Sex after conception of a child, on what day you can make love?

Sex after conception of a child, on what day you can make love?.

Sex after conception of a child, on what day you can make love?

Is it possible to have sex immediately after conception? When fertilization occurs? These are one of the most common questions that women ask a gynecologist. When planning replenishment in the family, the spouses often worry about the fullness of the intimate side of their life together.

Let’s start right by the fact that In the absence of contraindications, sex after conception does not carry any danger to the child. After all, it is known that pregnancy has an incredibly positive effect on the sexual activity of a woman. But, unfortunately, in some cases, having sex during the period of gestation is not always safe for the mother and baby.

From the moment of conception to postpartum rehabilitation, the intimate life of the spouses largely depends on medical prescriptions. The spouses can allow spouses to continue the love consoles. A gynecologist can only individually in the absence of any adverse conditions.

How and how many days the conception process takes place after sex

To find out if sexual intercourse carries a danger at the earliest stages of pregnancy, you need to figure out how many days after sex there is conception. To do this, you need to slightly open the secret curtain of the confusion of a new human life.

Sex after conception of a child, on what day you can make love?

Conception – the process is not instant. Many people mistakenly think that the fertilization of the female egg occurs in an instant during intercourse. In fact, the future little man, before you settle in the maternal womb in the next 9 months, travels a long way. Being a sperm that got into the vagina, a potential embryo needs to go about 20 cm of obstacles in the female body. From the moment the uterus penetrates into the cervix and the egg cage to the egg follicle passes about 3-4 hours. At a minimum, this is already enough to understand whether conception can happen immediately after sex.

But even at this stage it is still impossible to declare that fertilization has occurred. The process of meeting female and male cells can last about a day, only after that the division of the zygote begins. Approximately every 12-15 hours, the stages of turning the merged egg and sperm into the fetal egg occur. About when conception occurs after sex, it will become clear from the moment the embryo is fixed to the uterine walls with the help of the future placenta – the chorion. After approximately 7 days, the moment of fertilization occurs, which is the starting point of the pregnancy reference point.

Week – a fairly large period of time. During this period, unforeseen can happen: many factors can interfere with the normal attachment of the fetal egg. On the 7th day after sex, conception occurs, but today there is no such test that could confirm the pregnancy at such an early term, so not one of the partners has yet been aware of fertilization.

Would I want sex after conception: a libido in a pregnant woman

Family life at this stage proceeds as usual as before. There are no significant changes in the condition of a pregnant woman yet. In addition, the expectant mother often increases libido after conception: most pregnant women want sex constantly. However, having learned about an interesting situation, couples often refuse intimate relationships, fearing to harm the baby.

If nothing indicates a violation of a woman in the body, refuse sex after conception and deprive each other’s pleasure there is not the slightest need! On the contrary, the lack of sexual discharge can cost:

  1. emotional discomfort of the pregnant woman;
  2. nervous tension;
  3. Feelings of dissatisfaction of both spouses.

Sex after conception of a child, on what day you can make love?

Sex after conception, as a rule, gives women unearthly pleasure. Sensations during intercourse, when pregnancy has already occurred, but so far no signs are reflected in the state of health of the future mother, bright and incomparable. The sexual activity of women during the period of bearing the fetus basically always increases. Only the danger diagnosed by the doctor for the health of the baby and mother can prevent spouses in bed.

A married couple can have sex until the specific moment of conception, which occurs 7 days after unprotected intercourse, and in the future as much as you like, up to birth in the absence of contraindications. The only condition is without fanaticism and experiments.

Decreased sex drive in a pregnant girl in the early stages – a rather rare phenomenon. In this case, the husband should show care and understanding, without insisting on intimacy. You should not exaggerate events, the sexual activity of the partner will return to the birth of the baby. In addition, a loving wife, despite fears and experiences, will find an “alternative” way to give pleasure to a spouse.

What sex can you have sex after conception, the best poses

General restrictions in an intimate life after conception do not represent anything supernatural, but adhere to the elementary rules of healthy sex should necessarily:

  1. It is not advisable to practice anal sexual contacts. This can be explained by a high risk of development in the future mother of inflammation of the anus (hemorrhoids), the expansion of varicose veins due to stagnation of blood in the vessels of the pelvis and the anus. In addition, this type of intimacy is fraught with the occurrence of uterine hypertonicity.
  2. The combination of vaginal and anal sex also carries a threat to the fetus. The intestinal infection that can enter the uterus through the penis is especially dangerous in the last weeks of pregnancy.
  3. To exclude from positions for intimacy all the poses that imply deep penetration and pressure on the stomach (“rider”, “doggie”, “missionary”).
  4. The best pose for sex after conception is “spoons”. The man is located behind the wife, lying on the side.
  5. The duration of the intercourse should not exceed 10-15 minutes, and for comfortable penetration (pregnant women often have problems with the release of natural vaginal lubricant) should be used by the lubricant.

Sex after conception of a child, on what day you can make love?

If bloody discharge occurs after conception or at a later period of pregnancy, you should refrain from sex and at the first opportunity to consult a doctor for advice. It is likely that such symptoms indicate a high risk of miscarriage. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is better to refrain from intimacy.

By the way, the first three months after conception can not have sex if a woman has a threat of termination of pregnancy. Especially dangerous phenomena can be called the immaturity of the cervix, the presentation of the placenta and the leakage of amniotic fluid.

The normal bearing of the fetus never interferes with full -fledged sexual life, and most importantly in this case – the desire of the pregnant woman herself. There is nothing wrong with the fact that cardinal changes in well -being, the feeling of their own body, an increase in sensitivity can temporarily dull libido. Sex after conception in this case can really be unpleasant for a woman.

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