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How to choose a sex doll.

Arrayki sex dolls are, and what the cost of such sex toys depends on? How to choose a sex doll that will take up little space, it will be easy to wash and at the same time deliver the maximum pleasure? All about the materials, features and use of artificial women.

Natural sex dolls and their types

The first sex dolls were made by sailors during long travels. They stacked them out of clothes, trying to give the forms of the female body. These prototypes served for masturbation. But since then, much has changed, and you can buy sex dolls in any sex shop. And the quality of models today amazes the imagination.

The simplest dolls for pleasure are made of vinyl or PVC. This inflatable models with a printed face. Usually they have 2 or three holes for masturbation. The intimate parts of the dolls are more dense, withstand intense movements. The doll can have a different figure, growth. The material is dense, capable of holding the weight of the body of an adult man. But at the same time, such a thing is easy to pierce. Of course, it can be repaired, like inflatable pools, but patches will spoil the appearance of the device.

Simple doll models are not too suitable for claiming users. That is why manufacturers decided to improve models. And appeared Dolls with a more realistic face. This is not just a pattern on fabric, but a voluminous form. The higher the accuracy of the image, the more expensive the device. The presence of hair and eyelashes also makes the cost more significant. But the face is good, and the holes for immersion are still inflatable and not embossed, which does not allow to get realistic sensations.

Dolls with insertion genital organs today one of the most popular. In the set there is not only a lady in whom the air is pumped up, but also 2-3 masturbator. They are embossed inside, dense and convenient for use. They are placed in a special recess in a doll, and then enjoy the process. After sex, the masturbator is removed and washed. You can use the genitals separately without getting a girl. A huge plus of such options-you do not need to wash the entire sex toy after each use, just clean its parts. And you can also replace masturbators with new ones so that the sensations become different.

Realistic sex dolls

Since the late 80s of the last century, realistic sex dolls began to be released in the world. Created from silicone or thermoplastic rubber today. A feature of these models is that they copy the human body as realistic as possible. They are really fulfilled in full growth, they are very similar to ordinary skin, and also weigh from 25 to 45 kg.

Chinese companies today produce most sex diningers from TPR or TPE. This is rubber that the skin of the skin gives, and it is able to serve for a long time. Inside the doll is a PVC frame with flexible connections. As a result of the doll, you can give a variety of poses, which is convenient for storage and use. There are standard models and individual.

Japanese and American manufacturers make silicone dolls. This is more expensive material, but more realistic. Interior metal frame. Toy weight of at least 30 kg. But a lot of attention is paid to details: fingers on the arms and legs are perfectly drawn, images are thought out, natural hair is made. Each buyer selects his parameters: from the size of the chest, legs to the color of the skin, eyes, hair. All companies offer a line of parameters, from which you need to assemble your designer.

But you can make a doll on your own sketch. It will turn out a copy of any person, and the similarity of the details will hit. You can order a model similar to your favorite actress, wife or porn actress. The price of an individual project is the highest, but many are ready to pay for it.

How to care for a natural sex doll

Dolls from any materials after use you need to wash. Ordinary inflatable models simply rinse shower. But it is important after water procedures to thoroughly dry the surface with a regular towel.

Removable masturbators are also washed under a stream of water, often using a special cliner. Bacteria can remain in the folds of the holes, and it is a special cleanser that helps to remove them.

You need to use any sex doll with lubricants. Additional lubricant will enhance the sensation of penetration, help to make experiences more realistic. But you need to use water -based lubricant so that it does not spoil the surface. It is not recommended to use creams, petroleum jelly or other products, they can ruin the surface of a sex toy.

You can store a sex doll in an inflated or blended state. It is only important not to leave it for a long time under direct sunlight. This can cause cracks on the material.

It is forbidden to use a doll next to sharp objects, by open fire. The thin fabric is easy to pierce, and a complex repairs of the product will be required. It is also forbidden to use a sex doll for swimming in open ponds, since such experiments can be life-threatening and health.

A sex doll is a great gift that can be a joke and a useful acquisition. It can be handed to a man aged 18 to 80 years. And it will be an artificial woman who is always ready for sex. At the same time, it can be removed at any moment, and it will not take up much space.

The price of sex dolls in the world

The minimum cost of a sex doll in the world starts at 1,500 rubles. This is a simple inflatable option with a printed face. The design is reliable, but not too worked out.

Girl with a realistic head from 4000 rubles. Model with removable masturbators, but flat face – from 6,000 rubles. A doll with beautiful shapes, a pretty face and pleasant holes will cost 11,000 and above. The presence of vibration or heating will make the price even higher, about 15,000 rubles.

Middle -quality TPR doll costs around 60 thousand rubles. But the silicone model even from economy series in the world costs at least 700 thousand rubles.

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