How to have virtual sex – examples

What is virtual and how to have virtual sex.

To find out how to have virtual sex, you need experience and practice. If this is not yet, then read our article to expand knowledge. Most often, the love and sense of sexual attraction ruin all the distances between people, and they begin to use different methods, including virtual sex on the phone, to stay closer to each other at the psychological level.

Previously, people had questions: “What is virtual sex?”, But today you will not meet a person who knows nothing about him. This is no longer a shame, not unique, not exotic, as it was before. This form of proximity is engaged in many pairs at a distance. How to have virtual sex – examples

Let’s define several categories of people who are suitable for such a lesson:

  • As we have already said, these are couples living at a distance. They are seen no more than 1-2 times a month and thus fill the gaps in sexual life.
  • Couples that are often on business trips. Many busy people can be in other cities for several months.
  • People who, for causes of illness or psychological injury, cannot actively take part in standard sexual intercourse. It can be temporary difficulties.
  • People who just want to add something new to their boring monotonous relationships.
  • Couples who have not yet had intimacy, and they want to know each other so better – you can find a partner for a virtual .
  • Experimenters with gender and orientation.

Psychologists note the importance of sexual communication before switching to a serious level – direct physical contact.

How to start engaging in a virtual?

Do not know how to have sex virtually? When talking about this, each person has his own visualization, which depends on sexual emancipation and the breadth of views.

Virtual sex is a process between two or more people in the Internet space, the main goal of which is the satisfaction of a partner/partners at the psychological level.

There are several varieties of such communication:

  1. Secosting is a communication between two or more people aimed at liberating sexually and implying messages, photographs, videos and audio recordings.
  2. By phone – the relationship of two or more people through the phone. Possible exchange of audio messages.
  3. By Skype – the relationship between participants in intimate communication, which implies the presence of the Internet. In this option, people can see each other, communication is simpler and better.
  4. Sexual games at a distance – participation in sexual quests, the use of interactive toys, conducting a blog about sexual intercourse, joint viewing of erotic films, porno clocks. All this is possible with maintaining communication by phone or Internet.

Based on this, we understand that such sexual intercourse is very diverse and everyone has their own designation of this concept. And questions about where to do the Virtu now you should not have. Next, we will talk in detail about each type of such sexual intercourse.

Relations at a distance and virtual

Relations at a distance have their own charms and disadvantages. But each such connection, in the end, should end with joint accommodation or imply constant rare meetings. The whole further life of such people is discussed between them.

How to have virtual sex – examples

Incorrect relations at a distance can be if a person constantly changes partners, wants to change and does it, feels uncomfortable in such an atmosphere, etc. P. Such problems can hide serious psychological disorders that will entail a lot of problems.

If you ask a psychologist regarding the normality of relations at a distance, then he will respond ambiguously. If you yourself want to get into such a relationship, then it is better not to do this. If fate turned your lives like that, then this can be done with your partner. But for this there should be serious motivation.

To maintain relations at a distance you will not have to get involved in frequent remote sex contacts, as this may soon get bored. Everything should happen naturally and at will. From the very beginning of such relationships, you must determine what you are ready to go for your partner – it may be a move, frequent trips to him to another city or country. Only those people who have long been together can overcome such a distance, they want to, open to each other psychological terms and determined specific dates for themselves when they live together.

Safe online sex

From the point of view of security, such a contact is absolutely safe, all of them can be engaged in. But do not forget that all conversations on the phone can be recorded by your partner, and personal intimate photos can get on the World Wide Web, where to become public public. Therefore, be careful when you have such sex with a stranger.

How to have virtual sex – examples

If you completely trust your partner, still take photos of intimate parts of the body without a face. Or even try not to send such photos. Be vigilant in this regard.

Examples of virtual sex games

If you have never used this form of proximity, then do not know how and where to start. For starters, forget about the complexes and turn on your imagination.

Virtual sex examples:

  1. Go to this lesson from the standpoint of using the BDSM technique. This suggests that one partner will be the main one and dictate the rules of the game to another. You can ask you to send a certain photo, describe how the prelude will occur and everything is like that.
  2. Thanks to mobile innovations, you can use a toy for sex at a distance, which can be controlled by phone.
  3. In this type of sex, you can use several partners.
  4. You can watch porn films together.
  5. You can write a story about how you imagine your perfect sexual contact.
  6. Today you can also engage in sexual intercourse in virtual reality. This is called cybersecks.

Next, we will give some examples and give the necessary tips.

Correspondence (sexting)

According to recent studies, sexting is no longer exotic and is used by many pairs to maintain sexual orientation. Even elderly people have sex on messages.

How to have virtual sex – examples


  • Send erotic photos, not just a naked member or vagina. Erotica makes more than just vulgar pictures.
  • Intimate stories, description of the prelude, subtle moments of sexual satisfaction – this is what can quickly start any person. It can be short stories for a couple of lines.

Some people may not like vulgarities, so everything is individual here.

Sex by phone

Psychotherapists argue that the ability to talk about sex is the skill of satisfied people who have found themselves in this life. And often such couples survived relations at a distance. A conversation by phone about a sexual act will open the world of your partner from another position. So you will recognize him better and deeper.


  • Try to speak calmly, without straining, use a relaxed breath in a languid voice;
  • Listen to a few records on the Internet from the conversations “Sex on the phone”;
  • Before starting this form of proximity, make sure that your partner can support the conversation;
  • During the day you can prepare the interlocutor for evening relaxation. Send him erotic photos, sexual messages and t. P.;
  • You cannot relax? Drink a little alcohol.

Be careful to your partner, do not interrupt it, listen carefully and use a sexy toy for more excitement.

How to have sex on Skype

Online security involves the Internet connection and the use of webcams. Many modern couples lasted at a distance precisely thanks to such innovations.

How to have virtual sex – examples


  • Do not turn on the bright light. You must be clearly visible to the interlocutor in a muffled light.
  • For the beauty of the display of yourself in the screen, reject the device monitor down.
  • Girls can wear exciting underwear.
  • You can gradually undress on camera, this will arouse the interlocutor.
  • Write a small scenario of your actions so that there are no awkward pauses. You can use the elements of the role -playing game.
  • Use wireless headphones if you are not alone in the house.

And remember that the most important thing in sex on Skype is a beautiful picture, so try to prepare for this action.

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