How to increase a member with sex toys

How to increase a member with sex toys.

How to increase a member with sex toys

According to statistics, about 80% of men do not really mind increasing their dignity. A lot of methods that will help to do this, but the use of sex toys is considered the safest. The benefits of this method are double: the dignity will become even more pride, and the impressions of sex will be much brighter.

How to increase a member with a sex shop?

Even in ancient times, men were evaluated primarily in dignity. In Egypt and Africa, representatives of the stronger sex to increase the penis hung up a small load to him. In China, men drank special decoctions of herbs. Arabs practiced massage and special exercises, and in Europe in the 18th century, vacuum pumps and tablets first appeared. Today, the choice of funds is much more.

The member will help to enlarge, first of all, such toys:

1. Vacuum pump

The principle of operation of this sex aggregate is simple: from a flask that is put on a member, air is pumped out. Due to this, the blood flow to the capillaries intensifies.

+ Instant effect;
+ With long training – an increase in a member by 2-3 centimeters;
+ Helps with impotence and prostatitis.

With improper use of a vacuum pump, injuries are possible;
Darkening of the skin around dignity, swelling.

2. Extender (extensor and extension cord)

This orthopedic apparatus was first created back in 1994. The principle of its action is based on the gradual stretching of the penis, which leads to an increase in the number of cells and stretching tissues. You need to wear it every day for several hours, but first of sure to consult with a specialist.

+ Makes it possible not only to lengthen a member, but also to increase its thickness (in a state of erection and tranquility);
+ The length of the dignity increases by 4-6 centimeters, thickness – 1-2 centimeters;
+ Minor deformations of the penis are corrected (for example, curvature);
+ There are practically no contraindications for use;
+ Easy to use, you can parallel to engage in any household chores.

With abuse in this way, traumatic consequences are not excluded.

3. Cream or massage -milk

Such funds not only increase the volume of advantages and its size, but also increase libido, support an erection, make it possible to have sex much longer. Substances in the composition of creams increase blood circulation in the dignity and sensitivity of the nerve endings. Creams have restoring and nutritional properties. Cream or oil from natural components is applied with a thin layer on the penis, and the procedure can also be carried out with the partner as a sexual game.

+ Improve an erection, prolong sex;
+ Help with impotence, restrain the ejaculation;
+ Improve sperm quality (important if you want to conceive a child)

Slow result;
Allergies may occur for some components.

How to increase a member with sex toys

Visual increase in a member

There is an opportunity to instantly make your dignity impressive.

1. Stimulating vibro -ring for a member or a weight of Lasso

The effect of this sex toy instant. The ring is put on a penis and a scrotum, due to light compression of the blood flow to the genital organ, the erection persists much longer. Due to additional vibration, the member reaches its maximum size.

+ Absolute security for a man and his dignity;
+ Parallel stimulation of the clitoris or anus partner.

The member increases only visually, additional centimeters remain only a dream;
It is impossible to use an erective ring too often, if you overdo it, you can disrupt normal blood circulation of the penis.

2. Nozzle on a member

This is the easiest and most painless way to surprise a partner with his dimensions. Most often, either realistic nozzles or latex options with stimulating elements are used: antennae, beads, cones, texture surface.

+ There are no restrictions on use.

The effect of an increase only visual;
Frequent use of such nozzles develops complexes in men.

Increase in dignity – Often the procedure is not as necessary as most men think, but if discontent with this part of the body brings inconvenience in sexual life, then why not? Sex toys will help to gain confidence in the intimate sphere and surprise a partner.

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