Home objects in everyday life: how to diversify sex. How to make sex toys at home

Home objects in everyday life: how to diversify sex.

Home objects in everyday life: how to diversify sex. How to make sex toys at home

Even the most loved and passionate couples eventually notice that it is time to bring to sex «zest». New poses, toys from a sex shop – All this really helps. In the meantime, you have not decided on the choice of a toy, try, so to speak, improvised means that will just serve you «excellently»!

«Chupa Chups»: What did you know about him?

It would seem that the exciting can be in candy on a stick for children? Much! For example, the smell. As scientists from the USA found out during research, aroma «Chupa-Chups» recognized as very exciting. Moreover, both for ladies and cavaliers! So, you can safely take it with you to bed.

Tips for use:

  • Lick the candy, and then run it through the body of a partner;It turns out sweet «track», which will become your «guide» in cherished places.

► analogue from sex shop: edible massage oil.

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Tie, scarf or neck scarf

As a rule, at least one of these accessories is in the house.

Tips for use:

  • Sex should not always be traditional, sometimes one of the partners can fully give himself into the hands of a beloved/beloved – For this, a tie (scarf, scarf) will come in handy, they will need to tie the hands of a partner;
  • Also, these wardrobe items can be used as a gag;
  • Those who have felt all the charm of such intimacy will subsequently come in handy for special ribbons for binding (a kind «manual» will be the scene from the film «Kill me Softly» With Heather Grere).

► an analogue from a sex shop: handcuffs and bondage.

Long beads

You can use pearl threads (better than artificial), jewelry with embossed beads made of acrylic or plastic.

Tips for use:

  • The main role here will belong to a man, the girl needs to lie on his back, relaxing and spreading her legs;
  • The thread of the bead is taken in one hand and survives to the girl’s clitoris, and with the second hand it stretches as if upward: each of the beads slightly massages the clitoris, which is really nice;
  • Do not press the beads too much and pull them too fast.

► analogue from sex shop: clitoris stimulator.

Home objects in everyday life: how to diversify sex. How to make sex toys at home

Pillows and sofa rollers

It is better to use fairly solid products that will not become flat under the weight of the bodies.

Tips for use:

  • The pillow must be put under the back so that the girl’s hips are raised, no matter on her back she lies or on her stomach – This position will stimulate the point G and give a truly enchanting orgasm;
  • For lovers of anal sex, the pillow will also become useful: a man can lie on it, again, to raise the thighs;The girl sits on top, facing her partner – The fireworks of sensations are guaranteed;
  • The roller must be placed under the girl’s lower back – This will allow her to accept a very convenient pose, which will make the sensation of penetration the most complete.

► an analogue from a sex shop: Sexmebel.


This luxurious drink can not only drink! It will significantly diversify the sensations from oral sex.

Tips for use:

  • The most famous option: the girl picks up champagne in her mouth and starts a blowjob;Almost all men who were pampered in this way remembered this for a long time;
  • In a similar way, cunnilingus can be made more original;for especially advanced: a guy can inject champagne right into the vagina with his mouth, and then start working with his lips and tongue;
  • It is believed that it is better to use brut (dry champagne) for intimate purposes).


It can and should be used not only to improve female appearance, but also to give the piquancy to intimacy!

Tips for use:

  • Lipstick is taken (better – bright), it will need to draw on the body of a partner the real masterpieces of Body Art – Such a lesson is a very exciting prelude:
  • Alternative way: to indicate the same lipstick on each other’s bodies that you will carefully caress.

Of course, this is far from all! But in the process of implementing the ideas proposed above, you will certainly come up with something of your own, even more exciting and original!

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