Sex by phone

Sex by phone.

Phone sex is not a reason for the laughter of many couples who, because of work, study, army or for other reasons, cannot be personally close. Nevertheless, sex on the phone even for partners who often have sexual intimacy can be a slightly difficult task. This makes sense, since sex usually includes at least two people who somehow concern each other: hug, kiss, caress each other, and so on. Then there is visual contact, which is not during sex on the phone if you have not experimented with video. In addition, in most cases, telephone conversations are unexpected in nature.

If you and your partner have already thought about sex on the phone, or even jokingly mentioned it, a second discussion of this topic will help you feel interest and enthusiasm. Maybe you could continue this line by reminding the early discussion of the topic. Be that as it may, any of you can raise this question, and if you both want to try it, you can help close your eyes and imagine that the partner is next to you. You can turn off the light, turn on some sexual music… create an atmosphere that sets the mood, which can even mean undressing. You can also prepare for a call, thinking about something exciting and sexual.

Now that you are in the mood, these are a few phrases that can keep the partner in touch for a long time:

– What are you wearing… Or not?

– Your voice makes me…

– I like it when you do … with me.

– The next time I see you, I’m going…

– I like to look at you when you…

– Just close your eyes and imagine that I’m nearby now.

You can also abandon some spontaneity by assigning a sexual date by phone so that you both know the general plan and can think in advance about what you can do when you answer or make a call. On this note, you can decide how quickly you want to go to a sexual conversation by phone, perhaps if you do it more slowly, it really can excite! It is also useful to periodically pay attention to the reactions of the partner throughout the conversation to make sure that he still enthusiastically perceives what is happening, regardless of how the conversation is underway. It can also give you both the opportunity to inform you what you like and what is not, to switch to something else or stop the conversation if it is necessary.

If after all of the said you try some of these ideas, and it will not be as good as expected, do not worry! Each relationship is unique, and what helps you and your partner to maintain intimacy, may differ from others. At least, an attempt to sex by phone may help you both learn a little more about what you like, so that you can continue sexual research together!

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