, back in 1996. Then, under the supervision of representatives of the Guinness Book of Records, an orgasm lasted 45 seconds. And you could relax so much that even with outsiders to achieve satisfaction and become a record holder for the longest orgasm?

The longest sex

Lisa Sparks participated in a group sex competition (yes, this exists). And for 24 hours she continuously had sex, during this period she had about 920 different partners. And the record for the number of sexual acts per day for men was set by the famous porn actor John to, which in one day and one night brought to the peak of bliss 55 representatives of the fair sex. You can imagine how many satisfied men and women can have these record holders for a year of their life? We can’t tell you the real figures of sexual intercourse in your entire life, since it is impossible to check it, but the rumors have reached that the daughter of the world famous emperor Rome – Julia Augustus loved sexual delights. So, she satisfied about 80 thousand men. Such inadequate love for sex influenced the fact that the girl was exiled to a distant island, away from people.

Modern records in sex

The sexual records of modernity are no longer documented, but also recorded using the most accurate measuring devices and electronic devices.

The largest penis

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question regarding sexual records of the world. And in modern times he was established by the now living American John Felcon. In a calm state, the length of the penis is 24 cm, and when excited – 34 cm. After setting the record, there was increased attention to the man. Why did he subsequently become an actor and comedian. However, despite the envy of men, John himself admits that such sizes cause discomfort. His partners experience pain during sex, and in life there are curves, for example, the guard stopped at the airport, considering that he was carrying weapons in his pants. Our record holder claims that he did not use any ways to increase the penis, he has such one by nature, and if his will, on the contrary, would choose the length more modest.

Sex Records of the World – the most unusual achievements

The oldest actor of porn films

To date, the oldest actor of piquant films for 80 years. His name is Shigoo Tom and he is from Japan.  Twenty years earlier, the man led ordinary life and worked in the travel agency, and after retirement he decided to devote himself to the world of porn films.  In this passage, he starred in more than 300 films, while he is married to a woman almost twice younger than him, and she does not know about his profession.

Mass sex

Japan is already famous for its specific interests in the sexual sphere, so it is not surprising that it owns the record of the mass orgy itself. In public, right on the street, about 500 people pleased each other and had sex.

The largest breasts

After the largest penis, this is the second most popular request among the world records. We are talking about natural breasts of 48 sizes, it is possessed by Annie Hawkins Turner, a resident of the United States and a fetish model. The weight of her chest is about 50 kg, and the girth is 178 cm. Such forms arose due to the disease – gigantomastia. If we talk about silicone breast, then Chelsea Charms became a record holder in this nomination. Her breast size is the twentieth. Chelsea works with a porn actress and believes that the 20th size is not the limit, however, she admits that living with such large breasts is not very convenient.

Sex Records of the World – the most unusual achievements

The oldest prostitute

The list of sexual records of the world already has the oldest porn actor, so why not be the oldest prostitute in the world here? She is a resident of Taiwan, the woman has embarked on the path of the courtesan after 40 years, and now she is over 80.

The fastest removal of the bra

Men often have difficulties during an intimate evening, namely, how to quickly remove the bra, so as not to spoil the atmosphere. However, who has no problem, is Chris Nicholson, who takes off the bra in 2.5 seconds with one hand. This sex record may seem very simple, but so far no one has surpassed such dexterity.

Sex Records of the World – the most unusual achievements

The largest number of orgasms

On average, a woman is able to experience about 3-5 orgasms per hour, of course, if her partner contributes to this. However, what do you think, what is world sex record? 40 or maybe 50 orgasms? But not, a woman from California set a record, in an hour she experienced about 134 orgasms. In men, this figure is installed at the mark – 16.

The largest priest

African American Mikel Ruffinelli is awarded this title. Today, the diameter of her hips is an impressive 252 centimeters! It is not surprising that a woman is constantly faced with daily household difficulties because of her giant priests. For example, she has to walk sideways along the corridor, she cannot fit in the shower, ordinary furniture in public places does not fit her size, the woman does not even fit in the cabins of public toilets. But, despite these obvious inconvenience, Mikel Ruffinelli claims that she is completely happy. “I love my forms and see no reason for the diet!”Says Mikel, whose husband is also fully pleased with the figure of the wife and is her most ardent fan.

Sex Records of the World – the most unusual achievements

Powerful ejaculation

Horst Schulz can be called a real athlete, because he demonstrates amazing indicators of speed and ejaculation forces. So, he can end with such force that sperm will fly away at a distance of 5.65 m. But in height the mark reached 3.6 meters.

We have chosen for you only the main records in the world of sex, and there are also a large number of them. Otherwise it will still be, because the sexual records of the world are not limited by the framework!

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