Preparation for the first sex – about sex and not only

Preparation for the first sex.

Preparation for the first sex – about sex and not only

The first sex occurs in the life of absolutely every person. In male, this process takes place in every sense a little easier than in female.
This process requires careful preparation from both partners. If one of the partners has at least a little experience in having sex, then the first sexual contact will be more pleasant and memorable.


In order to avoid incidents, before the beginnings of actions, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the unpleasant consequences of forgiveness with virginity.

To do this, there are many information and advice on the Internet resources, Internet resources.

The process of deprivation of virginity in female often occurs with the release of blood from the vagina. This process is fully explained. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, with the introduction of an erect phallus into the vagina, it can contribute to the destruction or stretching of the virgin rod.

The virgin rod in the female body is a partition in the mucous membrane, which prevents the development and reproduction of bacterial infectious diseases before puberty. It consists of many nerve endings, muscles, blood vessels. It is because of the presence of blood vessels in its composition when it is destroyed that slightly blood discharge is distinguished.

Preparation for the first sex

In order to avoid pain and fear during the first sex, it will be necessary to prepare well for it and know some tips and rules:

  • For the first sex activity, you should choose the right place for this.

Of course, a cozy and comfortable room is most suitable, where the partners will be alone and there will be nothing to interfere with them, which contributes to a quick relaxation;

  • To deprive the virginity of a girl, it is advisable not to often experiment with the postures.

The most suitable missionary pose for this. She will allow the girl to relax faster and make the process more painless.

  • The missionary pose will also avoid getting possible discharge on the sexual partner.
  • In the missionary’s pose, the soft tissues of the vagina are applied much less injuries;
  • During the first sex, you should postpone so that the girl is on top.

Although many guys like it. For this, the girl is still too inexperienced, she will be uncomfortable and not comfortable for the first time;

  • Before you start sex, both partners, especially the girl, should accept a sedative.

This will allow her to relax more, because pain will be felt in a tense state. Especially in the area of the groin there should be no tension.

At the same time, the entry of a member and further sex will be much more pleasant.

  • The blood will directly depend on the deprivation of virginity and how it is excited and located to sex.

If the lubricants are released enough and the girl is strongly excited, then she will not feel pain and discomfort. At least it lasts no more than 15 seconds.

  • After the end of the events, you should immediately go to the bath to wash off all possible consequences after sex.

If sexual intercourse has passed with pain, the girl should not deal with this for more than 7 days and follow her body.

The first sex is serious

The deprivation of virginity should be treated with complete seriousness. Both sexual partners should trust each other at this moment, and provide mutual support in every sense.

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