Member stuck during sex. What to do?

Member stuck during sex. What to do?.

Sometimes during intercourse, a male member stuck in the vagina. This phenomenon is called vaginism. It often manifests itself in the first sexual contact, when for a girl intimacy is associated with fears and pain. With regular sexual relations, this phenomenon is extremely rare. What to do if a member is stuck during sex and how it is related to vaginism, let’s try to figure it out.

Can a member get stuck?

The absurd situation is perceived by many as a children’s scarecrow, myth, legend. All boys have a fictional story about how once they observed a funny incident that happened to their friend or house neighbors. An ambulance came, they were taken out with a blanket and taken to the hospital.

In fact, many of such stories are really true, because the member stuck due to spasm of the muscles of the vagina.

As mentioned above. This is called vaginism, and taking out the genitals is actually extremely difficult. Vaginism itself is easy to identify by the following symptoms:

  • There are problems with the expansion of the vagina during a gynecological examination;
  • It is impossible to touch the genitals;
  • Thoughts about an intimate connection cause fear.

Similar problems can be treated with a psychologist and gynecologist even before sexual intercourse to exclude a captive member syndrome.

If a girl ignores the recommendations of experts, then during the proximity a peculiar spasm can occur, which will clamp the male organ inside.

What cannot be done if the member is already stuck

The stuck member continues to increase in size, since blood pressure increases. This leads first to discomfort, and then to pain.

You need to behave correctly to cope with the problem. Couples should always remember these rules and not try to violate them if they are faced with vaginism. Here’s what is prohibited to undertake:

  1. Pull out a member with a jerk. This becomes the cause of even stronger spasms, which is why pain increases.
  2. It is forbidden to panic, as this does not contribute to the relaxation of the muscles, which is so necessary in this case.
  3. Do not try to introduce a member deeper, trying to give the girl pleasure. Sometimes the size of the penis is larger than the length of the vagina. Then you can cause additional discomfort.

Member stuck in a vagina: how to get?

First you need to recover and calm down. Sometimes it’s enough to talk on abstract topics so that the girl relaxes and let the man release.

You can also try to excite her, discussing something from which she wants to continue sexual contact. Then the muscles of the vagina will relax, and the couple will be able to complete the begun.

If sexual intercourse occurred in the shower, then you can use warm water. She helps to remove vaginal spasm.

If you can’t get to the shower, it is worth massaging in the lower abdomen to stimulate blood streams.

You can also try to attach coolness on the woman’s stomach. If the vagina has not opened within 5 to 7 minutes, then it is worth using other methods.

Anus stimulation. A man must moisturize his finger and carefully insert it into the anus, pre -performing delicate movements around him.

By introducing two phalanxes, you should sharply pull it out by pulling the anus a little. In this case, a sharp relaxation of the sphincter occurs, along with which, as a rule, vaginal muscles are relaxed.

Often partners use lubrication during sex. When it is at hand, you need to apply a large amount of it to the place of capture, and then begin to perform movements forward – backward. Often this is enough to get a member out of a girl.

If none of these methods have helped, doctors need to call. They must put a relaxing injection and free partners.

Do not be shy that doctors will see you naked. Dreaming can lead to numbness of the penis.

If blood does not flow into it for a long time, tissue necrosis and sexual dysfunction occur. It is important to remember that the member gradually increases into the vagina, so it will be more difficult to pull it out.

Practice shows that most often vaginism occurs during deprivation of virginity or with a new partner. But the main reason lies in fear from the girl.

It is necessary to make sure that sexual intercourse takes place consciously, the girl trusts her partner and is not afraid.

It is also known that a member is more often stuck at a missionary position or doggie. Partners have no more than 220 minutes to try to solve the problem yourself. Next, you need to contact a specialist for help.

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