What sex toys do girls prefer? | Present

What sex toys do girls prefer?.

What sex toys do girls prefer? | Present
When a girl becomes an adult, other no less funny and curious toys for adults are replaced by plush bears and dolls. Today we will talk about goods from a sex shop that women prefer. An article for the stronger sex is especially interesting, if you want to make my beloved an unusual surprise and give an unforgettable sensation.

Favorite female sex toys


This is a very popular fun, and also one of the most ancient. More than a thousand years ago, the Romans played with a stone dildo. And their distinctive feature was that they never lost their firmness. Modern phalloimitators now look very natural, they are elastic and have an amazing resemblance to the penis. Today’s sex toys have irregularities, veins that completely imitate the skin of the male genital organ.

But there are other phalloimitators – multi -colored, with backlight, making sounds that have nozzles, decor and other piquant excesses. Enjoying toys can be of different sizes and shapes. Sex industry pampering women with a wealth of choice. For convenience, the enjoyment device is now released on suction cups.

Clitoral stimulants or mini vibrators

The toy is designed to stimulate the clitoris. Basically, women experience a clitoral orgasm, which is why such a thing is an undoubted favorite in the bedroom and with love joys. She can supplement masturbation or sex in a pair. Stimulation of a delicate zone will enhance excitement, will bring the onset of an orgasm. You can choose a model that does not occupy your hands. It can be fixed on the body with straps, so the “butterflies” work.What sex toys do girls prefer? | Present
Mini vibrators are not like a member of a man. They can be in the form of lipstick, a ring, a small pencil, etc. They do not cause jealousy in a strong half, so they are so often bought for experiments in a couple.

Nozzles, vibrating erectational rings

These toys are put on a member, but they give pleasure to women. That is why they are present in our rating. Erective rings come with antennae, pimples, as well as different processes, which allows the clitoris to stimulate the clitoris. And if there is a motor inside, then all these protrusions do not just touch erogenous zones, but massage them very much, accelerating the approach of orgasm. With such a device, a woman can finish several times before the peak of bliss reaches a partner.

The nozzles resemble a condom. They have bumps, bulges aimed at pleasant friction of the walls of the vagina. A special relief enhances experiences. And the nozzle can add a few centimeters in length or width, which also makes intimacy in a new bright.

Blindfold, handcuffs

Such a device quite often strongly excite girls. Visual restriction contributes to the exacerbation of other impulses. The bandage does not constrain movements, does not interfere, but is able to give new unforgettable emotions.

By the way, the bandage can be combined with handcuffs if there is a desire to experiment. This attribute is simple and accessible, but perfectly excites both men and women. There are handcuffs with fur for those who do not like a metal touch. But there is without, for more acute sensations. There are also outlines on the feet, sets for binding the whole body and other devices to expand erotic boundaries. They help a woman feel weak in the strong arms of a partner.What sex toys do girls prefer? | Present

Sex cachelies

Another brave toy for intercourse. This is a steam device with a rich imagination. The swing can be attached to the ceiling, doors, they are made of comfortable belts and bases. Acquisition guarantees a lot of new pleasant impressions and poses that allow you to achieve unforgettable sensations.

Partners’ movements are minimized on the swing. You can just sit on the basis and relax. Active participant will swing the device slightly, and it is not difficult, but the sensations will be at the height. This is easy and pleasant sex, which is difficult to achieve without special mounts. Sex in flight, complete relaxation-this is a reality with sex caches.


These are special lubricants for sexual pleasures. They allow you to achieve soft penetration and sliding. Lubrices are cooling, warming, exciting, with aroma, pleasant taste, with aphrodisiacs. Here everyone chooses according to preferences. Lubrication really changes the sensation of caresses, and with the right selection, you can get different pleasure every time. Women love to experiment, and with lubricants this is real!

Also on sale there are lubricants contributing to an increase in the male genital organ, narrowing the vagina, even painkillers. These effects do not leave anyone indifferent. And using sex toys using intimate lubrication is much more pleasant.

Women like to excite their fans, especially since a pleasantly smelling gel fluttering some girlish fears. For example, that she somehow does not smell in an intimate place with oral affection.

Massage Oil

It has a pleasant smell and contributes to a long prelude, and women are very fond of this. And the composition of the oils nourishes the skin, makes it soft, silky, just luxurious. A long relaxing erotic massage, which is still needed for a passionate night of love? And you can also choose not only oil, but also a massage candle. Wax will be pleasant to heat the skin, but without burns. Such caresses allow you to relax, tune in the right way.What sex toys do girls prefer? | Present


This is the main female trump card. Now there are many styles and models that make a woman very sexy. And there is also edible underwear that a man can not only break, but also eat, but then attach to his owner. Agree, a great reason for tasting.

Stockings, Panties with access, beautiful corsets or transparent peignoirs adore all women. And with the help of linen, you can always focus the attention of a man in the most “delicious” zones, and hide the flaws of the figure.

Role costumes

Women love to play roles, and with the help of costumes they can reincarnate in a variety of characters. Wings help to try on the role of an angel or demon, beautiful dresses from fairy tales immerse them in the world of fantasy, and the costumes of nurses or stewardesses make it possible to realize long -standing fantasies.

Playing in bed is exciting. And in a new image you can decide on experiments that were not available earlier. It is worth only once to feel this freedom, and she will often buy new things for reincarnation.

Perfume with pheromones

Gorgeous aromas is a passion of women. And if they also attract the attention of the opposite sex, then this is many times more interesting. Even if a woman is in a relationship, she still loves when representatives of the stronger sex look back at her. And you can call it using pheromones.

Special perfumes can have very different smells. These are tender notes and rather sharp. Every girl will find the best train for herself. And he will be able to conquer the heart of thousands of handsome.Women love to pamper themselves. And in our store there are things that help to do it. A bunch of pleasant little things is created for her pleasure. And these are the best ways to please her if you buy something from this list as a gift.

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