5 sex experiments available to everyone | Practices

5 sex experiments available to everyone.

5 sex experiments available to everyone | Practices
What 5 fantasies sex is easy to realize in an ordinary family? What actions will introduce diversity, give a lot of pleasant moments and will not harm the budget? We found the most affordable, but the hottest scenarios for passionate nights.

For the embodiment of each experience, special accessories will be required. They will help to tune in and realize the plan. Their the cost does not exceed a thousand rubles, They are available for everyone.

Hot massage

Experience that is remembered for a long time is massage with candles. This is a whole ritual for perfect prelude. Romance will appeal to those who are looking for new impressions.

They light a candle and wait for the wax melts. The room at this time is filled with a very pleasant aroma. Then the fire is extinguished, and the warm mass is poured onto the body of the massive. She does not burn, but gives a feeling of heat. Wax is distributed over the skin, it turns into a caring oil. And after exciting touch helps to go to sex.

Partners can change places and gives pleasure to each other. Use ordinary candles is not worth it. They have a high melting point, and this leads to severe burns.

How to improve practice? Tie eyes to a partner receiving massage. And drip wax drop in different zones. Waiting will enhance excitement.

The cost of the experiment: 600-700 rubles per candle volumetric30-40 g. It will be enough for 2-7 applications. Large candles are more expensive, but the number of applications is greater, the cost of one practice below.

The longest sex

An erection ring will go to use sex to improve sex. Better to take a model with vibration. It will extend sex, make an erection “stone”.

The ring is put on when the man is as excited as possible. Are at the base of the penis. In this case, the organ is squeezed, this interferes with the outflow of blood. The sensations of a man do not decrease, but he cannot finish quickly.

If a ring with vibration, then the motor cares a woman’s clitoris. Its fluctuations enhance its excitement, and this leads to the approximation of orgasm. A man also feels the movement, this can excite his.
.5 sex experiments available to everyone | Practices
How to improve practice? Use a remote control ring. Let the woman herself control the power of vibrations, changes the speed when she needs it.

How much does a ring cost? A model without vibration costs from 300 rubles and above. Option with a motor – from 400 rubles. Options with a price of up to 1000 rubles have malm number of speed speeds.

Experiment with binding

Partner immobilization is an interesting experience. It can be realized in different ways. The easiest way to knit hands. You can bed a person to the bed. It is appropriate to tie so that there is no way to move at all.

But it is important to remember that improvised materials for binding Leave traces on the skin. It is ideal to use leather or satin shackles with comfortable carbines. And if experiments occur with furniture, then special tapes are needed that do not scratch the surface.

How to improve binding? You need to think through actions in advance, prepare something in order to tease a bound person. Useful down jacket, beads, vibrator.

The price of the experiment: Handcuffs with a sex shop cost from 700 rubles. Leather brackets are more expensive. Bondage sets can be bought at a sale with a discount.

Orgasm from nipples

Orgasms from breast caresses exist, but not everyone experienced them. It is worth finding out whether such pleasure is available to your loved one. For this, caresses should be given at least half an hour.

Nipple caresses are made by ice, hot objects, vibrator. And it is also worth using clamps. They are conveniently fixed on the body, their can be adjusted by changing the power of compression.

It is dangerous to use improvised chest products. Unregulated objects can squeeze the nipple too much, which will cause a violation of blood circulation or injury.
.5 sex experiments available to everyone | Practices
How to improve sex experience: Buy clips with a chain. At the moments of sex, pull it, increasing pressure on the nipples.

The price of experience with breasts: Simple clamps cost from 500 rubles. Decorative 1000-2000 rubles.

Tasty oral sex

Diversifying a blowjob or very simple with oral lubricants. Delicious lubricants are designed to have them! They have a great taste and aroma, complement sex in the process.

Delicious lubricants you can swallow, they are safe. And they like are very similar to dessert. At the same time, they improve sliding. You can use them for oral, vaginal and anal sex.

How to improve sex experience? Together with grease, try new equipment. Unusual movements with a tongue or connecting a vibrator will be very useful.

The price of sex experiment: Tasty lubrication is sold at a price of 300+ rubles for packaging 20-50 ml. The cost depends on the brand, Russian cosmetics are cheaper than foreign.5 sex experiments will bring diversity into intimacy, give new emotions. And then you can try something else, for example, role-playing games or anal sex toys.

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