Unusual poses for sex – about sex and not only

Unusual poses for sex.

Unusual poses for sex – about sex and not only

There must be a variety in sex. If every kind of love goes through the same script, then soon sexual relations will simply stop. Therefore, it is so important to try new, sometimes even unusual poses for sex. Have sex in various places and do not forget about other types of satisfaction.

Poses for the variety of sexual life

  • “Knight” 

The man lies on his back, and the girl sits on him face to face. It rests on one knee, and the second is upstarted. If desired, the guy can caress the clitoris, thereby increasing the unusual sensations of his partner.

  • “Helicopter”

The young man lies on his back, and on him – a girl. Carefully turn the partner so that she lay across the man. A woman in this position practically does not move and squeezes her legs with force for reliable fastening. For more excitement, a partner can spank her in the pope, because she is just under his hand.

  • “Rodeo”

This pose is suitable for those who love a rider and want some variety. Everything is quite simple. Girl from above, a man lies on her back. She needs to turn her back to him. This position stimulates the front wall of the vagina, so that the partner will have new and unusual sensations.

  • “Diagonal”

While in the position of a horseman, let the woman deviate a little to the side. It makes no difference, in which, new sensations are guaranteed in any case.

  • “Wheelbarrow”

If a young man has sufficient endurance, you can try this pose. The girl rests her hands on the floor. And a man stands between her legs and holds a partner by the hips. Remember that the situation can always be changed if suddenly a man does not cope.

  • Pose “Unusual Doggi-Stayl”

A man sits on the edge of the bed, and a woman just squats down. In this case, a partner is responsible for all active movements. By the way, a partner can not only sit, but also kneel.

  • The pose is “as far as possible”

For a variety, you can try to move away as much as possible from each other during sex. The couple should lie on the back. To make it easier to move to this position, start with a rider. Let the partner slowly fall on his back. By the way, you can take as a basis the “Rodeo” pose.

  • “Standing”

Standing positions are not the most common. But in vain, because the couple experiences unprecedented sensations during the process. If the girl is quite flexible, let her throw her leg on her partner’s shoulder. A partner can help her in this: just hold her leg.

  • Unusual pose 69

If the standard position for oral sex is bored, you can try something new. The young man lies on her back, and the woman should become on the bridge from the knees. Thus, both partners will be able to satisfy each other a little different.

Diversifying sexual relations is much easier than it seems. Even if it deviates aside in a standard pose, you can experience a lot of new sensations from sex. The most important thing is not to be afraid, experiment every day.

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