What poses are considered the best for conception of a child – Vozbujdenie.Com

What poses are considered the best for the conception of a child.

What poses are considered the best for conception of a child – Vozbujdenie.Com

Dear readers, you do not accidentally plan a replenishment? Do you know what are the best poses for conception? After all, you need to approach this issue seriously and responsibly.

Not always beloved and comfortable for both partners are suitable for fertilization. Women experiencing problems in the operation of the reproductive system should take into account a number of conditions that may affect the possibility of conception in a favorable way.

For absolutely healthy fertile ladies, choosing the best pose for conception of a child is not a fundamental moment. While for some girls the onset of unwanted pregnancy is a frequent consequence of unprotected sex. Resorting to the technique of interrupted sexual intercourse, they are often sure that sperm will not fall into the vagina. However, as practice shows, this technique is not safe, its use in a third of cases does not protect from unplanned conception.

Other young ladies, no matter how much they want to feel the joy of motherhood, undergo comprehensive treatment from year to year or are looking for problems in the health of a partner. Of course, it makes no sense to talk about the fact that the pose correctly chosen for conception in sex will allow the woman to become pregnant with a diagnosis of “infertility”. For potential parents, whose attempts for fertilization have not yet been crowned with success, it is extremely important to go through therapy and find the cause of failures.

What poses are considered the best for conception of a child – Vozbujdenie.Com

The meaning of sexual positions for pregnancy

But it also happens that absolutely healthy couples cannot achieve the desired result. It is extremely important for them to know which pose for conception is better, and make love in this position as often as possible – this will increase the chances of pregnancy. The most common problems that healthy women face in an attempt to emerge a new life in themselves, gynecologists believe:

  • anomalous location of the cervix;
  • inflammatory processes in the ovaries;
  • Uterus bend.

The choice of the most convenient pose sometimes helps to get around all the above physiological deviations. At the same time, it is worth considering that for conception the child is considered the best that pose that brings comfort and allows you to experience an orgasm. Sexologists and obstetricians have long come to the conclusion that the peak of the highest sexual pleasure that potential mothers experience helps spermatozoa more likely to penetrate the “place of purpose” – the phallopium pipes.

The most suitable position for fertilization of the egg

Therefore, doctors note the following positions and consider them direct assistants in attempts to fertilizing the egg:

  1. Missionary. Classic option for many couples is the most common, but it is also for a reason. Successful fertilization has a horizontal position of the partner and the maximum production of sperm in a man. With ejaculation, seed fluid enters almost immediately into the cervix.
  2. The knee-elbow position. Better known among the people as Doggi-Stayl, this pose allows the woman to raise the pelvis as much as possible, and her partner to penetrate deeply into the vagina. It is no secret that such a position is called “animal”, because it is in this position that most of our brothers smaller and develop their offspring. The variation of this position can also be considered the position of the lady on the stomach, in which the penetration of the penis occurs even deeper.
  3. General. A pose, which is considered truly the best for conception of a child, can be found out by the pictures: a woman’s legs on men’s shoulders as officer shoulder straps. The most possible penetration and acute sensations bring the likelihood of fertilization in this position bring closer.

In addition to poses, which are best suited for conception of a child, a simple exercise “Bicycle” deserves special attention. After ejaculation, the girl needs to raise her legs up and for 1-2 minutes with perseverance, scroll “pedals”. Reviews confirm that many girls who are trying to unsuccessfully become pregnant have managed to achieve their goal immediately after the “bicycle” execution.

What poses are considered the best for conception of a child – Vozbujdenie.Com

How to choose the best pose to conceive a boy or girl

Often, potential parents dream of the field of future crumbs. Today there are a lot of theories and methods in which it is supposedly to influence the gender of the baby. If for parents the fundamental importance of the one who can be born, a boy or a girl, may come in handy some knowledge of the choice of a better pose for conception of a baby of a particular gender:

This or that position in sex cannot guarantee a 100 percent result. Doctors argue that the chances of fertilization by a male or female sperm are approximately equal – 50 to 50.

According to some arguments, the boys are born with parents who managed to conceive him in the missionary position (t.e. Man from above). Girls, on the contrary, are born among mothers and dads, who made love in the pose of “rider”. If you believe this assumption, then the gender of the child is determined by the leadership of the male or female role during intercourse. But it should not be seriously a theory, because it does not have any scientific confirmation under it.

What poses are considered the best for conception of a child – Vozbujdenie.Com

In turn, the researchers, having carried out a number of experimental work, came to the conclusion: you can get pregnant with a boy in such a position that the best penetration will provide the best in depth. It is extremely important that the male chromosomes go to the meager path to the egg – only this will save their life. In turn, to conceive a girl, there is no need for a deep penetration of a member. Unlike weak male chromosomes, female are stronger and hardy, but they go more slowly all the way from the vagina. It is advisable to have sex for the sake of conception of a female child 2-3 days before the start of ovulation.

The choice of posture for fertilization and the onset of the desired pregnancy may have a certain meaning. But much more important is not the gender of the future crumbs, but his health. The right lifestyle, harmonious relationships in pairs and faith in the best will certainly play their positive role, and potential parents will finally see the long -awaited two stripes on the test.

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