Beautiful sex masking: how to look in bed queen

Beautiful sex masking: how to look in bed queen.

Beautiful sex masking: how to look in bed queen

You think they put on beautiful linen and stockings – And ready for sex? But no. To be fully armed, do not forget about a beautiful and practical sex makijug. When you look like a queen, you feel the same. And at the same time you completely relax and get the maximum pleasure from the process, not thinking about whether you have spread in mascara.


Remember once and for all: men. I do not like. eat. Lipstick. We do not know a single masculine representative who would consider lipstick a beautiful spice for a kiss, especially if this lipstick is this brutal black-violet color. As for classical red lipstick, it works perfectly in the evening, during seduction – But in bed her shift ends. So, if you want a sea of kisses, it is better either without lipstick at all, or with a light and ill -sized lip gloss with a pleasant taste. Here are just a pair of delicious options that will make him return to your lips again and again: Lancome Juicy Tubes, Cherie Ma Cherie in round banks, lush (recommend «The beginning of the kiss») and The Body Shop (for example, «Watermelon»).

Well, of course, it is important that the lips themselves are soft and delicate. In the spring, it is not difficult to weathered, just two, so that the balms with intensive care and protection will definitely not be excess.

Beautiful sex masking: how to look in bed queen


Everything is difficult with eyes. Mascara can spread, the pencil line swim, and dry shadows roll in the folds of the century or even crumble, forming characteristic bruises under the eyes. Alas, all this looks sexy only in professional photographs in women’s magazines, so your main assistants are here – one layer water -resistant carcass only on the upper eyelashes and a liquid persistent eyeliner. Mascara should be tested by time and tested with tears, and on top of the eyeliner you can apply a little matte cream shadows and gently shave a cotton wool with a cotton wool.

If you are going to drive him crazy with your gaze, then on top of shadows you can also apply a translucent eyelid gel Paris Berlin or M.A.C. Gloss Creme Brillance (as a budget alternative, a transparent lip gloss or simple petroleum jelly) or a light shimmer is suitable, which beautifully reflects the light. They can be mixed with shadows or applied pointily to give the eyes an expressive radiance.

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