Sex after childbirth | Practices

Sex after childbirth.

Sex after childbirth | Practices
Sex after childbirth. With this phrase there is a lot of questions, especially in newly made parents. How soon you can have sex? How the sensations will change? What to do if it hurts? What to do if you don’t want?

I, as a mother of three, a veteran in these issues) and as a sexologist – a specialist.

Let’s start with the fact that sex is insanely important before and after childbirth. 60 % of marriages break up precisely in the first year after the birth of the child, mainly due to the lack of joint sexual life. It is strange to hear from some gynecologists that if you do not want – and not necessary, it will not overgrow moss, and okay. Cover to cover the action of prolactin, as well as to lose her husband, tired of waiting for a star hour. Marriage sex is not just physical contact, but also the establishment of emotional connection, an indicator of love and need. Breaking such an important connection, the woman risks the family. Unfortunately, men are laid down by nature that while they are interested in a woman, they are happy to take care of their children. When consumption, they often forget.

Back to the postpartum period

The key to light genera and quick recovery – prenatal training. Gymnastics of intimate muscles using vaginal simulators, oil vagina massage. Caring for your body with the help of creams and the same oils will help to avoid streamy hated by many women.

The main points that you need to know and are in no way afraid

  • You can start sexual life 4-6 weeks after childbirth. With episiotomy, the period increases slightly.
  • The mood changes, the tearfulness appears, postpartum depression is possible due to raging hormones. The support of her husband is important here, because a woman may not understand what is happening to her. In difficult cases, going to a psychologist or sexologist will help.
  • The sensations are changing too. Not always for the worse (at the beginning), more often – they simply become others. Gain patience and perseverance, do not give up your attempts to enjoy.
  • Statistics show that it was after the birth of a child who did not experience an orgasm that he was finally gained. I think this is great news.
  • Because of the Czech with hormones, a common problem is the lack of lubrication. In this case, water -based lubricants will help well. Usually, after the cessation of lactation, everything returns to the usual places. Do not forget to visit the gynecologist 1.5 months after. Even if nothing hurts you. Even if you know everything. Even if you have no time at all. Accept for given and step march. Health does not happen superfluous.

Since returning fire to a relationship and making the process mutually excellent in the new military fields.

Let’s start..

  • Do not delay with the beginning. Do not put off for six months a year. With the right approach, the libido comes on time and does not leave. And if you constantly turn your nose, then the psyche will tune in to the fact that sex is disgusting, the husband is even worse and why do I need these ridiculous body movements. Further – worse. It’s like after an accident you need to immediately get behind the wheel. You’ll be afraid of all your life otherwise.
  • Trust the husband of the child. From the very beginning. No, he will not break anything to him. No, he won’t drop. In men, the father’s instinct wakes up only in the process of classes and care for the baby. Take a walk, change clothes, rocking, building faces – quite a feasible work for a person who did another person))
  • It is categorically impossible to refuse my husband with the words “I do not want”. He will think that you were loving loving him and everything was gone. Talk to him that you are getting tired and it would be good to help him, and you will gain strength and show what you are capable of. Talk about your experiences, do not project negative on your husband.
  • Use the benefits of mankind and modern technologies. Do not have time to get out – call the cleaning company a couple of times a week. Do not sleep? Feel free to ask for the help of grandmothers. When scrolling through the songs “And we gave birth to eight in the field and raised, washed in the river, cooked in the stove and no one helped!!»Feel free to look for a nanny. And going to the house. You are alone. Slings and rocking strokes there too. Guaranteed time saved, nerves and free hands.
  • Allocate time and place not related to children. I understand that in the first months it is difficult to arrange a marathon when a child sleeps like a fly for 15 minutes. But still. Master the kitchen, bathroom, corridor, that which will not remind of the adopted motherhood.
  • Try role -playing games. Yes, I’m completely serious. Will work as a maneuver distracting from diapers. Change the role of mom to the role of a prostitute. Not for long. Believe me, a rare man will give up such an experiment. But when breastfeeding, you dump with chic forms. When there will still be such an opportunity??
  • Select time only for yourself. Fly in the bathroom, praise in silence. Smooth all kinds of oils. Better to invite the masseur at home. Relax finally!
  • Awaken your sensuality. Think about sex, talk about sex. Read erotic stories, comics. Study webinars on the topic of refreshing sexual feelings. Buy specially beautiful underwear, panties with a cut. And suddenly in front of your husband, bend down. Old as a world, but always acts))
  • Buy a sex gate. He will save you time to achieve orgasm and bring peppercorn on the day of the groundhog. Some resourceful parents used toys from a medical silicone instead of teething))

Use the first year of the baby’s life as much as possible for your sexual life. According to mothers, the husband becomes more tender during this period, devotes more time to the prelude. So enjoy!!))

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