Sex curves from real life

Network users shared sex with sex.

When you watch bed scenes in the cinema, it seems that sexual intercourse is something very beautiful and elevated. However, in life there are often such sex curves that only humor is capable of saving the situation.

Sex curves from real life

For example, one of the users of a popular forum said that once during the prelude, he choked on an ice cube. Starting to choke, from surprise, the man reflexively pushed his girlfriend, who was from above, and she flew out of bed to the floor. Literally after a couple of seconds, the ice melted and slipped down the esophagus, but the couple then laughed for a long time.

Another young man shared his ridiculous occasion during sex: changing his pose, he somehow managed to break the bed and crashed to the floor, hitting the fifth point. However, this is still nothing, the third Internet user hastened to add. Changing the pose, he hit the head of the bed, so much so that he was injured and stained with blood.

In fairness, it is worth noting that awkward moments during sex and girls occur and. One wanted to show the guy a striptease, but got confused in her clothes, almost fell, and farted from fright and surprise. Another user immediately answered her, telling how his wife, caressing his nipple, suddenly blurted out very loudly.

How many cases were when people fell asleep and even began to snore during intimacy – and not at all count. The same – with stories in which pets appear. One user said that at the most crucial moment the cat suddenly decided to jump on his bare ass and just stand for a couple of seconds. And I don’t want to stop, because you are about to end, and it’s ridiculous so that it is impossible to continue, the unsuccessful man added. Another guy saw that his partner was shaking a leg greatly, and already thought that she was beating in a stormy orgasm. But no, it turned out that the cat attacked her only.

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