5 situations when a woman herself wants sex

5 situations when a woman herself wants sex.

5 situations when a woman herself wants sex

In the life of every woman there are some specific points when she really wants sex. In these periods, she easily lends itself to temptation and is ready for the most daring experiments.


During the female cycle, a girl overtakes a number of states from crazy anger to the whole world to the desire of gentle hugs. But at a certain moment, passionate lust wakes up in it.

Ovulation – This is the peak of the opportunity to get pregnant, so the body automatically arouses the desire. During this period, a woman tries to look as good as possible, she is pleased to get attention and she is ready for new achievements. Plus, the probability of getting an orgasm increases.

5 situations when a woman herself wants sex

To calculate ovulation, you can look at the women’s calendar – Fixing cycle. In the absence of such an opportunity, it is worth using simple calculations:

  • The length of the period – from the first day of the menstrual cycle to the next first day;
  • The number of days to share in half;
  • Exactly in the middle begins ovulation.

A few days before and after this event, a woman wants sex much more often.

Interest in sex

Women who enjoy it in the process of intimacy, they themselves want sex. You need to try to make her orgasms saturated so that she does not lose interest, but continues to be desired.

Each time a partner needs to give pleasure and delight with something interesting. New facets of sensuality help to open sex toys.

With a new device from a sex shop, the process will be more exciting. And if a woman already has experience with intimate toys, she will understand that new emotions await her. The use of such accessories stimulates desire, causes interest and makes relations various.

5 situations when a woman herself wants sex


The subject of adoration, during the period of love, is something magical and very desirable. To seduce the girl you like, you need to awaken these feelings in her. A series of non -complicated actions will help to cause a hormonal process. Then the lady will agree to indulge in carnal joys and even try something new.

To conquer the girl’s heart, she needs to be struck by success. The necessary attributes can be taken on rent. Then it should be found out what attracts it most in men, for example, romance or adrenaline. This knowledge will help to play the right role.

It should be understood that such a game will not lead to a serious relationship, but only help to realize fantasies.

This method is suitable only for those couples who met recently.

Language of love

When a man shows important quality for a woman, she instinctively wishes sex. But identifying her interests is not so simple, because some want support, other gifts, and the third dream of a general hobby.

Sincere actions cause a woman joy. And for understanding her language of love, a man always wants to reward. This technique not only has a woman for sex, but also strengthens the relationship.

5 situations when a woman herself wants sex


When a woman is grateful, she thanking a partner with sex. But this method works only in a stable relationship, and very rarely at the first acquaintance. In order for the female mechanism to work, you need to do something important, and not just help with cleaning in the apartment.

A woman will be ready for intimacy if a partner is lucky to relax in the warm lands. And then there will be a real desire, because at such moments the mechanism of gratitude works. Such desires are also leading gifts and unexpected surprises, because all women like to get pleasantnesses.

The main thing is that the lady does not have overwork. Constant stress, lack of sleep and depression prevent the technique from working fully. When the body is exhausted, it is simply not able to experience joyful delight.

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