Sex by phone. How to get a man?

Sex by phone. How to get a man?.

Sex by phone. How to get a man?
Phone sex is an exciting process that contributes to excitement. He can be a wonderful prelude to hot sex. But for everything to go well, it is important to observe several simple rules.

Sometimes a representative of the fair sex has a desire to excite a man, cause him to make love to make love, to light a fire of passion, completely occupy his thoughts and master the body. But what to do if he is not there? In this case, you can try sex by phone. If the guy is at work and is not in a hurry to please his beloved with his presence, you can try to seduce him using the phone. How to talk correctly, which intonation to choose?

First of all, a voice. It should be the same as in advertisements and films, namely:

  • Quiet.
  • Tender.
  • Passionate.
  • Moaning.
  • Sighing.

The conversation can be started with questions about how he is doing, what is busy and when he is going to honor his beloved with his presence. Then you need to start active actions, in an unobtrusive conversation, be yourself or Try another image. A new role will allow you to cope with timidity and indecision. Give preference to the image of a naive girl or sexual seducer who longs for passionate and stormy sex. In the future, the tactics of the conversation must be selected based on the selected role.Sex by phone. How to get a man?

Intimate by phone

Start seduction of a man from that, What is it worthy of you. If the girl gave preference to the image of a naive young lady, tell the guy that you are sitting in a thin transparent robe, through which pretty white panties are visible, and on your legs you have light socks and so on, which will tell you fantasy.

The image of a passionate beast is suitable for stockings, tight -fitting legs, a luxurious peignoir, emphasizing all the charms of the figure, and a high stiletto.

After describing the appearance, start telling about your excited body, tell about how passionately you want intimacy. If a man is close, do not be shy, this is the key to success. Be sure to say about nipples and humidity, this will undoubtedly start it.

The script of the conversation

After a detailed description, you can extend the conversation according to the following plan:

  • Remember the most stunning sex that you had.
  • Describe in detail how you make love when you meet. Tell us what you want to do without hiding intimate details.
  • Ask what a man wants.
  • Tell about the most daring erotic fantasies.
  • Tell us how you will caress him, kiss him.

A conversation on the phone should take place only in a romantic tone, and dry: “You will come, I will kiss you and gently hugs” will not produce the expected effect. More eroticism, passion, exciting epithets.Sex by phone. How to get a man?

An example of a seductive conversation

You can describe your passion in this way: “Imagine, it is raining outside, you didn’t take an umbrella and wet, you are cold. I open the door and cling to you with my heated body, which is wearing a short robe. My breathing becomes frequent, your smell brings me a sum, I can’t restrain myself and begin to take off your trousers, unfasten your shirt. You, excited, want to take possession of me in the corridor, and then, we go to the bedroom on the bed, you do with me everything you want “. Say everything that fantasy will tell you, be frank.

Stop the conversation at a certain moment, say that you are just incredibly excited and want passionate caresses. After such a conversation, a man will want to rush into an embrace to his beloved in order to quench his passion.

The recommendations are simple, so it will not be difficult to seduce the guy.

The main thing is to be seductive, passionate, tender and affectionate. But often exciting calls should not be done, otherwise, they will lose their piquancy and become ordinary. Phone sex should be a rare pleasure so as not to become familiar and boring. You can come up with topics for conversation, images. And if at the meeting the described things really will be on the body, the effect of the process will be even brighter.

Seductive things for passionate women

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