Sex on critical days – is it possible to engage

Sex during menstruation – for and against.

Today in an intimate life between a man and a woman there is less and less for the forbidden and taboo. Therefore, to the question of whether it is possible to have sex in menstruation, partners are already answering on the basis of their own preferences and emancipation: for example, some men do not accept copulation during menstruation, since he is non -hygienic, while others, on the contrary, associate sex on critical days with the deprivation of a partnervirginity and strongly excited from this thought.

Sex on critical days – is it possible to engage

Sex during menstruation: pros and cons of

Each pair itself determines the permissibility of sexual acru on critical days of a woman. We only have to theoretically prepare you for this process, so that you understand all the risks and advantages of sex during menstruation, and know exactly what is dangerous to sex in menstruation.

Cons of sex during menstruation

  • Infections. The biggest disadvantage of sex during menstruation is the possibility of the formation of infection. During this period, the vagina of a woman is most vulnerable. Various bacteria are present in the blood that can easily get into the uterus, which, by the way, in this period, the most expanded.  It is also easier to become infected from a partner, so you should not achieve ejaculation or use a condom. A man can also become infected by getting an infection into the urethra.
  • Urethra disease. With active sexual intercourse, small injuries may occur, which is why diseases will develop, which can lead to a violation of menstruation, pain and infertility.
  • Pain and discomfort. About 75% of women experience unpleasant sensations during this period: fatigue, weakness, abdominal pain and lower back, fever, mood change, etc. Not everyone wants to make love, so men should not insist. In addition, a woman can increase the discharge and severe pain in the lower abdomen will appear, but do not worry, they will leave after a few days.
  • During intercourse, you can feel acute abdominal pain – this is a sign that your partner has too deep into the vagina of the penis rests on the cervix. Fix this will help a pose with less penetration – for example, missionary.
  • The risk of getting pregnant. Some mistakenly believe that with sex in menstruation cannot be pregnant – this is a lie. Of course, the risk is reduced, however, the uterus is open and spermatozoa can penetrate, especially since they remain active within a minimum of 72 hours and fertilization can occur later when the woman’s body will be ready again.

Pros of sex during menstruation

We hope that before having sex during menstruation, you appreciated the risks and all possible side effects. And if you decide, you can safely expect positive consequences:

Sex on critical days – is it possible to engage

  • Reducing pain. During intercourse and the achievement of orgasm, the uterus begins to actively contract, which is why blood clots and discharge come out more actively. Due to all this, swelling subsides and the pain leaves. Also, during the act itself and especially orgasm, an endorphin is produced in the body of a woman, which acts as an anesthetic.
  • Reducing the cycle. After penetration of the penis on such days, the endometrium inside the uterus rejects it much faster and leaves the vagina. As a result, we have that the entire menstrual cycle can end earlier.

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