Why do men need a vacuum pump? How to use a member?

Why do men need a vacuum pump?.

Why do men need a vacuum pump? How to use a member?

Massager and simulator – It is these two words that perfectly characterize the device called the vacuum pump. The worldly popular remedy has gained popularity due to its ability to increase a member by several centimeters. In fact, there are much more advantages from use.

How a vacuum pump works?

The pump for men consists of a flask made of transparent plastic and pear, some models are equipped with a pressure indicator. The member is inserted inside the flask, which tightly adjacent to the body due to the latex seal, as well as water -based lubrication for better tightness. Air is manually or automatically pumped out, a vacuum or the so -called negative pressure is created, due to which the penis is filled with blood, more actively than with the usual erection. At the same time, all the capillaries are involved, even the smallest and those that were not previously involved. In fact, the cavernous body of the penis is filled with a large amount of blood than with a conventional erection, and therefore the size of the penis will be more than usual. Blood circulation intensifies 5-7 times during a traditional erection and 9-12 times with vacuum massage. Acceleration of blood flow helps to improve the nutrition of a member of oxygen and increases the elasticity of blood vessels.

On average, the procedure lasts about 15 minutes, and an erection can occur up to 10 times, holding on 1 minute over and over again.

Why do men need a vacuum pump? How to use a member?

Functions of men’s vacuum pumps:

  1. Prevention and elimination of age -related changes in the genitourinary sphere is recommended for men after 30 years subject to stress and sedentary work. The correct use of the pump enhances the bloodstream of the pelvis, which, in turn, is the prevention of impotence and improves erection. After 45 years, men are recommended massage with vacuum pump several times a week.
  2. Improving the erection and sensitivity of the member head. Vascular training enhances the erection and hardness of the penis, and also affects the activation of additional receptors and nerve endings.
  3. Preparation of a member for sexual intercourse. If a man has problems with an erection, then to preserve it, after using the pump, an erective ring is put on an excited member. To do this, put a ring of elastic material on the flask, before the start of the procedures, and then pull it on the base of the member.
  4. Masturbation. Well, everything is clear here.
  5. Increase a penis with a vacuum pump. It is worth noting that a temporary increase in a member, such a pump will give guaranteed to be guaranteed, but to increase the member forever… This function gave rise to a lot of myths around him, someone rushes into battle, and, not seeing the result, throws to swing after a couple of months. Others have been engaged in such an increase in years, using specially designed programs, creams, heating pads, etc., observing the growth of a penis in a length of several centimeters and a couple of millimeters thick. Member – This is not a muscle, it cannot be pumped up like a biceps, but you can achieve better blood supply and consolidate the result. By the way, the younger the man, the more the chance that the member will still add in size from using the pump. It is worth remembering that this method of increase is quite dangerous, incorrect or excessive use of the pump can lead to the appearance of hematomas, stagnation of blood, impotence, member injuries, etc.

Contraindications: urethritis, diabetes mellitus, diseases of the genitourinary system, vascular diseases, phimosis and its varieties, predisposition to blood clots or high viscosity of blood. Each individual case requires an examination and consultation of a doctor.

By the way, there are also vibrations that will provide additional stimulation and pleasure.

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