Sex lessons for a girl

Sex lessons for a girl.

All men love girls. Well, or almost all. Sexologist Irina Mashny tells how and what you need to teach a young girlfriend.

Talk in bed

Show an example, start talking about everything frankly. She must understand that you are completely relaxed, enjoy and invite her to the same. Tell me what her shoulders, breasts, well, everything else has.

How it works. Words like "pussy" Even in innocent girls they cause strong sexual arousal. Forbidden words literally do "shake" brain, and signals from the hypothalamus are sent according to the nerve endings down to the genitals. The result is intensive moisturizing the vagina, swelling of the clitoris.

…Touch the penis with your hands

The simplest thing is to take her hand in her and together make a tour of your dignity. It’s easier to tell about it, comparing the penis and its "treasure". The bridle is as sensitive as the clitoris. Labia – well, this is approximately the body of the penis. The testicular eggs are akin to the cervix (you need to touch it slightly, but just before the orgasm a man can enjoy it from quite sensitive touches).

How it works. The girl should understand that a man is very familiar with his own penis – he is every day
touches him in front of the pussuar, sometimes masturbates. For good intimacy, she will have to study the penis just as well.

…manage something inside

Tell her about Thai girls who smoke the small labia and throw the balls with the muscles of the vagina. Masheuschi in her ear the most important thing from Kegel’s exercises is to urgently squeeze everything inside, as if she was found when she was pissing. Hint that when you are inside the vagina, this exercise will cause a lot of joy.

How it works. If she turns out to be a diligent student, the joy of the stronger vaginal muscles will be mutual. A full -fledged female orgasm depends on the tension of the muscles of the pelvis. Many women begin to receive an orgasm only after the birth of a child precisely because they finally learned to work as muscles in childbirth.

…make fellaration

The most banal analogy is Eskimo. It is necessary to touch it barely, the tip of the tongue. Or even conduct a separate lesson with a banana with her. Let him undress the banana with his teeth, without damaging the delicate pulp. If she has already read some nasty things, let her word forget "suck".

How it works. Any woman, including unspoiled girls, is instinctively excited when the penis is caressed. Additional irritation of the erogenous zones of the lips by the forbidden object repeatedly enhances the separation of the vaginal secretion and filling the pelvic organs with blood.
…stimulate the area of the anus

Keep in mind that hygiene is of great importance for a girl. So shower before such training is necessary. By the way, it is much easier to take her hand in the shower and show everything. And if she has long nails, teach her to stimulate the anus with the edge of the palm. Let it massage the testicles at the same time.

How it works. She gets used to you and understands that you are not as primitive as it seemed to her at first. All girls know something about the penis and believe that this is the most interesting male place. And when they find one more, they begin to look for the same thing at home that, in fact, it is very useful for you, because someday you will come to anal sex. />


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