How to have sex in a pose 69? How to make a pose is more convenient? | Questions about sexual practices

How to have sex in a pose 69? How to make a pose is more convenient?.

How to have sex in a pose 69? How to make a pose is more convenient? | Questions about sexual practices
The pose for mutual oral affection 69 is very popular among thousands of steam. How to do it correctly? How to accommodate so that both is convenient? Useful advice on embodiment of positions and accessories that can make a blowjob and cunnilingus much more pleasant.

How is the post 69

“Cross -love”, “French love” – this is how they called a pose for simultaneous blowjob and cunnilingus. In the world it is most often called “69”, as these numbers reflect the situation of partners.

The pose is performed in different ways. Some simple and affordable to everyone, other acrobatic:

  • A man from below. Classical position when it is located on the back from below, and it is from above. Her genitals opposite her partner’s face, her head opposite the penis. In this case, the girl can lie on a man or stand up, leaning on her hands. It is easy to go from the pose to faceing when the girl sits on her face, her body is located vertically.
  • A woman from below. Inverted pose when a lady is on her back, and a man on all fours above her. Blowjob in this position can be very deep, it is difficult to control the lady to control the penetration. A man may flow.
  • On the side. Partners lie facing each other’s side. The contact of bodies is not maximum, but with your hands it is easy to reach your partner. To make it more convenient, the girl has to raise one leg or set back. With the right location, you will be able to make love for a long time without feeling discomfort.
  • Aweigh. A man holds a partner in his hands. It seems to hang on it, holding only with her hands. Realized standing on the floor or kneeling. Suitable only for very trained men and miniature women.

Try all the variations of positions to find the most convenient. And do not forget about accessories that complement the process, facilitating the achievements of orgasm.

Pose 69 for people with different growth

During the pose 69, not so much growth is important as the length of the body. And here people with different growth can suit each other or not. The length of the legs in the process is not taken into account at all.

What happens when the partners are different? We will tell you on the example of a classical position when a man from below.

  • If her body is shorter than his. A man has excellent access to the genitals, but a woman does not reach his penis or can only touch the head. In this case, a deep penetration of a blowjob will not work out. And for maximum stimulation, she will have to use her hands. While she loses support.
  • If her body is longer. Her head is below the penis to take it in the mouth, you have to bend. Access to her is open to the crotch and scrotum, but not to the penis. Manual manipulations are very inconvenient for her.

The inconsistency of growth in such a position can be a significant problem. You can fix everything by putting a pillow under your partner’s head. But such a correction will help only with a small difference in growth.How to have sex in a pose 69? How to make a pose is more convenient? | Questions about sexual practices

The advantages of the posture 69

69 pose differs from other poses. She has a number of advantages over other options for erotic placement.

  • Beautiful view of the body of a partner. You can examine the genitals of a person in detail, study every fold.
  • Great access to the most delicate places. It is convenient to caress all the external genitalia, crotch and anus. There are no closed areas. But before touching the plots, it is important to understand whether the partner agrees with this. For example, it is not recommended to penetrate the anus without permission to do this.
  • Mutual pleasure. Any movements cause pleasure. There is no need to wait for your turn, pleasure comes in the process.

There are much more pluses than minuses. Therefore, every sixth pair sometimes resorts to experiments in this position.

Pros Pose 69 for a girl

For a woman there is special advantages in such a location in sex.

  • Depth control. If it is from above, with the help of hands it can adjust the depth of the entry of the penis into the mouth. In this case, the gag reflex does not manifest, the process is pleasant.
  • Lack of partner pressure. He does not lean on her with all weight, she does not feel the weight of his body, which helps to relax.

For many girls, blowjob is a boring lesson from which she does not receive physical pleasure. But in 69 everything is different, its excitement does not fall, but often intensifies. Practitioners say that an orgasm in a woman in this position happens more often than in a man.

Cons of poses 69

But mutual caresses have some disadvantages. It is because of them that couples refuse to practice such locations.

  • Inconvenience with different sizes. With different body lengths, a compromise cannot be found.
  • The difficulty to focus. When you do something and are excited at the same time, it is difficult to control the movements. Everything turns out chaotic and not rhythmic.
  • I would like to forget about the partner. When a wave of pleasure rolls, you don’t remember about another, and this leads to stops. And so happens quite often.
  • The danger of injuries. Scary to bite your teeth or bite. In the process you do not understand what the partner feels, so you can accidentally cause pain.
  • Simultaneous orgasms rarely happen. To adapt to a partner and jointly test the extravaganza units. This pose is for alternate finals or to prepare for further action.

There is an opinion that it is very difficult to test an orgasm in a pose 69. That the affection of the other is very distracting. But this is a delusion, there are people who succeed, it is only important to adapt.How to have sex in a pose 69? How to make a pose is more convenient? | Questions about sexual practices

Useful tips for mutual oral caresses

So that oral caresses during mutual execution give only pleasant sensations, it is important to adhere to simple rules.

