Let’s do it quickly or advantages of quick sex

Let’s do it quickly or advantages of quick sex.

Let’s do it quickly or advantages of quick sex
An intensive life schedule leads to the fact that sometimes we simply do not have time to seduce and appease the partner with unusual caresses. And then a quick coitus goes on stage. And he is not as bad as it seems at first glance! In doubt? Then read the list of its advantages.

For busy couples

Speed is one of the main advantages of quick sex. You have a meeting in 20 minutes? Ok, this is already enough for short sexual intercourse. But do not think that in fast sex there is no diversity as you are used to, only because of the lack of extra time. In fact, just because of the pressure that you need to be in time, you can do as many actions as you want.

The intimate life of young parents often fades into the background, because there are almost no possibilities for long intimacy or fatigue is stronger than desire. Therefore, for couples with children, fast sex is becoming a good way out.

Clothing does not interfere

The attractiveness of quick sex also consists in leaving clothes and renting only the most necessary. There is simply no time to undress when the desire is so strong and unbearable.

Tip for women: Choose clothes that do not need to take off – skirts, dresses. Narrow jeans and overalls are not the best option for spontaneous sex.

Gives energy

There is no mood lately? Too many workers and home problems? There is an easy way to drop the accumulated voltage in just a few minutes. Sex releases hormones “happiness and pleasure”: oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, and they help reduce stress and increase mood. Unplanned, rapid sex with a loved one will definitely give you strength and energy.

Add variety to the usual sex

You just do your business when you suddenly notice that a partner somehow looks at you or pronounces hinting words. And then you understand that you want to have sex, right here and now. And you do it in the kitchen, or in some other place where you did not do it before. Quick sex does not take much time and does not require any special conditions. Therefore, sex in a public place is a fairly popular sexual fantasy.

Spontaneous sex can get you out of the usual routine, allowing inspiration and desire to change the situation. So, if you wanted to try something new, let the prohibitions and get down to business.

Helps creativity

Trying to come up with something new? Do not know what to write about on the blog? Studies of Newkal University show that people who have sex every day are more creative. Therefore, if you want your work to go to a new level, pay attention to fast sex.

Improves relationship in pairs

The question of sex can be difficult for busy couples, and especially for those who have children. If you find that you are difficult to restore sexual connection with a partner, perhaps quick sex is a way out. 15-minute morning sex before work can work miracles in relationships. This supports a spark, strengthening the connection between partners. Remember, harmonious relationships are also important for your health as proper nutrition and sleep, so it is important to maintain emotional closeness with each other.

Helps relieve pain

Orgasms can block pain. According to numerous studies, sexual stimulation helps women relieve back pain, legs and menstrual cramps.

Enhances libido

Experience a low sex drive? Perhaps quick sex will help you get excited again. But don’t think that it will instantly solve the problem. There are several reasons affecting the lack of sexual desire (health problems, hormonal problems, etc. D.). If quick sex does not help, then you need to seek professional help.

Does not require long preparation

In tense everyday life, there is often not enough time for extravagant preludes and long nights of love, but all of us will find five minutes for quick sex! This does not require planning or special preparation and does not look like sensual and slow pleasure with every touch, but, nevertheless, also fine.Let’s do it quickly or advantages of quick sex

Helps to fall asleep quickly and wake up

If you have already “counted all the sheep”, but have not fallen asleep, try to have quick sex. Due to the increase in the level of oxytocin and a decrease in cortisol (stress hormone), you become more relaxed, so after a few minutes you will lingeen sweetly.

It is always difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning? Quick sex is ideal for morning intimacy with a partner and awakens better than the strongest coffee.

Less experience

When you have little time, you are less worried about the situation, as well as your appearance (it will no longer matter that you do not shave your legs or the wrong set of linen). You behave more liberated and persistently than usual. Everything happens too fast, and at this moment you are under the influence of passion and instincts.

Fast satisfaction

You have about five minutes, so there is no time for prelude. Without preparation and warm -up, only you and the desire of a partner have fun. Clothing is broken, you go straight to the target. Unbridled, ardor and primitive reaction “I want you right now” all together make sex more exciting and memorable.

Sex in unusual places

Sex in the car, on the beach, in the fitting room or in the toilet of the restaurant, on the last row in the cinema? The level of excitement will simply go off the way, because the more unusual, the greater the emission of adrenaline. The chance that other people are caught by you are too large, so such places are not suitable for full sex, but for the quick – quite.

Perfect at any time of the year

The higher the temperature of the surrounding air, the less I want to contact with the body of another person. A good solution is quick sex, just choose a suitable pose, for example, Doggi-Stayl or a rider.

In winter is a great way to warm up. Energetic movements will accelerate blood circulation, and you will not freeze.

The partner is optional

Even if for some reason you remained alone, this is not a reason to deny yourself a quick pleasure. Masturbation is good for health, relieves tension, helps with headaches and insomnia.

Important! No matter how sex you have – fast or slow, do not forget about two mandatory things – Lubrication and protection.

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