How to travel with sex toys

How to travel with sex toys.

How to travel with sex toys
If you are going on a trip, you probably will not want to part with your favorite toys from a sex shop for a long time. Do not forget that your luggage and hand luggage will be carefully inspected at the airports, and an awkward situation may arise when an employee of the security service pulls out a phallimitator the size of a colossus of Rhodes. Of course, others will look at you with admiration, but you will most likely feel embarrassed.

And some objects of sex industry, such as the attributes of BDSM, metal phalluses, can be regarded as a weapon and not even sexual, so it is better to leave these toys for home use.

If you are going to recover to another country, study the rules, maybe they are completely prohibited from sex toys. For example, in the Maldives, in the UAE, Thailand, India and a number of states, toys for sex fall into the category of “indecent objects” and are about pornography, so the import of them is forbidden to the country, you can take your favorite vibrator at the airport.

Tips for traveling with adult toys

Sex toys can travel with you, you should not abandon the usual way to get pleasure if you leave your house for a long time. Follow simple recommendations for the transportation of intimacy:How to travel with sex toys

  • Choose mini-version of your favorite sex toys. Almost everyone has a problem before traveling how to shove a mountain of things into a small suitcase. Leave full -sized toys at home, and for trips, get a road option. In terms of the intensity of delivering pleasure, these babies are not at all inferior to your favorite toys, but they occupy less space and in their appearance it is difficult to guess about their true purpose. For example, purchase for women a clitoral stimulator in the form of lipstick, children’s toys, for men masturbators in a tube that are placed in the palm of your hand, and erectational rings will not take places at all, but will give pleasure to both partners.
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  • If you have difficulties in choosing which of your favorite toys take with you on a trip, choose those that More universal. A curved phalloimitator can be used to stimulate the clitoris, point-g, prostate gland and for nipples. And the vibrator worn on the finger is suitable for self -satisfaction, mutual masturbation or to enhance pleasure during penetration.
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  • Package toys in special packages, which can be purchased at a sex shop, this will prevent them from damage on the road and will help maintain performance. Do not try to hide the toy away, wrap it in clothes. All the same, it will be seen when shining through baggage, and a toy hidden away can arouse suspicions, and you may be asked to show that you tried so carefully there.
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  • The last thing you want is so that the airport employees decide that you are transporting a clock with an hour-long mechanism, so be sure to turn on the road blocking of your sex toys or pull out batteries and batteries, If such a function is absent. The vibration turned on at the wrong time will ruin the whole vacation to you. In addition, vibrators with batteries inside the security scanner can resemble a barrel of a charged pistol, be prepared for a more thorough inspection.

Keep composure during inspection, employees of the security service have seen a lot, you will not be surprised by the toys from the sex shop. In an extreme case, you will always be able to use your sense of humor, and to the guard’s question, about what you have, answer: “This is my vibrator, and he gives me pleasure, wherever I want it”.

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