  • Use the pillow. Put it under your head to the one who below. This will remove the excess load from the neck. In the pose on the side, several pillows will be required.
  • Do not forget about the lubricant. Lubrication improves sliding, and saliva in the process may not be enough. At least once, do a blowjob or cunnilingus with a lubricant, and it will become clear that there is more pleasure with such accessories.
  • Follow your body, avoid leaks. Hands and neck get tired in the process. Constantly change your head tilt so that it does not hurt. And the one who is from above should endure body weight so that the hands are comfortable.
  • Control your mouth. Make sure that there are no bites and clamps. If you understand that it has become difficult, removed. For example, jaws are compressed during orgasm. Do not allow this on the body of a partner.
  • Warn. This advice is more for men. It is necessary to warn the girl before ejaculation so that she is ready for her. An unexpected ejection of sperm can lead to a choke. It is important for a woman to talk about orgasm if she is prone to squirt. Any fluids can be dangerous when the partner is not ready.

Tips for the comfortable execution of a sexual pose are simple, but they should not forget about them in the process.

Useful accessories for pose 69

Any pose will improve if you add the right accessories. This will make diversity, which is important for couples living together for a long time. But also make the process much more comfortable.

  • Pillow for sex.A special inclined surface is much more convenient than the one on which a person sleeps. She has the correct form that allows to be placed without tension. A special surface is pleasant to the touch, while it is easily cleaned. And the base does not slip, you do not have to correct it all the time.
  • Tasty lubrication.Oral sex is easy to turn into dessert, adding a lubricant. The taste of fruit is very pleasant, while it does not contain extra calories. And the aroma fills the whole room, increasing the desire.
  • Mini-vibrator.Genital can touch not only with language or lips. Make it pleasant vibrating objects. Such fluctuations will help to bring a loved one to orgasm in minutes. These are assistants who should be in every bedroom. Ideal mini-vibrators that do not take up much space.
  • Anal plug. She gives a feeling of fullness and expansion. She will perfectly decorate both the female and male body. After its placement, blowjob and cunnilingus are felt differently. And doubly more interesting if the sleeve also vibrates.

An excellent experiment can be a pose with closed eyes. Using masks for two, it will turn out to feel each other in a new way. At the same time, experiments may not like it, but most often they open new unknown emotions.How to have sex in a pose 69? How to make a pose is more convenient? | Questions about sexual practices

How to improve blowjob in a pose 69

In pose 69, it is not difficult to make a blowjob. The genitals of the partner are conveniently located, access to them is open. But there are a couple of things that will help make the process even better. This will strengthen his sensations.

  • The correct rhythm. It is difficult to adhere to it in the process, so their experiences distract. So that this does not happen, start keeping an account to yourself. If you get lost, start first. Such pronouncing will move at a constant pace, and this is especially true when it approaches the finals.
  • True bend. A lot depends on the position of the neck. It is important to ensure that there is no inconvenient position. If you can’t immerse the penis in your mouth, just lick it on top or play with a scrotum. Do not choose poses in which it is difficult to be more than a minute, it will not bring joy.
  • Depth control. So that it does not enter too much, grab the penis with your hand at the base. It looks like you squeeze a fist around a penis. This technique is ideal for limiting.
  • Streaming of perineum. There are many nerve endings not only on the penis, but also in the area between the scrotum and the anus. This isthmus stroke with their hands or caress in the process. Soft pressure is permissible, this stimulates the prostate.

How to make a blowjob? There are a lot of technicians, it is worth mastering any or somewhat at once. Movement is permissible to alternate. But in the process it is important to understand what he likes. And do exactly what is delighted with him.

How to improve cunnilingus in pose 69

It will be possible to strengthen her sensations in the “Valet” pose. Cunnilingus will become much more pleasant if you use the following tips:

  • Additional stimulation with hands. Fingers can stroke the external genitalia and penetrate the vagina. Double stimulation often gives more pleasant sensations to a woman than exposure to one point.
  • Deep vibration. In the vagina, the girl is placed a vibroyaite. It will vibrate, and a man caress its outer erogenous zones. Ideally, if the sex toy is controlled remotely, and the girl will have a remote control from it. Then she will be able to switch speeds and bring her own orgasm closer.
  • Luski clit with a sex toy. Intimate objects are suitable for external sections. When the tongue is tired, it is worth replacing it with a stimulant. Such a thing works for a battery or batteries, it can move without a break for more than 30 minutes. The alternation of language and toys is very exciting and leads to quick orgasms. Any vibrator is suitable for such caresses, the shape and size are not important.
  • Anilingus. Crotch and anus in girls are also sensitive. It is not necessary to try to enter the anus with the tongue, there are enough external touches. She can like it.

How to have sex in a pose 69? How to make a pose is more convenient? | Questions about sexual practices
These simple methods are very effective. And don’t forget about grease yet, it was described above.

Questions about pose 69 in sex

It is worth talking to him honestly, explain the reason. Or use an alternative – try this pose in the dark.If the pain is only in this position, then it does not suit you. Just a man in the process is fond of his own sensations, does not always control his own movements. Tell him about this, offer to have oral sex alternately so that everyone is comfortable.The only way is to talk to him, offer to try. Perhaps he will be interested in this position. If not, find out what confuses him in oral affection, why he refuses them. Some reasons can be fixed, eliminated.

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