Pillow for sex. Why is it needed and how to use it? | Practices

Pillow for sex. Why is it needed and how to use it?.

Pillow for sex. Why is it needed and how to use it? | Practices
Many sex poses can be improved by adding only one part – pillow. This is an object that changes the angle of penetration, helps to get more pleasant impressions. You can use a conventional pillow for sleeping, but it is much more convenient to use a special shape device for comfortable accommodation.

Why not use a regular pillow

For sex, the soft stand on which you sleep is also suitable. But its use has a lot of nuances:

  • Too soft. Not suitable for a convenient support, does not allow to be located as planned. To realize imagination, you need 3-4 pillows.
  • It is difficult to clean. Different discharge may come to the surface: from sweat to sperm. After sex, you need to change bedding, and sometimes dry the pillow. Not everyone will want to sleep on her in the future.
  • Constantly shifting. The usual option is difficult to fix on the surface so that it does not move. And if these are a few pillows, they will travel.
  • Does not give the desired height. Raising the basin by 30-50 cm above the bed with ordinary pillows will not work. They will be smashed, the height will decrease.
  • It does not provide for fasteners. A partner cannot be tied to a regular pillow, and many special accessories are equipped with mounts for the implementation of a larger number of experiments.

The perfect solution for sex is a special pillow for this. It helps to regulate the level of inclination. With him, it will be possible to try all your favorite poses in a new way.Pillow for sex. Why is it needed and how to use it? | Practices

Pluses of pillows for sex

Modern accessories for sexual experiments are very diverse. Among them are many pillows of different shapes. Most often there are rollers and triangles. What are the advantages of their application?

  • The surface holds the shape perfectly. Even with a load of 100-150 kg, the surface does not remember. Therefore, it turns out to choose the right stimulation without compromises.
  • Covers are waterproof, easily erased. Usually 2 covers. One waterproof inside, second from above. They are easy to remove and wash in a typewriter. Additional pillowcases are not required.
  • Velvet coating. The surface is always very pleasant to the touch. She is delicate, pleasant for the skin. And most importantly – does not slip.

You can use a pillow for sex on the bed, on the floor, on the couch. It is easily tolerated, it takes up little space. At the same time it looks harmless, it is difficult to guess about its purpose.

How to use a sex pod

Use accessories for sex all couples in their own way. But most often they are added to already familiar poses to improve their. How can a triangular pillow be used?

  • Missionary position. The pillow is placed under the buttocks of a woman. The angle of inclination changes using a coup of an accessory, you can do more or less. At the same time, a man is much more convenient to move, access to the perineum is better. And it turns out to stimulate the front or rear wall of the vagina to get more pleasure.
  • Doggi Style. The pillow is located under the hips of the girl. It turns out that it does not stand on the knees, but lies on her stomach. This allows you to very widely spread your legs, which gives new sensations. You can put the pillow under your knees, then the ass will be higher. This is relevant if a man stands by the bed during intercourse.
  • Rider. The pillow is placed under the man’s back, it is in the floor sitting position. At the same time, she can caress her breasts, press to her. This leads to closer contact.
  • Oral affection. With a pillow, the neck does not flow, you can enjoy the process for a long time. The pillow is located under the head or under the torso, as convenient for both.

Almost any position can be supplemented with a pillow. This will find new sensations and reduce the load.Pillow for sex. Why is it needed and how to use it? | Practices

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