How to make sex unforgettable

How to make sex unforgettable?.

How to make sex unforgettable? Tips for her and for him.

How to make sex unforgettableThe eternal question of how to make sex unforgettable arise in everyone. Guys want to make the girl the impression of a sophisticated and experienced lover. Girls want a partner to think only about her after a night of love. And of course couples with experience, they want diversity. Add peppercorn to the relationship and inflate the fire of passion from cooling coals.

Sex remains for a long time in memory if it was especially good. Bright orgasm is not the main thing here. Emotions, sensuality and some kind of chip are important.

What needs to be done for unforgettable sensations? Here are some tips.

General recommendations

Tips are banal, but as practice shows about them first of all.

  1. Sanding atmosphere. Creating it is free of charge and guys, it’s easier for girls. For long -established couples, mired in everyday life, a competently created atmosphere is the key to success. Everything is simple here, candles, aroma lamps with exciting oils, twilight, music, wine. A special place on the roof, a closed beach for lovers of a sharp public place.
  2. Erogenous zones. Very entertaining game, searching for places with particular sensitivity. Even if you have been living together for 100 years and you know everything, once take up the search. Everything changes in this world. You can find a lot of new. It is better to study during the prelude. Stright gently, kiss your partner, watch the reaction. No need to limit yourself to all known places. Advice to guys – pay attention to her feet. If you start caressing her knees and her hips she will definitely remember you.
  3. Talk. Making love with silence is not interesting. In general, ladies have the main erogenous zone – ears. Even before the bed, hug her and whisper in your ear everything that you would like to do with it and how it is suitable for those who already had a proximity. During my love, you can whisper vulgarities or what turns you on in a partner. Beauties, don’t be silent either. You can say the same vulgarity or tell me how you like his strong hands and t.D. Just not about stallions and tigers. You can also talk about what you like, correct and direct your partner, tell him to accelerate or not rush. Adjust the amplitude and degree of diving. The main thing is not to be a commentator, but to speak is clear and correct. Believe me, this will be taken into account for the future.
  4. Poses. For partners with experience, sex comes down to 2-3 most effective poses. Try new. Look on the Internet or in porn. Do not be afraid.

Tips for her

  • Initiative. Show more activity. Do you want sex – go ahead. Imagine before him in erotic lingerie, you can also in a suit. You can sit on his knees in the evening and start to caress. You can call into the bath to rub your back, then the ass, well, and there and what is more interesting. Perform a dance for him or just start cleaning naked. Your appearance when you wash the floors with your hands, drive it crazy.
  • Courage and openness. No need to be shy and close from a partner, you are what you have. If the guy is with you in bed, believe it, he wants it and he likes your tummy, hips and chest, otherwise he would not be with you. Let him caress you. Frankly say what you like in sex, nothing is ashamed. Believe him, he will only be grateful to you. Tip: To completely open, you can arrange sex in absolute darkness. So that even the silhouette is not visible.
  • Naturalness. There is no need to build a lady from the highest aristocratic houses if you are not her. Guys feel falsity well. Be yourself.
  • Toys. If a buzzing friend lives in your nightstand – vibrator, take it with you. Or did you want to try sex toys, don’t be shy. He will not think about you as a pervert. But he will definitely remember for a long time as an extraordinary personality. You are definitely interesting with you.

Tips for him

  • How to make sex unforgettableTenderness, perseverance, affection. Girls in sex are important not the technical moment itself, but emotions. Be gentle. Be sure to devote time to preliminary caresses. Frying with a pen, drive a cube of ice on the chest and hips, strawberry. Particular attention of the back of the neck, ears, legs, back. Also show its fragility, press to the wall, no matter which side and persistently caress. Fix your hands behind her head and do the same. Can be tied with a tie, but not much, but hard.
  • Do not be silent. Girls have good empathy, but do not count on this in sex. Do not do it silently. Girls also like to see how guys moan.
  • Toys. Offer, but rather show sex toys. Now there is a wide variety of things for two. Erection rings with vibrations and without. Fallomitators as an alternative to threesome. Vibrators for two. Anal plugs, nozzles on the fingers. Well, if you have long been together, buy a set to create a copy of your phallus and give it a vibrator in the form of your dignity. There is a lot of interesting things on the site

Diverse sex key that you will always be interesting to you. Try to do it unforgettable every minute of your relationship. It’s all about your hands and fantasies.

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