6 advantages of swing for sex. How to use sex cacheles? How to have sex on a swing?

6 advantages of swing for sex. How to use sex cacheles?.

6 advantages of swing for sex. How to use sex cacheles? How to have sex on a swing?

Not quite familiar item «interior» – furniture, intended for love lives. Such furniture looks pretty decent, but has hidden opportunities. For example, such an original thing as sex cacheli will allow you to realize many fantasies. Outwardly it looks like a stand with belts. You can even poke a little to children, what’s the kind of? However, the bristed swings, which means that they do not have to be in front of their eyes all the time.

But when the time comes for an intimate date, it’s time to get it «secret weapon». Sex cacheles will help to significantly diversify sexual life and get an incomparable pleasure. What are the advantages and uniqueness of this toy?

1. Feel like astronauts

Sex in zero gravity – this is reality. From frictions made when the body has only a few points of the support and at the same time sways in the air, a completely new sensation arises. It is more difficult to control these processes, but the lack of attraction allows you to lean back as far as possible, literally hang upside down, use your arms and legs in order to caress your partner, bend your back and lean in any direction. Sex caches will be a real discovery in terms of relaxed movements and poses. Now sex standing face to each other, which is usually possible only with small frictions, becomes simple and affordable.

2. Restriction of movements

When one of the lovers is actually «Related» straps of swing, the second can turn it, as he wants, in the literal sense of the word. This gives the love game an additional severity of sensations. There is a swing for both one and two, it all depends on the possibilities and desires.

3. Change the corners

Many men (and women) like to experiment not only with the depth and intensity of penetration, but also with poses. Depending on the angle, an unusual, even more pleasant sensation may occur. So, sex cacheles allow you to enter at any angle. The partner’s legs are completely relaxed, but at the same time she will not fall out of bed, will not hit her head against the wall, a special stretch from her is not required.

6 advantages of swing for sex. How to use sex cacheles? How to have sex on a swing?

4. Saving forces

Frictions in the air require much smaller energy consumption. Therefore, you can increase speed and overcome the sound barrier – In traditional sex, this is much more difficult to do.

5. Complete safety

Not only does a person recorded with soft belts in sex cacheles feel calm – He will not fall anywhere, the amplitude of movements is limited by a reliable persistent – The materials from which the sex maker are made are safe and environmental point of view. After all, the owner of such a toy will come into contact with the swings of bare skin.

6. One and two

Sex cachelies There are two types – for two partners and for one. In the first case, both lovers can be in the air, pushing their feet and swinging, or someone rests on any hard surface, and the second «soaring» Above the floor. There are many opportunities for experiments. For example, a man can become his feet on the floor and squatting, starting, holding a woman on his hips. Or make love practically traditionally, but taking into account the fact that the partner hangs in the air. Another type of swing is intended for only one. And this does not have to be a woman. A man gives great pleasure oral sex in the air.

So the sex cacheles – must have for everyone who is ready for pleasant sexual experiments. This is one of the most interesting toys, which, moreover, look quite innocent from the outside and do not think about sexual games.

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