Large holes. Sex toys for gays.

Large holes. Sex toys for gays..

Once we collected a whole consultation.
The day before this rejoiced a wagon stuffed with boxes.
Pieces of boxes just accepted the warehouse, and they were about to fall into the admincusite, and we sat and thought how to be a new section for new toys.

In principle, they could be laid out according to other universal folders: traffic jams – to traffic jams, hands – in fisting, lubricants – to lubricants and
If not one moment…

We spoke out loud options.
– Yaby placed in sex toys, and not in BDSM.But whatever naming there is no, ”said Sonya. She is responsible for mailings.
– Sonya, what kind of sex toys, there are continuous fisting, anal hooks and large bubbles of Lubrikov – this is Marina, our motor, she fumbles.
– Maybe something like "same -sex love", "same -sex connections"? – As always delicate Masha.

Then it was: obscure"Section for men", It is even less clear "Boy ' S", Romantic"Male love" (go guess who the man loves!), a lot of things.
Then someone said:
– Yes, yo -mine, what to think, the word is understandable – there is. So we call it.
So our gay section appeared.

…The warehouse accepted Dutch "Mr. Bi".
Toys and fetish for men who love the bangs to the spirit of a hard gay-porno.

*** *** ***

Mister b

If you ask the layman how he is a gay, the layman will give out something about an anecdotal manner boy in a pink shirt.
So Mister B- they are not like that.
No pink shirts and trampled manor.

Mr. Bi gays are the hard -bous guys from porn, which is only paid for connoisseurs and who are definitely knowing a lot about the hard anal e#le.
In short, this is Dutch Sparta.
Strong, tight, humiliating and so that he could not walk.

And the point is not that Mister B does not recognize half measures and make everything with a scope.
If you make a marshmallow, then what is trifling – analfistist should be super -sharp, which means that there should be half a liter at once. Or as if.
If this is a fetish-craft, then not a veyshop with rivets, but immediately aprons on the elbow of a fetish-pink.
Well, yes, where else to put half a liter of lubrication)

And if this test, then the Non -me beginners: take a large piece of red silicone and ehimi anal warhead almost thirty centimeters long.
Of course, not smooth;With relief, walk like that.
Anal extensors revealing to triple petals, shackles for thumbs, hookis of metal – this is the All -Mister B.

Here, by the way, are worshipers.
Such a thing – you will not immediately guess what, but who needs it, will be total.
Now I will tell you if anyone does not understand.

The anal hook is well lubricated, the ball at one end is inserted by the lower ass, and the other colon, on which the ring is fastened from the side of the collar or the collar or the bondage.
It turns out a hard and humiliating coupling: when the hole is not just stretched and shut up, but also a hook is shade.
This design can be struck together, paired with the upper.
But you can make yourself.

In short, Mr. Bee is not for everyone.
But if you get along the fetish, you catch the riser, thoughtful a hole that easily sits on members of a huge size, and jerk off at the thought of ossi, on the elbow of the impressed -wrapped -up zeasy, flooded with an emergence – then this is Mister B.

And then we brought Finland.

*** *** ***

Tom of Finland

Really about ## is the Finnish gay brand. Very cool, true.
Named named after art icon gay culture – Porno -House of Tom Op Finland.

His sketches flaunt on toys packaging.
Crowds of fantastic sovereign males with powerful demons in his pants, strong asses flooded sperm – but this is the case when it did not go, and a special style.

Tom of Finland is something else on Mister B, but much more sophisticated, or something.
This is branded the face of a desperately cool gay-stronger and already BDSM.
Nobdsm Light, without special tin; rather, for the nuance, stroke.

Tom of Finland – these are latex members of normal such sizes, check yourself.
These are funny anal traffic jams, this is a double dildo, on which you can sit and find out how you feel when you accept two.

This is an absolutely unique masturbator for masturbation together.
You insert a member on the one hand of the masturbator, the partner on the other, and you jerk off both with your heads.

These are funny, soft, gel, make a thicker fighter.
Erectal rings of dropsy.
There are not just rings, but with anal balls on elastic laces.
You tug a member with a ring, insert the balls into your hole, Idor. Or fuck. Or you walk the secret in panties.

Cape Badels while loading volumes on the site. Threw links to each other: damn it, look!

Because – yes, for example, spray "Deep Throat" – The very legendary spray on the tonsils, eliminating the vomiting reflex, so that the member can easily slip to the stop directly into the throat – this is what we vain about, but the meeting is met.
It is rare to Russia… what is there, for some reason, they almost do not carry such aishtuk.
We – brought.

Or a peremptimiting -permumopo smell, flowering tastes -this is unrealistically cool!

Tom of Finland from what to get high, if sex in my head is not just frictions back and forth, but something that you can tell about the hell like this.
In short, if you are inside – that is a lot.
And you love anal.

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