How to propose her sex toy correctly?

How to propose her sex toy correctly.

How to propose her sex toy correctly?

Sex toys can be a great gift in honor of some special event, for example, the anniversary or day of Valentine. But the selection of a suitable one can be much more complicated than it might seem at first, the risk of choosing what the girl will not like or even upset her too much. It is especially easy to make a mistake if you do not talk to your girlfriend about what she likes or does not like during sex.

Nevertheless, you do not need to abandon the idea of giving a girl a sex toy, because if you choose something she likes, this can be the beginning of diversity in your sex life. We offer tips on choosing a sex toys that will certainly like the girl.

Remember what she likes during sex

Think about what your girlfriend likes during sex. Remember what accelerates the onset of orgasm, which leads it into fury. Does she need clitoris stimulation to achieve orgasm? Or she likes when you completely fill her vagina? Or maybe she loves the simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and points g? As soon as you find out what she wants during sex, you will get a hint of a sex toy, which will be useful to her and. In addition, you will find out that you do not need to give.

If to achieve an orgasm to a girl is not enough vaginal stimulation, you should not buy her toys that do not stimulate the clitoris or stimulating only the vagina. She might think that you do not pay attention to her desires in bed at all, and that you need her only for sex. Therefore, remember what really brings her pleasure in sex, and go behind the toy to stimulate this particular part of the body. If she practically digs into the nipples during an orgasm, give her a vibrator or a cool pair of clothespins for nipples, but do not overdo it by buying a kit for BDSM.

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