Sex after a long break: features and danger

Sex after a long break: features and danger.

Sex after a long break may be of poor quality for two reasons – the consequences of abstinence and the habit of masturbation. In the first case, difficulties with excitement or too fast ejaculation in men are possible. In the second, everything is the same, the dependence on the ownership affects the process of attraction to a living partner.

The causes of prolonged abstinence can be completely different, but as a rule, any black strip ends and the moment of Cumbek comes. However, physiologically and emotionally, a person weanes from intimacy, uncertainty in men and pain in women may manifest itself. How does sex affects after a long break, we will consider today in this publication.

Sex after a long break in men

With the onset of abstinence of men, pain in the testicles, fixation on sex and other manifestations of need are often concerned about.

The brain is trying to force a man to find a partner with all his might, and if it does not work, then the search for an alternative comes. Can help either masturbation, or switching attention and depreciation of needs.

Let me remind you that masturbation is completely normal and extremely useful for the body, but only until the moment it begins to replace sexual intercourse.

Then the craving for the opposite floor can be dull and the body is rebuilt to the implementation of its need for a new format. Self -satisfaction develops selfishness, because the main task here is to achieve ejaculation, there is no need to think about a partner.

In case of depreciation of the need, a man disappears an interest in sex. The brain tries to erase it from memory and remove it from consciousness in order to avoid a traumatic factor when a person needs something, but it is impossible to get it.

If you maintain a fixation, then frustration may occur, and sometimes inevitably on the onset of affect. In order not to break firewood, the brain relieves consciousness on any thoughts and dependence on sex.

In both cases, there is a risk after a long abstinence to fail. The erection will not come at all, or the man will finish the act too quickly, because the body is used to it.

The very fear of failure is likely to end in failure. To avoid such a scenario, devote more time to the prelude and do not be afraid to quickly finish. The second time it will be much better, and then the psyche will quickly rebuild and sexual intercourse will become as before.

Sex after a long break in women

In girls, fears are usually associated with physiology. They are afraid of pain, the impossibility of achieving orgasm, other unpleasant sensations from communication with a man.

The muscles of the vagina get used to regular sexual life and enjoy much easier, but after prolonged abstinence there is a risk of insufficient excitement, fears about his appearance and a man’s reaction to a naked body.

All this can lead to dry vagina and painful sensations when penetrating. It is important to remember that the girl’s fear very often becomes a trigger of vaginism, the muscles can clamp the penis of the partner and then you will have to call an ambulance.

What are the real risks?

Note that all possible problems begin with the word fear and fears. From all this, we can conclude that the only negative consequences of long abstinence are a loss of self -confidence

No physiological injuries from a break in sexual activity occur. The member will not break, the vagina does not get sick. The body is rebuilt and gets used to any conditions.

Just moving from a partner to masturbation and then, on the contrary, it can be difficult in terms of emotions. The girl is used to her body, but how the man will react, she is worried about.

A man is used to a two -minute masturbation in the shower in order to release steam, and a full sexual intercourse begins to scare him.

The situation is like a bicycle ride. You can and know all the secrets, but have not rode for a long time. A couple of minutes twisted the pedals and here you are like a fish in water.

So that fear and experiences do not spoil you a romantic evening, just get closer to a partner, take more time to caresses, kisses and preludes in general. When you trust your partner, the chance of a misfire is minimized.

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