Fast sex – why engage in it is acceptable and useful?

Fast sex – why engage in it is acceptable and useful?.

Fast sex – why engage in it is acceptable and useful?

We all live in a very fast rhythm. However, despite this Many are not ready to have quick sex with their partner. All because there is an opinion: making love should not be hasty. Here, sexologists who assure the natural instincts, who assure you to have quick sex is not just acceptable, but sometimes even useful!

Let’s figure out the situation, because for years we have been accustomed to the fact that in this matter you just cannot rush. You need to stretch pleasure as long as possible. Why then doctors urge us to have quick sex at least once a week?

Men’s health and quick sex

Fast sex – why engage in it is acceptable and useful?

First of all, experts advocate the health of representatives of the strong half of humanity. The case turns out to be in the initially laid program to the direct creation of offspring. An excited man just should put his ardor somewhere. There is no need to talk about “love for itself” now – this is not included in the framework when there is a spouse at hand or a permanent partner. Let’s look at two positions in which a man can be.

  • I want right now!
    When a man is excited, the body is already preparing a portion of seed fluid. If it does not come out, then it will remain for “re -processing”. Unfortunately, this can harm and cause stagnation in the prostate gland. It is this tiny organ, the size of a walnut, leads the entire process. This primarily affects the reproductive system poorly, and also affects the psycho -emotional background. In such cases, it is better for a man to have quick sex than to leave everything in himself.
  • All too long ..
    It happens that a man during intercourse is constantly trying to restrain the release of seed fluid. If the process of intercourse is delayed for a long time, then, unfortunately, an unpleasant situation may happen. The genital organ of a man will simply “break” and decide that it is time to calm down. Therefore, too long sexual intercourse can also be without a peak of bliss and ejaculation. As we said above, this can lead to diseases of the genitourinary system and affect the emotional state. Sometimes even a man becomes aggressive, as he did not get the desired result.

All this is pure physiology and therefore if you have quick sex sometimes for the health of your beloved, then there is nothing shameful in this! On the contrary – this may give a certain piquancy and introduce an element of surprise.

You can tease each other!

Fast sex – why engage in it is acceptable and useful?
You can have quick sex even in order to diversify an intimate life or even settle in your partner a share of anticipation. Now we are talking about that one of the partners spontaneously decide to “throw his second half to the floor, a little to irritate and stop this little prank. However, it is worth remembering that on this day you just need to do the “full process” so that you do not have problems in the future.

Naturally, you should have quick sex without the subsequent onset of orgasm in order to irritate your partner. If there is a climax, then you will no longer be able to achieve the desired effect. Remember, your task is only to “throw the bait”, and already in the evening to wait for a frantic passion.

Tapered sex is not necessary in bed!

Fast sex – why engage in it is acceptable and useful?

If you decide to diversify your sex life with the help of the effect of surprise, then why not have quick sex in the most unusual places? Adrenaline and just a pleasant variety are provided to you!

We conducted a survey among young couples. The question was as follows: “If you have fast sex, then where”? Based on the answers, we compiled an intriguing list that you can take into account and later realize.

  • We love in the soul! Why not join her soulmate when she takes a shower? This is very romantic, accessible, and most importantly, observing the rules of sex in the shower, you can count on a very ardent passion.
  • Flax in the car is not the most original idea, but one of the most “workers”! Just imagine that you are driving, and near your passion. A great desire to make love flashes. Why not turn off the usual route and call in a secluded place for a pleasant 15 minutes?
  • In the elevator there is a button “Stop”. Of course, a tiny elevator cabin is not an option! Therefore, if you are in the hotel or any other building, then why not stop the elevator and accept the “vertical missionary” position? The risk of being overtaken behind such an interesting business only adds oil into the fire. We want to warn only one thing: beware of cameras!
  • In the entrance in a secluded corner – why not? In some entrances you can find a quiet corner! Here your girlfriend can stand one step higher than you and believe me – it will not only be convenient, but also exciting!
  • In the park. Walking in the evening in the park, along with your soulmate, you can find a small cluster of trees and bushes. Of course, this option can be considered exclusively only if the street on the street is a warm season.
  • Cinema – well, this is a classic. The main thing is to buy tickets at the right time and choose suitable places. In addition, you can set the mood for your partner (partner) using the film itself. Given all these factors, you can surrender to caresses!
  • Dressing booth – you can do quick sex in a changing booth not only on the beach, but also in shopping centers. Why not? After all, after shopping I want something special. Of course, in many boutiques in the booths are short curtains, but the seeker will always find a locking door.

Now you know how to have quick sex and how useful it is. Share this information with your soulmate. Now you will do your favorite thing, knowing that this will bring you only positive emotions!

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