Toys for sex in public places

Toys for sex in public places.

Sex toys with remote control are increasingly popular. Use them differently, but the goal is pursued by one – stimulation of the erogenous zones of their half and giving her pleasure at a distance. Increasingly, couples began to use similar sex products in crowded and public places, which brings novelty to sexual relations, and the acuteness of sensations and the fear that people around will suspect something, give only more excitement. Also, such toys contribute to the embodiment of secret fantasies and desires, which also has a charitable effect on relations in a couple.

With such a sex toy you can go with your half for a walk to the park, to the shopping center and even to the grocery store for shopping. Walking in the park is one of the most interesting options. Just imagine – you go and suddenly a wave of excitement collapses on you – it either intensifies, then weakens, or even completely stops. A lot of people walk around you, and the most important task is to prevent them from understanding what exactly is happening to you. A little walk in this way, when it is difficult to endure, you can find a secluded place and bring what has begun to the end, already with a partner.

Types of toys that are suitable for such sexual entertainment are different and have certain characteristics and properties. All of them should have an anatomical form and fit for wearing.

Vaginal stimulants, they are vibration, When used for such purposes, they should have an anatomical C-shaped form (vibro-tie itself and its fastening), which will perfectly adapt to the bends of the female body, is reliably fixed and imperceptibly for others to give intimate stimulation.

Anal traffic jams For sex games in public places, must be anatomical in order to avoid unnecessary damage. One of their largest advantages is a large selection, anal stimulants can vary in design and parameters, which allows you to find a suitable model of both a beginner and an experienced user. Such devices will most often not be heard in a public place, because they are inside, and not outside.

And here Clitor stimulants on panties It can be heard by others, because they are on the body, not inside. But they have a significant plus – the right accessory does not constrain movement and sits quite firmly. That is why when buying vibrorsiki it is better to choose models with adjustable belts, which will provide stimulation in the right place with exciting vibration effects.

Special vibrators for steam in the form of U, having several motors to stimulate not one, but several erogenous zones – the clitoris and points G. They must also have an anatomical shape and be compact, so that during their stay with such an interesting device in a public place, a sense of discomfort is not delivered. Most often work quietly and will not be heard by people around you.

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