How to use vibrorsiki | Types of sex toys

How to use vibrorsiki.

How to use vibrorsiki | Types of sex toys
Beautiful and seducing underwear is considered an indispensable attribute of sex. And it can bring the owner a lot of pleasant minutes, if you put on not simple panties, but vibrating. With them, an intimate life becomes much brighter and more diverse, because this is a wearable sex gate, and where to go with it, how to use it-you decide only you and your fantasy. If you do not know where to start, choose any idea you like from our list.

What are vibrotrusics?

Vibration panties -This is a type of wearable sex toys. These devices provide clitoris to stimulation without the help of hands using remote control: a remote control or an application to a smartphone.

There are several options:

  • Panties of different types (ordinary, on straps or ribbons), which is included with a mini-vibrator (vibropulus);
  • Vibrovalics (various shapes, with vaginal or anal processes), which are either placed in a special pocket of ordinary panties or attached to the laundry with a special magnet.
  • Cliter stimulator made in the form of a “butterfly” on thin stretching straps.

Carefully approach the choice of the size of the panties themselves. It is very important that they sit well on the body, and not only in terms of comfort. If the laundry adjacent, vibrations will not be well felt. Some brands make universal models from elastic materials or on ties that can be adjusted depending on their own complexion.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account two more features:
Water resistance factor, so that the toy can not only be easily cleaned, but also play with it in the water.
Type of battery – rechargeable or batteries.

How to use vibrorsiki with a partner

Hidden sex game in public

Vibrogrusiki are great for secret sexual sensations when you are outside the house. Do you enjoy the forbidden pleasure of public sex or acute sensations because you can reveal you, the atmosphere of sex games outside the bedroom will be very exciting.

Raise a date with a partner to a new level. Place vibrovalizing in your panties and go for a walk with your loved one who will control the device. The anticipation of this first inclusion is used by your evening. While one enjoys a sweet sense of power, the second enjoys vibrating waves.

You can do this anywhere – in a restaurant, a taxi on the way home, on a picnic or a nightclub, if the gadget has a vibration mode for surrounding sounds.

For sex at a distance

Many sex toys, including vibrotrusics, can be controlled from anywhere in the world. The advantage is that your hands remain completely free for other actions. You can caress your erogenous zones, arranging an erotic show for a partner, or connect to his toy.

Add to BDSM session

Remote vibrotrusics are a wonderful tool for an exciting game with the authorities. Take a convenient pose and hand over the remote control to the dominant partner – it will include and switch the modes at your discretion until you request mercy. To make the scene even more intensively, you can put on handcuffs and a blindfold. Or try the edging when the upper brings the lower to the face of orgasm, and then stops for a while, then to continue caresses.

Plus to oral sex

Taking care of the pleasure of a partner is good, but you should not forget about your own either. Just put vibrorsiki for the time, while you carefully or caress your loved one.

During penetrating sex

If you need a clitoris stimulation to achieve an orgasm or you just like mixed orgasms, vibrovalizing can be an excellent addition to penetrating sex (vaginal or anal). Choose the model that will not interfere with you and the partner (penis or dildo) during intercourse.

Add to games with strapon

You have penetrating sex using strapon, but you would also like to stimulate your clitoris at the same time? Vibrovalizing will be an excellent addition. A flat vibrator in the shape of a saddle is well placed in panties for attaching a strapon, not moving from a place during penetration into the anus or vagina.

For prelude

Prepare a sexual surprise for a loved one. Send a message how you want to make love with it sooner, and use vibrovalizing for an independent prelude. Will you succeed in resisting orgasm, while the partner gets home?

How to use vibrorsiki alone

How to use vibrorsiki | Types of sex toys

Free hands

With the help of vibrovalizing in panties, your masturbation acquires many interesting opportunities. Stimulate other sensitive points on the body while the vibrator stimulates the clitoris. If vibrovalization has additional processes for vaginal or anal stimulation, you can switch the modes between themselves or turn them on simultaneously to get a mixed orgasm.

Sports classes in a new way

Physical exercises are pleased to anyone, but everything will change if orgasms are motivated. Especially for those who play sports, for example, yoga at home. Place vibrovalizing in panties and proceed to the execution of asanas. When changing the pose, the pressure on the clitoris will also change, and soon you will find the very movements that bring the most pleasure. And a special technique of working with body and breathing will help to strengthen the pleasant sensations.

Meditation and masturbation

Both of these processes are powerful methods of communication with their body, and help relieve stress and improve well -being. Try to combine two of these actions in the same way:

  • Put on vibrotrushes, find for yourself a convenient position lying or sitting. Use pillows for greater comfort.
  • Start with a deep breath through the nose and exhale through the mouth, relaxing the body. Repeat several times until you reach relaxation.
  • Make a slow deep breath and feel how breathing goes down to the vulva, focusing on the sensations in this area.
  • When you understand that you are ready, you can turn on vibrovalizing, but it is advisable to do it on the most minimal setting. Continue to breathe deeply and slowly, directing breathing energy to Vulva.
  • Gradually increase the intensity of vibration, but try to maintain a respiratory rate even during orgasm.
  • After an orgasm, do not rush to get up, but continue to lie and enjoy the energy of the orgasm of the whole body.

Write an erotic story

Writing an erotic story for himself or a partner can become an incredibly exciting. In the process, you can study your sexual fantasies, which of them I would like to try in life or leave it in secret dreams. This is a great way to share your intimate desires with a partner. Adding vibrating panties during the essay will bring your solo or paired game to a new level of passion.

Combine household chores

The need to restore order, wash dishes or iron linen often causes longing. What if an orgasm becomes a reward for cleaning? Take vibrorsiki assistants and forward! Will you have time to wipe the dust before you get discharge?

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